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Container Wars is a reality television show that takes place dock side and involves the auctioning of shipping containers from around the world. Cast members are not allowed an in depth look at the contents of any given container. They must take a chance on whatever it is they see or think they see and bid accordingly. Prices for any given container can jump quickly. This is container gambling for the high roller and the cast is full of big personalities that are more than willing to spend the money to see what's inside.

The idea is to purchase the container for as little as possible and to sell the contents for a tidy profit. The gamble is, purchasing the container without knowing what's really inside. But there is more to it than just seeing a container, guessing what's inside and then purchasing it. That would truly be simple. But this show is based on auctions and it is named Container Wars for a good reason. The people that compete against each other in the auctions are warriors in their own right.

Each cast member comes to the auction with a pocket full of money, for if you win an auction you must pay in cash. They bid furiously and usually loudly for the containers that they want. These are no rank amateurs. These men and women base their livelihood on their ability to gamble in this arena. It is with great passion that they compete, often going so far as to yell at each other almost as much as they yell out their bids. Tempers often flair and more than a few harsh words have been exchanged. Still somehow they maintain a level of professionalism that allows them to continue to attend auctions together without any debilitating bad feelings.

Each episode is an adventure packed with big personalities who throw down big money for equally big surprises. Some surprises are good and some are not quite so good and a few are very exciting.

Container Wars is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2013.

Where do I stream Container Wars online? Container Wars is available for streaming on truTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Container Wars on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 10:30 PM et/pt on truTV
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
January 13, 2013
Kids & Family Talk & Interview
Cast: Jason R. Hughes, Matthew Thomas Gaus, Deana Molle', John Kunkle
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Container Wars Full Episode Guide

  • A container riddled with bullets, a burned-out box, and a freak accident on the lot have everyone unnerved, until an out-of-this-world discovery leads to the biggest win yet.

  • Four unique containers are up for auction. A can of vintage nostalgia has Matt salivating, "Team Muscle turns into "Team Softy," and Uzi gets frightened. Plus, a mysterious logo could be the key to big bucks.

  • The buyers are all interested in a can full of bicycle gear. Plus, a mystery container includes one item that requires a special operating license, but does anyone have that license?

  • When jumbo-sized containers arrive, buyers use every trick in the book to score them. A bin full of outdoor BBQs could send two bidders up in flames, while a 'ready-to-go' rave unit sounds like music to the Israeli's ears. Plus, Mo and Ty feel the need for speed, but will their huge bet pay off?

  • A new team shows up and presents a threat to Mo; a three-wheeled item ropes Matthew in; and a cluster of table-tennis balls cause confusion.

  • Bidding increases when items from New Orleans arrives on the scene. Also, a refrigerator has bidder's fascinated.

  • The Israelis hang ten on a sweet beach can, but one surprise item may send them off the lot in search of major dollars. Plus, Jason strikes on a container full of wood and weird gear, but will his investment land him in the gutter? And later, a mystery door may check one team into a big loss.

  • Uzi and Schlomi find themselves gambling over a rather large auction, and they find a surprise hidden in the back of one of the containers.

  • The Israelis' go after what they think is vintage clothing; a custom container could actually cost a buyer some jail time.

  • Bidders compete for super heavyweight freight; a container filled with outdoor adventure equipment holds a surprise.

  • Four containers, straight from the Big Apple, make their way to Long Beach, CA. A can full of broken dummies generates some serious buzz, while a billionaire's unclaimed goods have everyone seeing dollar signs. Plus, a one-of-a-kind auction that includes the container itself.

  • Mo and the Israelis partner up on a container from Africa, but will their alliance result in fool's gold? Matt attacks the competition for a can full of Chinese goods, but it could blow up in his face.And later, things take a bizarre turn when a bunch of strange items from an odd collector spark an intense bidding war.

  • The bidders are back and the competition is fiercer than ever! Mo & Ty set their sights on a container from Mexico, but could everything inside be damaged goods? The Israelis pin their hopes on a mysterious wooden crate, and bids go through the roof on a one-of-a-kind open-air container.

  • The biggest auction on the planet sails to the middle of the Pacific Ocean when a mysterious container is dredged up from the bottom of the sea. Royal rumors spark golden expectations, but how could have any of the waterlogged loot survived?

  • The competition hits a fever pitch when a container from south of the border lands at the Port of Los Angeles. But when unexpected surprises are discovered inside... will the party be over?

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