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This reality series follows the exploits of freelance movers as they transport unusual items--some of them very large--across the United States. Like most reality series of this kind, rival movers are set in competition with each other to create drama for the cameras. The series aired from 2012 to 2015 on A&E.

Shipping Wars is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (100 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 2012.

Where do I stream Shipping Wars online? Shipping Wars is available for streaming on A&E, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Shipping Wars on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, A&E, Tubi TV online.

7 Seasons, 100 Episodes
January 10, 2012
Cast: Marc Springer, Jennifer Brennan, Jarrett Joyce, Bill Lloyd
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Shipping Wars Full Episode Guide

  • In the show's 100th episode, Marc lands a Frankenstein sized Munster load from the classic TV series.

  • With Todd and Tamera in the driver's seat, Gumby's trip to a 60 year celebration ends up looking more like a funeral, while a load of vegetables under Jenn's "care" come out looking like they went through a salad shooter.

  • Dusty taps into his inner nerd after booking Star Wars movie memorabilia.

  • After scoring a fire-breathing Disco Robot bound for a music festival, Chris Kikelhan soon longs for the days of easier runs after he struggles to get it all to fit at the pick up; meanwhile with his Fiberglass castle load, Dusty gets a taste of royalty when the client has some peculiar demands.

  • Jenn's love of animals takes a mauling when she attempts to tame a run that includes six massive Bengal tigers; meanwhile Marc get's creative with a pick up truck and trailer when he can't deliver his big rig load of Mythological figures into a residential neighborhood.

  • Jarrett attempts to protect antique Christmas dolls from extreme temperatures; Chris Kikelhan moves a WWII-era amphibious vehicle.

  • Jenn gives the University of Texas Marching band's massive drum, Big Bertha a beating, while Todd and Tamera transport a model train to a dental office.

  • Jenn has a run in with a transit bus while hauling a load of Looney Tunes memorabilia; Dusty sets a record as he transports more than four tons of vinyl albums.

  • Jarrett fumbles through handling a one-of-a-kind art piece; Marc raises and transports a massive sculpture garden.

  • While shipping an 11-foot-tall glass water pipe to the Mile-High City, Marc tries to mellow out after a blown tire threatens to turn this shipment into shards. Samko saddles up to move an entire barn but when the job gets rough, she does everything she can to keep this show pony from turning into horse feathers.

  • After the delivery of sad family news, Jenn turns to Jarrett to take over an odd shipment; while Dusty uses his typical "charm" to dampen the spirits of a family moving a pair of antique fire engines.

  • When tasked with hauling the old animatronic band, Rock-A-Fire Explosion, Jenn almost resorts to canceling their reunion tour. Meanwhile, newcomer Chris Kikelhan sends everyone running for cover during his inaugural haul of tornado storm shelters.

  • Samko transports a barn while Marc must be careful with a glass water pipe.

  • Jarrett learns the answer to the question, "Where does the world's largest hog sit?" (anywhere it wants), while hauling a shipment of epic proportions. Samko finds herself in a stand off with a father during the move of a kid's handcrafted, pirate-themed playground.

  • Jenn races against the clock when she hauls a 16-foot-tall Power Ranger to a child's birthday party. Meanwhile, Todd and Tamera make a draining run to the Big Easy with Vampire items.

  • After winning a black light putt-putt golf course, Jenn's game is tested when she realizes that for her run, "MINI-golf" is a misnomer. Todd and Tamera are literally in over their heads when rappelling skills are required at their modern art pickup.

  • Marc is at the helm of relaunching a massive homemade houseboat but the family's history with the boat, and Marc's stormy attitude, threaten to sink the job before it ever reaches water. Meanwhile, Jarrett meets his match when a bizarre load comes with an even crazier traveling companion.

  • Samko is hesitant to work with Jenn after Jenn bids way above her weight class.

  • Jessica Samko takes on a bizarre carnival type attraction with a side load of baby swans. Meanwhile, a repurposed vending machine that dispenses relaxation messages is truly put to the test.

  • An oversized chair presents a few unforeseen complications for Jarrett when it won't fit down the stairs. Marc lands a cool, cross country booze run, but things go sour once the wine heats up.

  • Marc takes on an antique camper and Dusty transports a sculpture. But when both transporters decide to add side loads, they find out they're in over their heads.

  • Todd and Tamera move a huge dog toy. Jenn transports small moon rocks from Houston to Phoenix.

  • Todd and Tamera engage in a monster move; Dusty takes on travel companions of the strong, silent type.

  • Jessica reluctantly agrees to transport a client's loved one. Dusty moves a large cow skull.

  • Jarrett almost ruins the West-Coast's art scene after an accident.

  • Jessica signs up to move a half-ton steampunk robot in a single day, but will bad weather turn her load into steamjunk? Todd and Tamera realize that moonshine stills and porcelain plates don't mix well in the back of a trailer.

  • Jenn takes on a load 'Perfect Roy' was known for.

  • Marc and Jarrett's egos clash upon their discovery that both their shipments are heading to the same place.

  • Things melt down, when Jenn tackles the dismantling of a butter sculpture in the Texas heat, while Jessica Samko makes her stage debut by running late and ruining a middle school play's dress rehearsal.

  • Marc's run to "far out" Roswell leaves him proud to be from this world, while Todd and Tamera end up needing more than a few quarters to extend their vintage game pod run.

  • Jenn gets an earful when her pricey load of prayer gongs almost misses their uptight buyer, but when Jarrett's load is delayed by a day he ends up catching hell and a few catcalls handling a side job on the Vegas strip.

  • After Jenn attempts to drive a decked-out armored, assault vehicle to its buyer, the ride turns out to be little more than she bargained for. Marc faces a wall of storms as he attempts to deliver the daredevil motorcycle ride -- "Wall of Death.

  • Jarrett transports an old carousel; Todd and Tamera must be careful when moving a 140-year-old horse-drawn hearse.

  • Jenn is suspicious of her haul. Meanwhile, Dusty takes on a plane.

  • Roy's patience wears thin when he ships an iconic piece of ghostly movie history, while Darwinian Theory is proven when the Two Blondes attempt a load of dinosaurs.

  • Jarrett wins a giant 40-foot colon. Meanwhile Roy contends with the anal owner of a giant video game.

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