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Since the beginning, humans have strongly emphasized a fear and interest in sharks, the ocean's deadliest carnivore. Because of this fascination, Discovery Channel has created an annual televised shark-filled event known as Shark Week. During Shark week, viewers are taken into the world of these fascinating creatures from their notorious feeding habits to the amazing horror stories of shark attack victims. Shark Week is an annual event and occurs during a one-week span of non-stop shark-filled action.

Viewers can tune in to this weekly event to get a better understanding about how sharks tick. Many Discovery channel veterans such Jamie Hyman, Craig Ferguson, Andy Samberg, Philip Defranco, Adam Savage, Mike Rowe and many more are asked to host Shark Week each year and many shark specialists are invited to inform the viewers about these magnificent creatures. The experts usually set up certain research studies to carefully monitor the behavioral and migratory patterns of the Sharks.

During Shark Week, viewers are able to take a close up look at the lives of these great animals. Many species of sharks are shown during Shark Week including: the great white, tiger sharks, lemons sharks, carpet sharks, blue sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks, nurse sharks, and many more species of sharks. In addition, the marine biologists and divers usually get very close to these animals and people can see how they feed and how they react to human and settle any misconception about these animals. Many people believe that sharks are horrid creatures, that are why Shark Week is dedicated in giving people the right information and teaching them to respect, not fear them.

In addition, Shark Week takes viewers into the lives of the people who were attacked by these animals so that people can learn to embrace and respect sharks. These stories depict the scary, nail-biting moments when they were brutally attacked by scary sharks. The dramatizations of these attacks are vivid and enticing, that's why Shark Week is the longest television special in TV history.

Shark Week is the perfect television event for people who are looking for more information on these animals.

Shark Week is a series that is currently running and has 2020 seasons (351 episodes). The series first aired on July 28, 2019.

Where do I stream Shark Week online? Shark Week is available for streaming on Discovery Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Shark Week on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV, Discovery online.

Discovery Channel
2020 Seasons, 351 Episodes
July 28, 2019
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Kevin Tyler Moody, Nancy Linsky
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Shark Week Full Episode Guide

  • On the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, five Naked and Afraid veterans -- Matt Wright, Jeff Zausch, Serena and Amber Shine, and Alex Maynard

  • A California surfer, a Canadian thrill-seeker, an Alabama football coach, and a mother from North Carolina reveal how they each came face-to-face with the ocean's top predator and lived to tell their stories.

  • Everything you always wanted to know about viral shark videos but were afraid to ask!SHARKS GONE WILD 3reviews everything from viral videos and the biggest news stories to the latest in cutting-edge shark science.

  • As the number of great white shark encounters on Cape Cod spikes, shark expert Dr. Greg Skomal breaks out cutting-edge tech to capture the white shark's point-of-view

  • On the edge of the Bermuda Triangle lies Ghost Island, a place locals have abandoned after multiple shipwrecks and shark attacks. Dr. Craig O'Connell has been here before to study the potential shark hot spot, but his first trip ended abruptly when his boat nearly sank. Now Craig is back with a team of experts and they are determined to find why this island attracts so many sharks, even the great white.

  • Two adventure seekers recount their horrifying shark attack experiences. Off the coast of Australia, a spearfishing expedition turns into a nightmare featuring a ferocious bull shark and a great white attacks a paddle boarder on Ascension Island.

  • In the Caribbean, a deepsea camera captured footage of a 14-foot tiger shark suffering an assault by a large, unseen beast. It could be an unknown species of mega-shark or even a cannibalistic tiger shark. Dr. Austin Gallagher wants to find out.

  • A team of experts attempts to find out why a population of great whites off the coast of Western Australia is so much more aggressive than others. The team must brave the elements and venture into treacherous underwater caves to find out for themselves. Produced by TaleSmith Ltd.

  • Mysterious and bizarre alien sharks lurk far beneath the waves in remarkably deep waters where researchers are on a quest to make first contact. Pursuing the elusive frilled shark, sleeper shark and cookie-cutter shark bring even more unexpected encounters.

  • Join Josh Gates as he embarks on one of his most epic adventures of all time -- Shark Week 2020! From celebrity interviews to underwater explorations, Josh is ready to take a deep dive into all things shark.

  • Shark expert Riley Elliot and underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande are on an epic expedition to uncover the mysteries of the mako shark in one of the last places on earth where these apex predators rule the waters.

  • Snoop Dogg breaks down the craziest encounters, marvels at the wild and unpredictable reactions, and meets with experts trying to unlock the secrets behind why great white sharks are taking up residence along America's shores.

  • Shark Week celebrates 20 years of flying sharks with Jeff Kurr, Chris Fallows, Dickie Chivell and many more as they revisit the most popular and iconic "Air Jaws" moments.

  • Shark Week celebrates 20 years of flying sharks with Jeff Kurr, Chris Fallows, Dickie Chivell and many more as they revisit the most popular and iconic "Air Jaws" moments.

  • Adam Devine and a team of experts found a secret shark lair that may be the ?world's largest gathering of tiger sharks. To Adam and friends Anders Holm and Blake Anderson, it's the ultimate ?shark party, and they want to know what makes this party epic.

  • Scientists believe that monster sharks make their home under the Old Seven Mile Bridge. Fishermen claim that one of the sharks is a 18-foot long, one-ton great hammerhead named Big Moe. If this is true, he will be the largest hammerhead on the planet.

  • Join Josh Gates as he embarks on Shark Week 2020!

  • The Great White Serial Killer returns and it's on a killing spree that may push the California Sea Otter to extinction. Investigators deploy an otter dummy to get a closer look and witness one of the most spectacular attacks in Shark Week history.

  • Wildlife biologist and conservationist Forrest Galante dives into some of the most treacherous, shark-infested waters in the southern hemisphere all in an attempt to rediscover three unique sharks lost to science for as long as 100 years.

  • Join Josh Gates as he embarks on one of his most epic adventures of all time -- Shark Week 2020! From celebrity interviews to underwater explorations, Josh is ready to take a deep dive into all things shark.

  • Shark expert Chris Fallows joins Jeff Kurr and Dickie Chivell to search for the largest male great white shark in the world. Together they explore the waters of New Zealand trying to find a nearly 20-feet long, two-ton shark named Fred.

  • Shaq is back and on a mission to determine what shark has the perfect predatory attack. Shaq and his friends Dude Perfect and Mark Rober will put various species to the test to uncover the most mind-blowing hunting techniques of this ultimate predator.

  • Lack of human activity on the water caused by the global lockdown has led the largest great whites in South Australia to return to their natural behaviors.

  • Josh Gates embarks on a new, epic adventure -- Shark Week 2020! Josh talks to boxing legend Mike Tyson about overcoming his fear of sharks and tackles Air Jaws with Allison Towner and Jeff Kurr. Josh swims with sharks at the Georgia Aquarium's new tank.

  • While a global lockdown quiets the ocean and lures New Zealand's biggest great whites out of hiding, expert Kina Scollay climbs inside a mobile dive cage, the "Snackbox," on a quest to find monster shark 747 and solve an even bigger mystery.

  • Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is BACK, taking on a new challenge and he's chosen the most unlikely training partner -- sharks. Tyson will face his fears and square up with the ocean's champions to learn how to TKO a shark all in the name of research.

  • Three teams of researchers return to one of the last hunting grounds for AIR JAWS. They will use decoys, drones and underwater cameras to count the number of breaches and collect data on hunting techniques to see if the shark population is rebounding.

  • Will Smith is diving head first into action, excitement and shark-infested waters, as he confronts his fear of the open seas and the open jaws of nature's fiercest predators.

  • Internet stars take on Shark Week; testing some of the biggest shark-related concepts in pop culture.

  • Discover everything that has happened in the world of sharks this year: the unbelievable viral videos, the biggest news stories and the latest cutting-edge shark science.

  • In sunny California, Leeanne Ericson is out for an afternoon swim when suddenly she is attacked by a great white shark. And, Spearfisherman Braxton Rocha is having a great day in the water when a tiger shark comes out of nowhere and attacks him.

  • Master illusionist Andrew Mayne is going to attempt to create the first of its kind SHARK SUIT to overcome the senses of a great white shark and make him invisible to the world's most perfect predator.

  • Two great white shark males, believed to be brothers, are at the heart of a mystery. Could these animals recognize, and prefer the company of, a blood relative? A team ventures to the famed Isle of Jaws off the West Australian coast and finds the answers.

  • The search is on for the elusive grander mako, the largest of its kind in the world; brand new footage captured off the coast of California reveals rare mako behavior.

  • Reunion Island shark encounters are on the rise, leaving the locals afraid to get in the water; shark scientists investigate the ongoing shark crisis to find a way for sharks and people to coexist and live peacefully.

  • In 1982, a yacht bound for Florida capsizes during an unexpected storm leaving the crew to drift for days in the cold shark-infested waters. They must do everything in their power to survive as the sharks hunt them.

  • Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante searches the Maldives for the supposedly extinct Pondicherry shark; this rare species was last seen in the 1970s, but recent photos of unidentified sharks lead many to believe it could still be alive.

  • Dr. Neil Hammershlag and Enrico Gennari use a "drone-towed" seal decoy to study and capture the harrowing and dramatic battles between shark and seal in South Africa.

  • Five heart-stopping real-life experiments separate shark fact and fiction, including electronics to trigger a shark encounter and sharks investigating paddleboards, causing swimmers to fall off.

  • The shark survival team crash lands off the remote Pacific island of Palau, where it must face-off against oceanic sharks in the struggle to get to shore.

  • Norfolk Island is a gathering spot for the largest tiger sharks on Earth; scientist Riley Elliott investigates whether the practice of tossing animal carcasses into the sea by present-day islanders has altered the behavior of these massive sharks.

  • Shark experts Brandon McMillan and Jimi Partington head to Guadalupe Island to search for Deep Blue, believed to be the largest great white shark in the world; if they can locate her, they may be able to solve the mysteries of these mega sharks.

  • Great white sharks are infiltrating the waters off Cape Cod, Mass; shark experts and scientists head to New Zealand to test cutting-edge technology for shark detecting surveillance, hoping to bring it back to Cape Cod.

  • Rob Riggle convinces celebrity friends Anthony Anderson, Adam DeVine, Joel McHale, and Damon Wayans Jr. to join him for the ultimate guys trip during which they search for the largest tiger shark in the Caribbean.

  • Josh Gates travels to Mexico and South Africa in search of fossilized megalodon teeth; alongside fellow paleontologists and shark experts, Gates dives into shark-infested waters to find out what happened to the mighty Meg.

Shark Week News

Viewers Upset by Michael Phelps Shark Week Stunt

A publicity stunt for Discovery's Shark Week turned out to be a bait and switch.

'Shark Week' Criticized for Lies and Deception

Scientists who have appeared in Shark Week "documentaries" about mythical sharks are now crying foul about selective editing and the misleading tactics used during interviews.

'Shark Week' Sneak Peek! Check Out 2 Preview Videos

It's the most wonderful time of the year...Shark Week! Discovery's celebration of all things shark kicks off this Sunday, July 31, with new content concerning the big bad Great White shark. "Great White Invasion" will begin the festivities, as the program examines the increasing numbers of very bold Great Whites that are swimming closer and closer to humans. You can see a clip from that investigation here.

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