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  • TV-14
  • 2019
  • 7 Seasons
  • 7.5  (370)

Court Cam is a gripping television series from A&E that presents viewers with a front-row seat to some of the most compelling courtroom action from around the United States. The show, which premiered in December 2019, is hosted by Dan Abrams, co-anchor of Nightline and ABC News Chief Legal Correspondent, and features commentary from legal experts Matt Foxman and Aaron Brockler.

The central concept of the show is to capture dramatic moments from courtroom proceedings, including tense arguments between attorneys, emotional testimonies from witnesses, and shocking verdicts. The episodes are broken down into segments that focus on different types of cases, such as murder trials, high-stakes civil lawsuits, and contentious family law disputes.

One of the strengths of Court Cam is how it captures the intensity and drama of the proceedings without resorting to sensationalism or tabloid-style tactics. The show uses a combination of fixed and handheld cameras to capture everything from the judge's reactions to the facial expressions of the defendants and witnesses.

An added layer of drama comes from the fact that the show features real cases in real courtrooms, which means that viewers get a glimpse into the way that the wheels of justice turn in some of the most fascinating and complicated cases across the country.

The hosts of Court Cam are integral to the viewing experience. Dan Abrams provides his trademark insight and analysis on the legal issues at play in each case, while Matt Foxman and Aaron Brockler offer their perspectives as experienced attorneys. Together, they provide a nuanced and balanced perspective on the proceedings, highlighting the key moments and explaining the implications of the legal maneuverings.

Another key strength of the show is its ability to educate viewers about the legal process in a way that feels accessible and engaging. For example, the hosts often break down complex concepts such as burden of proof and plea bargains, explaining how they apply in real-world contexts. This approach helps to demystify the legal process and make it more approachable for those who might not have a legal background, while also providing valuable insights for viewers who work in the legal field.

Overall, Court Cam is a thrilling and engaging series that provides a unique look at the legal system in action. With its compelling cases, expert hosts, and unparalleled access to real courtroom proceedings, the show is a must-watch for anyone interested in legal issues or the criminal justice system. Whether you are a legal professional, a true crime enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys a good courtroom drama, you won't want to miss this exciting and informative show.

Watch Court Cam Online to see firsthand the highs and lows of the legal system, from tense cross-examinations to emotional closing arguments. With its expert analysis and fascinating cases, the show is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. So get ready to experience the drama and excitement of the courtroom in a whole new way with Court Cam.

Court Cam is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (227 episodes). The series first aired on December 5, 2019.

Court Cam
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Court Cam #719
22. Court Cam #719
February 28, 2024
The brothers of a woman murdered by her daughter confront the defendant (their niece) in court; an annoyed defendant walks out of a virtual hearing; a man convicted of manslaughter refuses to look at the grieving grandmother of his victim; and more.
Court Cam 718
21. Court Cam 718
February 28, 2024
Two disgraced fishing champions apologize for cheating; grieving parents confront the former police officer who killed their son; a man suspected of driving with a suspended license appears in virtual court from a car; and more.
Court Cam Top Five: Courtroom Confrontations 2
20. Court Cam Top Five: Courtroom Confrontations 2
February 21, 2024
A deadly drunk driver berated by partner of one of her victims; an inmate attacks another inmate in front of the judge; sexual assault victims confront their attacker; and more.
Court Cam 717
18. Court Cam 717
February 21, 2024
A distraught mother addresses the relatives of her son's murderer. A lady has been punished for eating donuts without paying for them. A convicted killer is addressed verbally in court by his victim's family.
Court Cam 716
17. Court Cam 716
February 14, 2024
A maskless defendant tells the judge he's tested positive for tuberculosis; a grieving son forgives the woman responsible for his parents' deaths; the judge orders a convicted murderer removed from the courtroom for smiling during a Victim Impact Statement; and more.
Court Cam 715
16. Court Cam 715
February 14, 2024
The judge chastises a defendant for his courtroom outburst. A convicted murderer's mother tells the court that she used methamphetamine with him the day he shot his boss. A defendant threatens to sue the judge after he didn't rule in his favor during a civil hearing; and more. Show less
Court Cam 714
15. Court Cam 714
February 7, 2024
A grieving father stares down the man who killed his daughter; a judge mutes an unruly defendant during a virtual hearing; an arsonist pleads guilty to a decades-old crime; and more.
Top Five: Acts of Mercy 2
14. Top Five: Acts of Mercy 2
February 7, 2024
Acts of compassion or forgiveness are featured, including a father who forgives the woman responsible for the death of his son; a woman who offers loving and kind words to the person who physically attacked her; a mother who refuses to hate the driver whose accident killed her teenage daughter; and more.
Court Cam 713
13. Court Cam 713
January 31, 2024
After a failed plea for leniency, an angry mother flips the bird to the media after her son is sentenced. A grieving woman begs the judge to keep her brother in prison over 25 years after he killed their parents and little brother. A judge must use his mute button to silence a foul-mouthed mom during a custody hearing; and more. Show less
Court Cam 712
12. Court Cam 712
January 31, 2024
A defendant claims the pants he was wearing and the drug paraphernalia inside them weren't his. A grieving wife describes the DUI accident that killed her husband. An accused murderer is not happy with his lawyer; and more. Show less
Court Cam 711
11. Court Cam 711
January 24, 2024
A distraught man leaps over the gallery railing and pursues the person who killed his sibling. When a defendant enrages the judge, the judge revokes their bond. A man tries to claim that his failed blood alcohol test was caused by tainted cake frosting.
Court Cam 710
10. Court Cam 710
January 17, 2024
A grieving father asks the judge for leniency for his son who's been convicted of murdering his other son; a senior citizen spends the night in jail after continually interrupting the judge; a grieving man is removed from the courtroom.
Court Cam 709
9. Court Cam 709
January 17, 2024
A judge chastises a defendant for sleeping in virtual court; a grieving mother forgives the man who killed her unborn twins; a judge gets creative when sentencing a defendant.
Court Cam 708
8. Court Cam 708
January 10, 2024
A man attacks his neighbor, then faces jail time; a defendant ordered to turn himself in makes a run for it; a man has an outburst over his bond amount.
Court Cam 707
7. Court Cam 707
January 10, 2024
A judge calls back a woman who curses and leaves a hearing; a murder victim's father rushes a defendant in court; a wife seeks a protection order against a woman involved with her husband; and more.
Court Cam 706
6. Court Cam 706
January 5, 2024
A defendant gets upset with a judge's decision. A man is physically removed from a hearing. A woman causes a scene when she refuses to follow the rules inside a courthouse; and more.
Court Cam 705
5. Court Cam 705
January 3, 2024
A former nurse apologises for a deadly error; a judge isn't happy when a defendant appears from her bed for a virtual hearing; a father has an outburst in court when he faces his son's killer.
Court Cam 704
4. Court Cam 704
December 27, 2023
A defendant has multiple outbursts at trial. A man about to be sentenced attempts a courtroom escape. A judge is frustrated by a defendant's constant disruptions; and more.
Court Cam 703
3. Court Cam 703
December 27, 2023
A look at some of the wildest courtroom moments. A wrestling move lands a teenager in court. A man due at a hearing, instead runs from the courthouse. A defendant's comment offends a judge; and more.
Court Cam 702
2. Court Cam 702
December 22, 2023
A man charged with murder attempts a bold escape; an attorney is attacked by his own client; a man blames his pet for cursing at a judge; and more.
Court Cam 701
1. Court Cam 701
December 20, 2023
A look at some of the wildest courtroom moments. A handcuffed defendant attempts a bold escape from the courtroom; a judge gets cursed at when an arraignment goes off the rails; an uncooperative defendant questions a judge's integrity; and more.
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    December 5, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (370)