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Gator Boys, is another Animal Planet exciting adventure series, of two Broward County, Florida, alligator handlers, Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, and their team of volunteers, who unselfishly devote many hours, weeks and years of their time and expertise, to the rescue, safety and survival of gators, as well as a few other exotic reptiles.

Paul Bedard is a 20 year expert alligator trapper, who created the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, for multiple reasons. While he and his side-kick, Jimmy Riffle, have known each other for many years, they began working together 7 years ago, at the Everglades Holiday Park, where they wrestle, handle and teach tourists about the most popular, but dangerous, reptile in South Florida. Jimmy RIffle, who has been wrangling alligators since the age of 11, seems to be able to hypnotize the gators, while mesmerizing the audiences! They, and their interesting and dedicated team of volunteers, do many shows a day, 6 days a week and all for tips only.

The Animal Rescue part of the show, is what captures the attention of the audience at home, watching Paul and Jimmy capture the real live alligators, who find their way into the backyards, pools, and play areas of the families who live in the regions around the Florida Everglades. Most residents of this area of South Florida, live near the canals and waterways that populate the entire vicinity, so they get several calls daily to please come rescue them, their children and pets, or their property, when it is more their intention, to rescue the lost alligator, and return him to safety and a sanctuary where he will not be trapped or killed for his skin and meat, hence, Everglades Holiday Park!

The excitement of the capture is most interesting, with Paul doing the underwater captures, with nothing but a rope attached to a stick, and dragging the gator out of the dark depths to above ground, where Jimmy then captivates the audience and the gator, until he can simply lift his chin, spin around and sit on his back and tape up those massively strong jaws, rendering him safe, for all involved.

Watch Gator Boys, another fine weekly feature, on Animal Planet!

Gator Boys is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (54 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 2012.

Where do I stream Gator Boys online? Gator Boys is available for streaming on Animal Planet, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gator Boys on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Animal Planet, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Pluto TV online.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
6 Seasons, 54 Episodes
January 8, 2012
Nature, Reality
Cast: Paul Bedard, Jimmy Riffle
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Gator Boys Full Episode Guide

  • Paul rallies the Gator Boys to rush to Mississippi to capture the gigantic gator Moby Dick before hunting season begins. With Ashley in charge in Florida, her goal is to prove that the Gator Girls can match the Gator Boys catch for catch.

  • After Jimmy is bitten by a mean gator, Bob Freer announces he must close Everglades Outpost due to money problems. With no outpost to take in gators, the rescue can't continue. It's a race against time as Paul fights to save the outpost and Gator Boys.

  • Ashley analyzes the challenges she's overcome to achieve success for a gator wrestling event with a women's empowerment group. She must show how the work of a lady-gator wrestler differs from that of her male counterparts.

  • The Gator Boys review some of their scariest catches.

  • Jimmy is shy of a few people for his road show and recruits Ashley to join the team. While Jimmy and Andy show Ashley the road rules, Paul must combat deadly nuisance gators with volunteer Carline's assistance.

  • Paul is busy juggling nuisance gator catches and training new volunteer Caroline; Jimmy, Tre and Scott try to save a gator that swallowed a flip-flop.

  • The Gator Boys are back in Mississippi to save a supersized gator before hunting season. After a week of trudging through treacherous Mississippi mud, Paul and Jimmy return to Florida but leave some Gator Boys behind to search for "Moby Dick."

  • Paul is desperate to find a veterinarian to fuse an injured alligator's mouth back together to save his life. The gator's life hangs in the balance as the doctor and Paul work to perfect a risky procedure that has never been done before.

  • During a gator rescue Ashley twists her ankle which makes it impossible for her to help Paul catch a dangerous gator.

  • In the season premiere, the Gator Boys struggle to respond to all the nuisance calls since Jimmy quit. Paul realizes Jimmy won't return and decides it's time to find a replacement.

  • Paul and Jimmy catch crocs and snakes that are causing problems in Mazatlan, Mexico.

  • Paul and Jimmy go after some pretty big, nasty gators. Eric seems to be struggling with an identity crisis.

  • When Scott and Tre get lost deep in the swamp, Paul and Jimmy are their only hope for rescue.

  • The Gator Boys reflect on their wildest catches and their most outrageous encounters in the swamps and bayous of Mississippi's gulf coast while working to establish the state's first no-kill alligator rescue.

  • Paul and Jimmy capture nuisance crocs and giant tropical snakes in Mazatlan, Mexico. They experience hospitality and culture shock as they tour the city. All bets are off when Paul goes into the water for a final face-off with the monster croc, El Diablo.

  • Ashley leaves Gator Boys to work with tigers, and Jimmy takes time off to work in his restaurant. Paul struggles to keep up with nuisance gator calls, and must figure out a way to bring order to the chaos that is engulfing the Gator Boys.

  • A 12-year-old volunteers to help, but lacks the experience to deal with phone calls; Tre befriends an old gator wrestler.

  • The Gator Boys must safely remove nuisance gators from a water pump station so divers can enter the waters to make repairs. Tre's creation of a stunning new trick to wow the audience at Jimmy's most important road show could also be his last.

  • A 12-year-old volunteer is eager to help, but could possibly be more of a hinderance. Paul is busy with a dying gator that needs immediate surgery; Jimmy and Tre risk their lives in a muddy pool trying to get a gator before it attacks them.

  • A rare behind-the-scenes look into the Gator Boys' lives as they discuss some of their most dangerous and greatest catches ever.

Gator Boys Video Clips & Extras

Alligator Catch Inspires A New Volunteer To Join The Everglades Holiday Park | Gator Boys Clip (7 min 27 sec) Performing Life-Changing Jaw Surgery On An Injured Gator | Gator Boys Clip (7 min 26 sec)