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Since the beginning, humans have strongly emphasized a fear and interest in sharks, the ocean's deadliest carnivore. Because of this fascination, Discovery Channel has created an annual televised shark-filled event known as Shark Week. During Shark week, viewers are taken into the world of these fascinating creatures from their notorious feeding habits to the amazing horror stories of shark attack victims. Shark Week is an annual event and occurs during a one-week span of non-stop shark-filled action.

Viewers can tune in to this weekly event to get a better understanding about how sharks tick. Many Discovery channel veterans such Jamie Hyman, Craig Ferguson, Andy Samberg, Philip Defranco, Adam Savage, Mike Rowe and many more are asked to host Shark Week each year and many shark specialists are invited to inform the viewers about these magnificent creatures. The experts usually set up certain research studies to carefully monitor the behavioral and migratory patterns of the Sharks.

During Shark Week, viewers are able to take a close up look at the lives of these great animals. Many species of sharks are shown during Shark Week including: the great white, tiger sharks, lemons sharks, carpet sharks, blue sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks, nurse sharks, and many more species of sharks. In addition, the marine biologists and divers usually get very close to these animals and people can see how they feed and how they react to human and settle any misconception about these animals. Many people believe that sharks are horrid creatures, that are why Shark Week is dedicated in giving people the right information and teaching them to respect, not fear them.

In addition, Shark Week takes viewers into the lives of the people who were attacked by these animals so that people can learn to embrace and respect sharks. These stories depict the scary, nail-biting moments when they were brutally attacked by scary sharks. The dramatizations of these attacks are vivid and enticing, that's why Shark Week is the longest television special in TV history.

Shark Week is the perfect television event for people who are looking for more information on these animals.

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Shark Week Full Episode Guide

  • A sneak peek of Shark Week 2016.

  • Dr. Jonathan Werry and Andy Casagrande head to a special location in South Australia to research a new great white hunting strategy. Instead of waiting for the seals to enter the ocean, they emerge from the water and snatch them from the shore!

  • Highlighting the greatest moments from Shark Week 2016! Only the closest calls, biggest bites, and greatest gadgets made the cut! Plus, your top picks for the best of Shark Week history.

  • Marine biologist Barbara Block tracks white sharks in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of California.

  • Sharks search for food off the shores of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

  • Dr. Craig O'Connell and shark photographer Andy Casagrande travel up the Serena River in the rainforests of Costa Rica to examine young bull sharks as they swim up the river and avoid the very large American crocodiles living there.

  • Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau travel with marine biologist Luke Tipple to Bikini Atoll, the nuclear testing site famously destroyed during the Cold War. What they find among a large population of reef sharks is astounding.

  • Dr. Mike Heithaus and his team examine the hostile and dangerous environment of dolphins and sharks. What they find during their research could solve one of the oceans deepest mysteries.

  • Dr. Michael Domeier and Dr. Barry Bruce are on a mission to find rare oceanic white tip sharks, to see if the species deserve the reputation as the deadliest shark. Using cutting-edge research and historical evidence, the scientists are spooked by what they find.

  • Famed shark photographer Chris Fallows embarks on his eighth Air Jaws adventure with shark expert Jeff Kurr and shark biologist Dr. Neil Hammerschlag as they find out how great white sharks hunt in complete darkness.

  • A deadly newcomer has has moved into the waters of the Pacific Northwest, leaving behind frightened eyewitnesses, and bitten surfers. Shark expert Ralph Collier and Brandon McMillian delve deep to find out why the great white sharks travel so far north.

  • Sharks attacks on humans and sharks killed by humans are on the rise around the globe, but Dr. Craig O'Connell believes he has developed a system that will prove once and for all that shark and people can peacefully coexist - and live!

  • Dr. Greg Skomal and the SharkCam team return to Guadulaupe in search of the world's largest great white shark, Deep Blue. During their mission they deploy two robot subs that make a remarkable discovery.

  • Using a self-propelled shark cage called "The Explorer," marine biologists Mauricio Hoyos and Grant Johnson are thrilled to check out a recent discovery at Guadalupe Island - great whites moving into shallow waters at night.

  • Shark photographer Andy Casagrande and marine biologist Dr. Jonathan Werry follow a dozen large great whites in the hopes of solving two great white secrets - where they mate, and where they have their young.

  • Professional shark tagger Keith Poe, and marine biologists Greg Stuntz, Matt Ajemain and their team use state-of-the-art technology to caption hunting technics of thousand-pound mako shark - what fishermen call a "grander."

  • Tiger Sharks are known for their killing power and voracious appetite, but little is known about where they mate and where the females give birth. Dr. Neil Hammerschlag travels to the shallow waters of the Bahamas called Tiger Beach in hopes of getting answers.

  • Get ready for Shark Week! SHARKTACULAR 2016 is your survival guide to everyone's favorite time of the year. With Sneak Peeks, Viral Videos, Shark Experts, a Top 5 Countdown and All-New Exclusives, you'll be in the mood for a whole lot of shark love.

  • Highlights from the 2015 Shark Week and a preview of "Shark Weekend 2015."

  • Great white sharks live most of their lives on or near the sea floor where humans dare to venture. Now, world-renowned shark photographer Chris Fallows descends to the bottom in W.A.S.P., a craft that will allow him to enter their mysterious underworld.

  • A spunky teenage great white named Dynamite is determined to earn his stripes in the treacherous waters of South Africa. A team of wildlife filmmakers are hot on the trail, using state of the art technology to track his incredible journey.

  • We searched the seas to bring you the greatest moments from Shark Week 2015! Only the closest calls, biggest bites and greatest gadgets made the cut! Later, the top picks for the best of Shark Week history are revealed.

  • Two shark attack survivors are on a quest to find out if the sharks in New Zealand are targeting divers and if they are hunting in packs.

  • Unique adaptations over millions of years make these 6 sharks the most lethal hunters in the ocean.

  • Wildlife filmmaker Dave Riggs enters the kill zone - a deep ocean battleground of great whites, killer whales and giant squid, determined to find the predator responsible for consuming a 9-ft great white.

  • A documentary featuring a team of American & Cuban shark experts investigating today's shark population in the seas surrounding Cuba, where a monster 21-ft Great White named El Monstruo was caught in 1945.

  • "Joan of Shark" is a female great white that weighs over 3,000 pounds and is about 18 feet long. Three shark lovers follow an extraordinary 4,000-mile migratory path to find and tag her in the waters off Western Australia.

  • Deep below the ocean's surface live some of the most alien marine animals on earth. Now, three expeditions are exploring those depths for sharks that glow in the dark.

  • Since 2008, every two years in October, shark attacks have occurred at Surf Beach, California. With October 2014 just around the corner, the big question remain: will the sharks strike again?

  • A team of marine biologists intend to clock the top speed of the fastest shark in the ocean - the Mako. Meanwhile, a second crew is determined to prove that Makos are ambush predators that breach to kill their prey, just like Great Whites.

  • The search continues for the largest great white at Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The team investigates using the all new untested ghost cage. As exploration shifts into the deep, a huge mass rises from the murk. Could it be the Mega Shark?

  • Shark expert, Greg Skomal and a team of experts are on a quest to find out why Great White sightings in Florida are on the rise.

Shark Week News

'Shark Week' Criticized for Lies and Deception

Scientists who have appeared in Shark Week "documentaries" about mythical sharks are now crying foul about selective editing and the misleading tactics used during interviews.

'Shark Week' Sneak Peek! Check Out 2 Preview Videos

It's the most wonderful time of the year...Shark Week! Discovery's celebration of all things shark kicks off this Sunday, July 31, with new content concerning the big bad Great White shark. "Great White Invasion" will begin the festivities, as the program examines the increasing numbers of very bold Great Whites that are swimming closer and closer to humans. You can see a clip from that investigation here.

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