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Since the beginning, humans have strongly emphasized a fear and interest in sharks, the ocean's deadliest carnivore. Because of this fascination, Discovery Channel has created an annual televised shark-filled event known as Shark Week. During Shark week, viewers are taken into the world of these fascinating creatures from their notorious feeding habits to the amazing horror stories of shark attack victims. Shark Week is an annual event and occurs during a one-week span of non-stop shark-filled action.

Viewers can tune in to this weekly event to get a better understanding about how sharks tick. Many Discovery channel veterans such Jamie Hyman, Craig Ferguson, Andy Samberg, Philip Defranco, Adam Savage, Mike Rowe and many more are asked to host Shark Week each year and many shark specialists are invited to inform the viewers about these magnificent creatures. The experts usually set up certain research studies to carefully monitor the behavioral and migratory patterns of the Sharks.

During Shark Week, viewers are able to take a close up look at the lives of these great animals. Many species of sharks are shown during Shark Week including: the great white, tiger sharks, lemons sharks, carpet sharks, blue sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks, nurse sharks, and many more species of sharks. In addition, the marine biologists and divers usually get very close to these animals and people can see how they feed and how they react to human and settle any misconception about these animals. Many people believe that sharks are horrid creatures, that are why Shark Week is dedicated in giving people the right information and teaching them to respect, not fear them.

In addition, Shark Week takes viewers into the lives of the people who were attacked by these animals so that people can learn to embrace and respect sharks. These stories depict the scary, nail-biting moments when they were brutally attacked by scary sharks. The dramatizations of these attacks are vivid and enticing, that's why Shark Week is the longest television special in TV history.

Shark Week is the perfect television event for people who are looking for more information on these animals.

Discovery Channel
32 Seasons, 252 Episodes
July 23, 2017
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Devon Massyn, Andy Casagrande, Amy Kukulya
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Shark Week Full Episode Guide

  • Stranded on a barren island in the middle of the most shark-infested waters on Earth, five Naked and Afraid All-Stars must survive for 14 days, exclusively on what the ocean provides.

  • Discover everything that has happened in the world of sharks this year the unbelievable viral videos, the biggest news stories, and the latest cutting-edge shark science.

  • Shark Week's most exciting missions are searching for the largest great whites called Megasharks. Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande now want to search for the 'Megasharks' of New Zealand, all while revisiting the most exciting discoveries from the past years.

  • Over four decades ago, great whites off Long Island gave rise to the legend of JAWS. But all those sharks were caught, killed & disappeared until now. Dr. Craig O'Connell believes the bloodline still lives & goes searching for the SPAWN OF JAWS.

  • What if the largest shark that ever existed were still alive today? With help from experts, they will re-examine the original Shark Week, Megalodon: Still Lives, to paint an accurate picture of how Megalodon would live and hunt today.

  • Cash Cab host Ben puts a few sailors and nautical experts in the hot seat as they answer shark and sea-related questions in pursuit of winning a cash prize.

  • Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and Joe Romeiro travel to the sharkiest place, the Galapagos. The work with local expert Alex Hearn to observe and document how tiger sharks over the last ten years have re-set one of the world's oldest marine ecosystems.

  • It's the most dangerous Shark Week stunt, Paul de Gelder and James Glancy spend 48 hours shipwrecked. With no food, or water, the physical condition worsens, and the risk of shark attack rises. How will the sharks behave? And will the men get attacked?

  • SharkCam Strikes Back celebrates the remarkable discoveries the team have made in the last six years and take a tongue in cheek look at some of the disasters. From napping great whites to SharkCam attacks, its highlights all the way.

  • Dr. Greg Skomal and the Woods Hole team take SharkCam to the Bahamas to investigate the private lives of bull, and hammerhead sharks. With Doc Gruber and Dr. Tristan Gutteridge help, they will discover the hunting and feeds techniques of these species.

  • For the first time, Shark Week and Shark Tank team up to create the sharkiest show yet. Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban are in an epic battle with Robert Herjavec's help to decide whose shark conservation wins $50,000.

  • In 2001, Jeff Kurr joined Chris Fallows off the shores of South Africa to witness great whites launching out of the ocean as they attack seals. 17 years and 7 shows later, Jeff and Chris travel to New Zealand in search of the next Air Jaws hotspot.

  • In 2017 multiple great white sharks were found dead on the shores of South Africa with their livers, and sometimes hearts, removed. Biologist & Shark expert Alison Towner believes that orcas are to blame for the killings. In order to save the sharks, she joins conservationist Chris Fallows and filmmakers Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande in South Africa to investigate.

  • Deep sea divers Liz Parkinson, Mike Dornellas and Nick LeBeouf team up with oceanic filmographer Andy Casagrande to study shark behavior and determine what humans may do that may cause sharks to attack. They also reenact five real-life scenarios to find the best ways to survive a shark attack.

  • Chef Guy Fieri and his son Hunter head to the Bahamas to check out the favorite local cuisine and to learn why sharks also love dining near these islands.

  • Researchers were finally granted permission once again to delve into the mystery of Cuba's gigantic sharks in hopes of finding a giant hammerhead dubbed The Queen and a great white shark said to be as big as El Monstruo, a great white discovered in 1945 that was the largest to ever be recorded in Cuban waters.

  • Aaron Rodgers, Lindsey Vonn and Rob Gronkowski team up with scientists to learn about wildlife tags, which help researchers figure out where sharks feed, mate and birth their pups - crucial information that will help conserve the species.

  • The UFC Hall of Famer claimed victories over plenty of fighters, but she'll face off with perhaps her biggest opponent yet when she goes swimming

  • Ex-Marine and Navy vet Rob Riggle sets out to help Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal overcome his fear of sharks before he takes his first deep dive.

  • Man vs. Wild host Michael Grylls survived some of nature's harshest conditions, but how will he fare when plunged into the depths of the ocean to survive among the sharks? Discover channel will put the adventurer's survival skills to the test when he takes a dive with the ocean's number one predator.

  • The ocean is home to a number of odd, fascinating and creepy critters

  • Michael Phelps joins Doc Gruber and Tristan Guttridge of the Bimini Shark Lab to get a crash course on everything ‘shark.’ They’ll dispel the myths and common misconceptions, teach him how to safely dive with sharks - including how to stay calm when a hammerhead swims two feet above his face - and will get Michael Phelps up close and personal with the incredible power of a Great White. Produced by Peacock Productions.

  • A review of the greatest moments from Shark Week 2017, including the close calls, big bites, great gadgets, and viewers' top picks.

  • Experts unravel the mystery behind one of the sea's strangest creatures, the sawfish, from its evolutionary links to sharks and rays, to its key role in the marine ecosystem, with the goal of bringing the sawfish back from the brink of extinction.

  • After a shark travels 1,500 miles up the Africa coast, Craig O'Connell and the team make the long journey to Madagascar to find out if it's the next hot spot for great white sharks.

  • At various times of the year and in different locations around the world, sharks of many kinds gather, swarm, and spiral; Dr. Tristan Guttridge conducts a study to find out what brings them together and what's going on in these shark societies.

  • In Brazil, Dr. Hazin has successfully reduced the number of shark encounters by simply catching and moving sharks out to the open sea; exploring whether this solution can work in Australia, where encounters are a problem.

  • As sharks congregate and concentrate around volcanoes and volcanic islands, Dr. Mike Heithaus dives near several volcanoes to find out what it is that makes them shark hotspots.

  • Explorers act as human lures in the open ocean as they float in a one-of-a-kind shark cage, 500 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, trying to encounter one of the deadliest sharks.

  • Marine biologist Craig O'Connell tries to find out how close sharks really are to New York now that seals are back in New York Harbor, and shows what a future with great whites in New York will look like.

  • Dr. Chris Lowe's investigation into why the numbers of great white sharks are increasing along the coastline of Los Angeles takes him to Guadalupe Island, near Mexico, where he finds the answer.

  • Alien Sharks is back in search of some of the world’s strangest sharks. Dr. Craig O’Connell goes to the Bass Strait for sawsharks, while Victoria Elena Vasquez and Dr. David Ebert go into deep water in Tokyo Bay to find the star of the show, the goblin shark. They find both sawsharks and goblins

  • Divers and scientists Return to the Isle of Jaws to unlock the mysteries of this new great white hot spot, just south of Western Australia. They make a startling discovery that causes a re-think of everything we thought we knew about great whites.

  • Each summer the Gulf Stream pushes north into the waters of southern New England, bringing with it thirty species of shark. Greg Skomal and Joe Romeiro study the annual spectacle, focusing on three sharks

  • Early November, Giant Hammerheads arrive off Bimini, in the Bahamas. But why? Leading shark scientist Tristan Guttridge tags and follows these normally solitary sharks to find out. Many appear to be pregnant females, as an ultrasound of a female hammerhead shows. Guttridge believes they over-winter in Bimini to feed the growing young in their bellies

  • Dr. Mark Meekan and conservationist Paul de Gelder go on an expedition to one the sharkiest places in the world

  • They are one of the fastest and most efficient predators on the planet: Sharks. He is our greatest champion to ever get in the water: Michael Phelps. 39 world records. 23 Olympic golds. But he has one competition left to win. An event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before. The world’s most decorated athlete takes on the ocean’s most efficient predator: Phelps Vs Shark

  • Every two years off the coast of California, a scene of great white attacks occur. Could it be the same shark again and again? Dr. Michael Domeier returns to Shark Week with experts Ralph Collier and Cal Lutheran to find the answer once and for all.","detailed":"Every two years in October - in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 - a secluded beach on central California coast has been the scene off horrific great white shark attacks. Is it the same shark returning again and again? And will the attacks continue in October 2016? Dr. Michael Domeier returns to Shark Week with the help of shark experts Ralph Collier and Cal Lutheran, and using satellite tags and DNA technology, he wants to out the killer once and for all

  • The must-see survival guide to Shark Week, featuring exclusive sneak peeks, viral videos, and the greatest sharks in Shark Week history.

  • Shark After Dark will look back at some of the highlights from Shark Week and look ahead to give viewers a sneak peek at the next day’s Shark Week programs. Eli Roth returns as host for the third year in a row.

  • Shark After Dark will look back at some of the highlights from Shark Week and look ahead to give viewers a sneak peek at the next day’s Shark Week programs. Eli Roth returns as host for the third year in a row.

  • In hopes of identifying the shark responsible, Dr. Michael Domeier, Ralph Collier and Cal Lutheran investigate shark attacks that have been occurring every two years along the central California coast.

  • Shark scientist Tristen Guttridge investigates the arrival of giant hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas, finding evidence of pregnant females feeding their young; bonus footage.

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Scientists who have appeared in Shark Week "documentaries" about mythical sharks are now crying foul about selective editing and the misleading tactics used during interviews.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...Shark Week! Discovery's celebration of all things shark kicks off this Sunday, July 31, with new content concerning the big bad Great White shark. "Great White Invasion" will begin the festivities, as the program examines the increasing numbers of very bold Great Whites that are swimming closer and closer to humans. You can see a clip from that investigation here.