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This reality series follows the exploits of people who buy the contents of abandoned storage lockers at auction, hoping to find treasures inside that will allow them to make a profit. This Texas-based series is a spinoff of the original Storage Wars series, which debuted on A&E in 2010.

Storage Wars: Texas is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (79 episodes). The series first aired on December 6, 2011.

Where do I stream Storage Wars: Texas online? Storage Wars: Texas is available for streaming on A&E, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Storage Wars: Texas on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, The Roku Channel Free, Hoopla, Apple TV, A&E online.

4 Seasons, 79 Episodes
December 6, 2011
Cast: Walt Cade, Ricky Smith, Bubba Smith, Mary Padian
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Storage Wars: Texas Full Episode Guide

  • The auction action goes down in the east Texas town of Longview. Lesa and Jerry play their home-field advantage and lock horns with the new team of Jenny and Mary. "Man in Black" Rudy Castro takes aim at an unusual weapon. Ricky and Bubba, seeking to expand their warehouse, reckon with more than they can handle. Out in Longview, there may be something for everyone--if their competition lets them get it.

  • The buyers head to an auction in Fort Worth, where Moe, the podiatrist appears to make his annual purchase.

  • The buyers head to an auction in Longview, TX, where Jenny incorporates a whole new strategy.

  • The buyers head to an auction in Haslet, Texas.

  • The buyers head to an auction in Longview, Texas.

  • The auction hasn't even started before things become chaotic in Henderson, Texas.

  • The buyers head to Mesquite, Texas, where Ricky and Bubba hope for redemption. Meanwhile, Vic unleashes Sonny.

  • The buyers are in Waxahachie, where Vic and his protege Sonny Monday's discovery leads them to Dallas Stars co-captain Jamie Benn. Mary and Jenny try to manipulate the new guy before Jenny is touched by something angelic.

  • The buyers are back in DeSoto where Jenny is on the lookout for raw materials to create a unique piece for a customer. Kenny catches Matt off-guard, while Mary's discovery leads her to the oldest Italian restaurant in Texas.

  • The buyers are in Waxahachie where Ricky and Bubba find some green and end up putting it all away. Jenny makes a scandalous find that could be ultra profitable. Meanwhile, Mary discovers an old hand-powered machine that gives her a real buzz.

  • The buyers return to Fort Worth, and the home of Hell's Half Acre once again increases tension and unleashes sharp tongues. A solo Bubba reckons with both East Texas Kenny and Cowboy Matt to win prize finds, though Mary could be the one who's striking it rich.

  • The buyers head to Plano, TX, where Gary tries to stay ahead of the competition. Ricky takes home a pretty little doll and a locker of MMA equipment puts Kenny in a compromising position.

  • The buyers return to Fort Worth, where big egos from all over the state compete for some of the best hidden treasures in Texas. Ricky and Bubba score a collection of potentially valuable rockets as Cowboy Matt and East Texas Kenny contend for furniture.

  • The buyers head to Dallas, where Kenny Stowe shakes things up. Jenny fires her shot in the battle between the sexes while Mary aims to please and ends up with a real clown.

  • The buyers head to Pantego, and engage in a battle of the sexes

  • The buyers head to the small Texas town of Ponder, where Rangers Ricky and Bubba are hoping their luck won't run out. Jenny discovers her inner ballerina while Mary takes a cue from her ex-partner and works the crowd.

  • The buyers head to the East Texas town of Tyler - Kenny Stowe's territory. Ricky and Bubba compete against Kenny and the other East Texas locals. Mary is forced to be creative while Jenny happens upon a Holy Grail of the music world.

  • The buyers are in Ft. Worth where Cowboy Matt throws his weight around. Mary discovers something that could help her take flight, while Ricky and Bubba try to go in stealth mode.

  • The auction heads down to Dallas, where Lesa and Jerry seek vengeance on Mary and Jenny, and Ricky and Bubba seek revenge against Cowboy Matt Blevins. One find leads to a horse trainer.

  • The auction is held in the old Chisholm Trail city of Fort Worth. Englishman David Kay returns and gets irritated with the competition. Victor finds spy equipment, while Ricky and Bubba go for something large and dangerous.

  • The buyers travel down to the east Texas town of Longview. Lesa and Jerry use their home-field to their advantage and battle with the new team of Jenny and Mary. "Man in Black" Rudy Castro discovers an unusual weapon.

  • The buyers return to Mesquite, and so does Ricky and Bubba's nemesis Kenny Stowe. The Rangers seek vengeance, and their aim is true on a find that brings out a hidden talent.

  • The buyers head to Fort Worth where a local auctioneer turned bidder makes waves with Ricky and Bubba.

  • Jenny and Mary are on the prowl for armchairs and armoires in Garland. Meanwhile, Ricky and Bubba take on a big challenger.

  • The buyers are in Dallas. Jenny has her eyes peeled for industrial material for a custom job. Mary disregards the law while going for a dream locker.

  • The buyers head to DeSoto, Texas, searching for antiques. Ricky and Bubba are confronted by a new enemy from England.

  • The buyers head to the Houston suburb of Conroe, Texas, where they are met by an old nemesis. Mary and Moe feel the strain while Ricky and Bubba see if they can profit on paranoia.

  • In the fourth season premiere, the buyers head to the border town of Texarkana, in search of old furniture in new territory. Slick Vic attempts to secretly acquire a unit with action figures. While Jenny the Dazzler may find diamonds in the rough.

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