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In this reality series, teams of treasure seekers try to outbid each other for the contents of abandoned storage units in the hope that the units contain valuable stuff. The series claims to be unscripted, although the accusations of planted treasures have surfaced over the years.

Tuesday at 10:00 pm et/pt on A&E
11 Seasons, 268 Episodes
December 1, 2010
Cast: Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Laura Dotson, Darrell Sheets
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Storage Wars Full Episode Guide

  • Rolling into Buena Park with their crew, Brandi and Jarrod pick up what may be the best of the worst. Kenny and his cousin glide through a locker that's only half decent. Ivy comes to the auction dressed to kill. Mary tries to turn up the volume.

  • It's "prison" hugs all around in the City of Orange. Brandi and Jarrod bring an old friend along to do the heavy lifting. Ivy finds his fun in the little things. Amidst all the water damage, Mary discovers where her bread is really buttered. Shana and Edwina crack themselves up with some snappy accessories.

  • The parking lot is tiny in Van Nuys, and Mary needs a little help managing it. Ivy is on the prowl for a bike--ANY bike. Dave picks up a locker that turns out to be therapeutic, while Justin tries to show the rest of them how you make the most out of a unit.

  • This time, Darrell might be at risk of losing the title of "The King of Montebello." Brandi and Jarrod find their way back to the auction with the help of some pocket tech. Casey bails herself out despite being confined with an infectious German, while Ivy scoops up finds after finds.

  • In Huntington Beach, Darrell's insider information amplifies his investment considerably. Mary's find cooks up some oversized accoutrements. Kenny takes advantage of others' missteps to grab a unit.

  • It's "Bring Your Brother to Work Day" in Thousand Oaks. Justin sinks his money into a unit with an interesting pair. Dave pushes Mary to the breaking point. Kenny finds the time to make a nice profit... piece by piece.

  • It's nine stories of treasures in Koreatown and the Vegas Ladies discover that one of them has Texas flair; Kenny lucks out looking for lady stuff; and Mary gets the spring back in her step

  • Dave brings his mentor with him to Rancho Cucamonga, but has little to show for it. Brandi and Jarrod go all in on a hunch. Kennedy tries to downsize his strategy. Ivy shows a skeptical Emily how he pulls a win out of a locker.

  • The buyers head out to Lake Arrowhead, Calif., where Ivy puts economies of scale to the test; Justin almost hits the bull's-eye on his locker; Darrell and Chad find fortunes on the farm.

  • Mary dabbles with Dave's dark arts in Torrence, Calif., Kenny takes some excavation lessons; Brandi and Jarrod quit horsing around long enough to stumble across a wartime oddity.

  • Once again in Riverside, Shana and Edwina bring their "Golden Girls Chic" but end up phoning it in.

  • In Stanton, Dave finds that sometimes making a profit is like pulling teeth; and Mary grinds to get into the black, while Ivy's locker ends up sucking and blowing.

  • Back in Santa Ana, the buyers face ten vaults belonging to the same owner. Dave snaps up almost half of them, while Ivy draws a nice profit out of his. But in the end, Mary and Kenny end up doing all the heavy lifting.

  • In Hawaiian Gardens, Darrell breaks in the new guy. Brandi and Jarrod detect something mysterious in their unit; Justin paws his way through a decent locker.

  • In Riverside, Kenny gets baited into bidding on a massive locker; Rene and Casey try to go small and end up churning out a few bucks.

  • The team return to Moreno Valley where Justin's congeniality earns him Rene's goodwill and a chance to level up, while Darrell's tubular locker tests out O.K.

  • The buyers are losing their minds in West Covina; Kenny hunts for cougars, but finds a portable pulpit instead; and Ivy shows the ladies how to dress for success.

  • Back in Orange, Kenny tiptoes down memory lane; Brandi and Jarrod get to work on a tool locker; and Darrell and his granddaughter dig up a creepy find.

  • Back in Adelanto, Ivy records a hefty find; Brandi and Jarrod test the waters and it pays off big; and Mary cranks up her profit to the sweet sound of success.

  • Emily is faced with an all-male day in Paramount. Justin seeks Ivy's guidance with his vintage Cadillac parts, while Kenny immediately regrets speaking up during the auction.

  • Rene steals the units in Rancho Palos Verdes. Mary's locker reveals a sticky past, while Justin shows that he can turn a small investment into a big return.

  • In Placentia, the Ladies from Vegas try out their own bidding style. Also: Brandi and Jarrod try to phone it in while Kenny and his brother show everyone that family comes second.

  • The ladies from Vegas meet Dave, who promptly takes their locker away, leaving them only scraps. Also: Kenny uses Mary as a Dave shield and the two find their way to a decent unit of their own.

  • A heat wave hits Riverside and Kenny starts seeing things; Ivy gives Mary a boost; and Shana and Edwina stumble across their own paradise.

  • Ivy heads to Lancaster and Dave takes advantage of being so close to Ivy. Meanwhile, Justin pushes all of Rene's buttons and comes out ahead.

  • In Victorville, Brandi and Jarrod's mischievous side emerges; Ivy grabs a locker that no one else can tolerate; and Mary puts the new guy in his place.

  • The buyers hit up Dan's home town and the Vegas Ladies' locker really takes off. Kenny's purchase sets his wallet alight. Meanwhile Brandi and Jarrod put their vacation funds on the line.

  • The oldest facility in Los Angeles is where the newest buyers make their debut. Brandi and Jarrod try to piece together a win and Ivy tries to hoard most of the units all to himself.

  • The girls have a newlywed-themed surprise for Emily. Rene reels in a huge locker, while Darrell tests his bicycle knowledge... and wins.

  • Darrell gives and takes when the buyers descend upon Arcadia, Calif.; Ivy's prospects soar; Rene and Casey uncover a his-and-hers locker.

  • In Riverside, Brandi saves a loose pooch from oncoming traffic; Darrell's locker confirms his Magic Bullet Theory; while Kenny's unit serves up a shiny score.

  • Rene laughs all the way to the bank, while Darrell reels in a hoard of goodies.

  • Mary tries to impress a client; Rene finds protection from predators; Ivy heads to the barbershop.

  • Brandi and Jarrod uncover an Illuminati-ng stash; Dave does what he does best; and Mary finally gets the help she needs.

  • Rene is shocked by what he finds; Darrell's locker multiplies his investment; Ivy tests his radar on the best.

  • The Gambler returns to form in Huntington Beach, as Rene gets on everyone's bad side; Mary finds her likeness lucrative, while Ivy's prospects are cloudy at best.

  • Mary bumps into some vintage art; Ivy adds to his stamp collection; Kenny faces his fears... yet again.

  • Ivy angles his way into some vintage outdoor accessories and Dave finds his way into an unexpected audit. Emily's departure ruins one buyer's day.

  • Indio is extreme-ly interested for Dave. Brandi and Jarrod find the ultimate stash while Mary's locker misfires.

  • Jarrod finds the party locker he's always wanted. Meanwhile Rene discovers a new mobile business opportunity and Ivy's footwear makes a huge impact.

  • Mary's locker brings out her inner voice; Kenny tries to clothe America; Brandi & Jarrod get a leg up on the competition.

  • Ivy can't get enough from Montebello; Dave gets a taste of carnival fun; Brandi & Jarrod shred vintage-style.

  • The Dotsons return in Adelanto; Dave tries to get his motors runningl Darrell stumbles over a curious collection; and Rene finally goes nuts.

  • The team stops in Huntington Beach where Rene's daughter steps up; the Schulzes and Passantes add to their outdoor options; and the Gambler meets the predators.

  • Ivy takes a chance on his own party locker; Brandi & Jarrod get back to basics; Rene gets advice on his presentation.

  • Mary finally manages to find a vintage goodie in El Monte; Ivy uncovers decades-old family fun; while Darrell re-visits a childhood pastime.

  • Kenny finds some relief in a unit. Brandi & Mary join forces and Dave stumbles across a historic find.

  • Costa Mesa offers Rene a bit of unexpected "high" tech; Darrell goes on a cross-cultural haberdashery journey.

  • Adelanto is the site of the Dotsons' return; Dave tries to get his motors runnin'; Darrell stumbles over a curious collection; Rene finally goes nuts.''

  • Dave augments his inventory with a medical device. While Rene finds his furniture locker enlightening and Ivy finds some unexpected green.

  • Moreno Valley provides Darrell a chance to school his friend in daredevil-ing. Dave's fortunes go up in flames. Jarrod and Brandi dive back in, but hit rock bottom.

  • The buyers head to the City of Orange where Ivy gets a hole in one with an unusual landscaping tool. Darrell's eye for upscale furniture finds him a high end hoard. Rene maxes out on a video game console and Mary's fortunes leave her leaving empty handed.

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