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  • 2010
  • 5 Seasons
  • 5.9  (3,271)

Auction Hunters was a reality television show on Spike TV that ran for five seasons from 2010 to 2015. The show centered around two auction hunters, Allen Lee Haff and Clinton 'Ton' Jones, who traveled around the United States buying abandoned storage lockers and trying to make a profit by selling the items they found inside.

Haff and Jones were both experienced auction hunters with years of experience under their belts. They had a keen eye for spotting valuable items hidden among piles of junk and were not afraid to take risks when it came to bidding on a locker they thought might contain hidden treasures.

Each episode of Auction Hunters followed Haff and Jones as they attended auctions in different parts of the country, from California to New York and everywhere in between. They would bid on various storage lockers, often engaging in intense bidding wars with other auction hunters, and then sift through the contents of the lockers to see what they had acquired.

The items found in the lockers were often a mystery to Haff and Jones until they started digging through the contents. They would find everything from antique furniture and vintage clothing to rare toys and unique collectibles. Some of the most exciting moments on the show came when the pair uncovered valuable items that they never expected to find.

Once they had sorted through the contents of a locker, Haff and Jones would take their finds to experts to determine their value. They would then try to sell the items for a profit, often going to flea markets and auctions to find buyers. Occasionally, they would also keep some items for their personal collections.

One of the highlights of the show was the personalities of Haff and Jones. Haff was the more laid-back of the two, often cracking jokes and keeping things light. Jones was more serious and focused, always looking for the next big score. The two had a great chemistry together and their banter added an extra layer of entertainment to each episode.

Auction Hunters also featured Laura Soares, who was the manager of Haff and Jones' shop. She provided a business perspective to the show, often advising Haff and Jones on how to properly market their finds and track their profits.

Over the course of its five seasons, Auction Hunters became a popular show on Spike TV. Viewers tuned in each week to see what treasures Haff and Jones would uncover and whether or not they would make a profit. The show was a mix of adventure, suspense, and humor, making it a hit with audiences.

In conclusion, Auction Hunters was a reality television show on Spike TV that followed two auction hunters, Allen Lee Haff and Clinton 'Ton' Jones, as they traveled around the United States buying abandoned storage lockers and trying to make a profit. The show was a mix of adventure, suspense, and humor, and was a hit with audiences during its five-season run.

Auction Hunters is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (109 episodes). The series first aired on November 9, 2010.

Auction Hunters
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Catch My Drift?
20. Catch My Drift?
May 9, 2015
The guys land a custom drift car and a luxury antiques unit that could have a one-of-a-kind pilot pistol from WWI. While trying to track down the provenance of the gun, Ton's lead foot gets them into trouble at their car sale.
19. Brew-Phoria
May 9, 2015
Ton and Allen go all in for an electric car, but with the batteries missing, a pricey refurb is their only shot at a profit. Will a home brewing system and high-end air rifles help soften the blow, or will they take a big loss?
18. Haff-Inated
May 2, 2015
Leda and Castor try to find the original clone DNA. Mark and Gracie are after new leads.
Whiskey Business
17. Whiskey Business
May 2, 2015
An auction in Allen's old stomping grounds triggers memories of being a "lone wolf." The guys find a set of RC race boats and when they buy a man-cave unit full of old whiskey, a night of partying leads to some tough sales.
Pucks for Bucks
16. Pucks for Bucks
April 25, 2015
Glass blowing tools, autographed baseballs and a hockey puck launcher are highlighted.
The Unsinkable Ton
15. The Unsinkable Ton
April 25, 2015
The team hopes props they have from "Titanic" the movie are real.
14. Wreck-Shaw
April 18, 2015
Allen drags a starving Ton to a weekend auction and some newbie buyers try to eat up all the profit. Will a rickshaw, a wrecking ball, and blast detonators be enough to satisfy Ton's appetite, or will the guys go home hungry?
Carnies & Armories
13. Carnies & Armories
April 18, 2015
A tough group of bidders team up to take down Ton and Allen at auction. After a couple of wins, the guys try to sell an arsenal used by Native Americans and some vintage carnival gear. But will they get conned?
Ton-Geons & Dragons
12. Ton-Geons & Dragons
April 11, 2015
While Ton soups up their new truck, Allen heads to an auction solo and encounters Carolyn and CJ. There he discovers LARP weaponry, a sword collection, and falconry gear, before Ton reveals their new ride: Betty.
Tough as Nails
11. Tough as Nails
April 11, 2015
CJ seeks to disrupt Allen's search for serenity at a storage auction before the guy's head to a live auction to buy and sell. They uncover an unusual Marilyn Monroe statue, an industrial slip n' slide, and a bed of nails.
Missouri Loves Company
10. Missouri Loves Company
December 20, 2014
On a visit to see Ton's sister in Missouri for some rafting and relaxation, the guys hit up a fast-paced live auction. After some tough losses, Ton and Allen score a ballista and an anvil set made for an explosive sport.
Louisiana Purchase
9. Louisiana Purchase
December 20, 2014
In Louisiana, Ton and Allen encounter some salty locals at a shipping crate auction, and navigate choppy waters at a boat auction. After spending a lot of cash, they find a tactical blast shield and a bass fishing boat.
Party Gras
8. Party Gras
December 13, 2014
On a trip to New Orleans, Ton and Allen mix business with pleasure.
Blazing Saddles
7. Blazing Saddles
December 6, 2014
Ton and Allen head to a Hollywood auction and face a new competitor with a seemingly endless cash flow. After they uncover a triple barrel shotgun and an antique camel saddle, Allen confronts an old childhood fear.
Risk & Reward
6. Risk & Reward
November 22, 2014
Vintage bear traps and street art have lots of value, if they're real.
Betsy's Last Stand
5. Betsy's Last Stand
November 8, 2014
The guys are hopeful that they can save their beloved bread truck when head to an auction and find an industrial grinder and a classic Chevy.
Rock and Roll
4. Rock and Roll
November 1, 2014
At an auction in Whittier, Big Dave, a buyer, tries to take everything. Things get tense.
Hook, Line & Printer
3. Hook, Line & Printer
October 25, 2014
A last-minute auction in Norwalk proves challenging when Ton and Allen go toe-to-toe with a real life cowboy couple. When the dust settles, the guys uncover a 3D printer and a grappling hook gun they can't wait to shoot.
Ramped Up
2. Ramped Up
October 18, 2014
Ton and Allen battle it out with their former assistant, Carolyn, while Ton is dealing with a bad back.
Space Cowboys
1. Space Cowboys
October 11, 2014
In the Season 5 premiere, Ton and Allen begin uncovering WWII firearms and a cosmonaut space suit.
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  • Premiere Date
    November 9, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    5.9  (3,271)