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  • TV-G
  • 2009
  • 6 Seasons
  • 6.8  (13,632)

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is an American Western drama television series that aired on A&E from 1993 to 1998. The series starred Jane Seymour as Dr. Michaela Quinn, a woman who faces numerous challenges as she becomes the town's physician after the sudden death of her father. The series is set in the 1860s, in the town of Colorado Springs, Colorado, during a time when women were not typically allowed to work as doctors.

The show follows the life of Dr. Quinn, who is a strong and independent woman, as she struggles to earn the respect of the townsfolk, most of whom are skeptical of her abilities due to her gender. However, as she helps the community with her medical skills and empathy, she gradually earns their trust and becomes an important part of the town.

Joe Lando played the role of Byron Sully, a drifter who becomes Dr. Quinn's friend and eventual love interest. Sully helps Dr. Quinn with patients and accompanies her on her house calls. Chad Allen and Erika Flores also starred in the show as Dr. Quinn's children, Matthew and Colleen, respectively.

The show's ensemble cast included Jessica Bowman as Dr. Quinn's adopted daughter, Shawn Toovey as a young boy named Brian Cooper, William Shockley as Hank Lawson, Geoffrey Lower as Rev. Timothy Johnson, Barbara Babcock as Dorothea "Miss Ellie" Henderson, Elinor Donahue as Rebecca Quinn, Tantoo Cardinal as Cloud Dancing, John Schneider as Daniel Simon, Robert Culp as Marshal Elias Burch, Johnny Cash as Kid Cole, Frank Collison as Horace Bing, Gary Grubbs as Mayor Jake Slicker, Gil Birmingham as Dog Soldier, and Willie Nelson as Jesse.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman tackled various social issues, including slavery, racism, women's rights, and abuse. The show also featured notable guest stars, including Kristin Davis, Holliston Coleman, Michael Trucco, Craig Wasson, Alley Mills, Joseph Sikora, Tara Subkoff, John Doman, Hal Sparks, Sheryl Lee, George S. Clinton, Charlotte Chatton, Kenny Rogers, Diane McBain, Verna Bloom, Stephanie Niznik, Christopher Kriesa, Michael Shamus Wiles, Ian Bohen, Don McManus, Jim Knobeloch, Darren Dalton, Jared Rushton, Jerry Hardin, John Clarke, Alex Meneses, Helene Udy, Gail Strickland, Sean Moran, Jon Cypher, Max Gail, Lloyd Bochner, Tom Poston, J. D. Daniels, Denise Crosby, Bibi Besch, George Buck Flower, Gregory Sierra, Richard Herd, Ashley Jones, Nicholas Pryor, George Furth, Robert Ito, Ping Wu, Carmen Zapata, Tim de Zarn, Brian Donovan, Steven Ford, Aaron Michael Metchik, Dennis Lipscomb, Joel Brooks, Jack Bannon, John O'Leary, Jerry Haynes, Charles C. Stevenson Jr., and David Ogden Stiers.

In conclusion, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was a highly successful show that explored the challenges and triumphs of a woman in a male-dominated profession. Its heartwarming stories, dynamic characters, and historical accuracy made the show a favorite among viewers for its five-year run. The show continues to be well-loved and highly regarded by audiences today.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (149 episodes). The series first aired on March 12, 2009.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
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May 16, 1998
Dr. Mike's elation at Colleen's acceptance to medical school quickly turns to disappointment when Colleen chooses to marry Andrew instead. A bitter family argument erupts when Dr. Mike tells Colleen that she is less than overjoyed at her announcement and feels that the couple is rushing into marriage and should wait until Colleen completes medical school. Meanwhile, Jake's sale of his half of the Golden Nugget to Preston angers Hank; Robert E and Grace have wonderful news to share; the stock market crash hits Preston and the townsfolk hard, and Dorothy and Cloud Dancing reach a new level in their relationship. As part of the Network's 50th Anniversary celebration, classic footage of James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon of "Gunsmoke" is digitally integrated into this episode. When Jake breaks the news to Hank that he has accepted Preston's offer to buy his share of the Golden Nugget, making Hank partners with the despised Preston, Marshal Dillon helps fuel Hank's anger.
May 9, 1998
Robert E vents his frustration over the death of his son and the demise of his marriage by stepping into the ring with a traveling boxing champion. When boxer Barracuda Jim Barnes comes to town, Robert E, fueled by his anger, volunteers to take him on, surprising everyone by beating Barnes twice. But when Dr. Mike examines Barnes, she discovers that the champ is on the verge of losing his eyesight if he continues boxing and she implores him to retire. Choosing to reject the doctor's order, Barracuda goes into the ring with Robert E for what may be his last fight. Meanwhile, Sully's efforts to get Grace to reconsider the pending divorce from Robert E begin to pay off with help from baby Katie.
May 2, 1998
Michaela and Sully reminisce about the ups and downs of their relationship and make a momentous decision about their future. While returning from a week long trip with Sully, Michaela stumbles and falls, sustaining a head injury. The couple takes refuge in an abandoned cabin where Sully must keep Michaela awake to prevent her from slipping into a coma. Together, they reminisce about the myriad different experiences -- good and bad -- they've shared together and then make a pivotal decision about their future.
April 25, 1998
U.S. Marshall Elias Burch asks Matthew, still a student of law, to defend him when he's accused of murder. Daniel is forced to arrest Burch for killing Exner, an ex-con whom he had been pursuing. Rather than accept a traveling defense attorney with a drinking problem, Burch asks Matthew to defend him, claiming he was framed. But, a fiction writer who had been traveling with Exner claims to be an eyewitness, having seen Burch shoot the man in cold blood. With Burch's life in the balance and little evidence to support his claim that Exner drew a gun on him, fledgling lawyer Matthew, with help from Dr. Mike, sets out to discover what actually happened between the two sworn enemies.
18. 6-18
April 18, 1998
Dr. Mike grapples with her fear for Brian's safety when the youngster befriends a seemingly harmless but eccentric fellow who thinks he's a bird and covers himself with feathers in an attempt to fly. Martin Von Hoffman, the birdman, not only tries to fly, he also sleeps in a nest and literally pecks at his food when Dr. Mike invites him home for dinner. To her alarm, Martin turns out to be an escapee from a New York insane asylum. She is torn between returning him to the asylum or allowing him to carry on his self-deception in peace. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike receives bad news from Oliver Wendell Holmes, the prominent attorney she has asked to help with Sully's defense.
April 11, 1998
As Jake and Teresa look forward to their wedding day, Dr. Mike and Sully struggle to free Cloud Dancing, who was captured and put in prison for leaving the reservation. Dorothy is so disturbed at the thought of Cloud Dancing in jail that she contemplates helping him escape and fleeing with him into the wilderness. Meanwhile, Teresa introduces Jake to her visiting aunt, Dona Verano, and her cousin, Carlos, a priest. The visit turns sour when the older woman takes an immediate dislike to Jake and tries to prevent the marriage.
April 4, 1998
Dr. Mike befriends a young Chinese woman who is posing as a man so that she can practice medicine in the tradition-bound Chinese community. Dr. Mike finds herself matching her medical skills against those of an elderly Cantonese herbalist when many members of a large group of Chinese passing through Colorado Springs looking for work fall victim to fever. She becomes attached to the herbalist's young assistant, whom he introduces as his grandson but who actually turns out to be his granddaughter. Both of them, and the rest of the Chinese community, are endangered by the actions of Hank, who tries to drive them from town because he fears they will cause an epidemic.
March 21, 1998
Dr. Mike tries to prevent Loren from leaving Colorado Springs when she learns he secretly plans to sell his store and move away out of grief over the death of Marjorie. Meanwhile, the town prepares for its annual "Sweethearts Dance," but melancholy seems to reign. Jake broods over how to ask Teresa to marry him, and Grace's continued drinking threatens her marriage to Robert E.
March 7, 1998
Colleen finds herself the subject of a fatal attraction. Colleen is at first flattered by her new suitor's attentions, but Dr. Mike is suspicious of Patrick Collins and his intentions. Spurning her mother's advice of taking it slowly with this out-of-towner, Colleen continues to see her new beau, dazzled by the gifts he gives and the attention he pays her. But, as Patrick swiftly becomes more possessive and demanding, frightening Colleen enough to break up with him, she realizes she's in over her head when he refuses to be dismissed and becomes physically threatening.
February 28, 1998
Dr. Mike's life takes a startling turn when she's shot point blank by a man with a grudge against all doctors. Following life-saving emergency surgery by Andrew, with the aid of Cloud Dancing, and two weeks recovery at home, Dr. Mike attempts to return to the clinic but is hindered by recurring nightmares in which she relives the trauma of the shooting. As her panic and paranoia grow with each nightmare, Dr. Mike finds she is afraid to leave her house, making everyone doubt if she'll ever be able to return to her work. Meanwhile, Daniel goes off in pursuit of the shooter, who is wanted for the murder of three other doctors.
December 20, 1997
After accompanying Black Crow's braves safely to the reservation, Dr. Mike and Sully begin the trip home for Christmas but are delayed when they stop to help a hapless young married couple they find wandering in the wilderness. The young couple, Chester and Hallie, are former city dwellers trying to find a new settlement established by their relatives, but are hopelessly lost. Meanwhile, Daniel, who has been wandering all his life, is tempted to give up his job as sheriff to accept an offer to run a mining operation far away from Colorado Springs.
December 12, 1997
Dr. Mike matches wits with a notorious Indian hater, Maj. Samuel Morrison, as she tries to mediate a peace treaty between Black Cloud's braves and the cavalry, which would include a pardon for Sully and allow him to return home. Dying of consumption, Black Cloud agrees to surrender if his braves are allowed safe passage to the reservation. Wellend Smith, an emissary sent by President Grant, sides with the Indians, but Maj. Morrison is determined to thwart the agreement and put them in prison. Mike and Sully must look toward Sgt. McKay for support in upholding the law
December 6, 1997
Dr. Mike reluctantly takes on the role of temporary judge when Horace sues Hank for accidentally breaking his nose and sets off a flurry of suits and countersuits among the town's citizens. Matthew, who has been studying the law, tips off Horace that he's legally entitled to have Hank pay his medical bills. Soon Dr. Mike finds herself in the middle of that case, as well as a property dispute between Dorothy and Grace and a claim by Loren that he was crippled and nearly drowned because of negligence at Preston's hotel.
November 22, 1997
Dr. Mike fears she won't be able to save her sister, Marjorie, and Daniel and Preston both fall seriously ill as the diphtheria epidemic continues to rage. With Thanksgiving approaching, the epidemic overshadows every activity: Mike continues to be separated from her young children, who remain in hiding with Sully to protect them from the disease; Mike is blamed by her mother, Elizabeth for Marjorie's condition; Hank is jailed for trying to burn down the squatters village, where he thinks the disease originated; Matthew reluctantly acts as his lawyer, and Jake and Teresa draw strangely closer as they use the school house as a temporary morgue.
November 15, 1997
Dr. Mike sends her children to stay at Sully's hideout while she exhaustedly battles a deadly diphtheria epidemic that threatens the entire town, including her mother and sisters. Mike's mother, Elizabeth, and sister, Rebecca, arrive for a Thanksgiving visit and refuse to leave, despite the danger caused by the disease. Their arrival leads to further friction between them and Mike's other sister, Marjorie, who becomes stricken herself. Meanwhile, Hank blames the squatters for causing the epidemic and tries to burn their encampment, forcing Daniel to arrest him. And as casualties mount, Dr. Mike comes into conflict with fellow doctor Andrew Cook about trying a new surgical procedure to keep patients alive.
November 8, 1997
Dr. Mike's sister, Marjorie, returns to Colorado Springs as a member of the Women's Temperance League to outlaw alcohol, coincidentally arriving while Jake is drowning his insecurities over Teresa Morales in alcohol. Jake's fears are sparked when he sees Teresa meeting privately with Hank, and it is suspected that Grace, too, may be inadvertently abusing alcohol through the "tonic" she takes to help her sleep. Meanwhile, Sully and Cloud Dancing try to reason with Black Moon, a young brave experiencing "visions" of victory over the cavalry. Also, Marjorie's arrival leads to a renewal of her friendship with Loren.
November 1, 1997
Dr. Mike struggles with the burden of telling Grace and Robert E that their adopted son, Anthony might not survive his mysterious illness. Sully, still in hiding from the Army, tells Mike he is determined to convince the renegade braves to return to the reservation before more violence breaks out between them and the settlers, and he is shattered to learn that Mike recently suffered a miscarriage.
October 25, 1997
Dr. Mike becomes alarmed when Princess Nizamoff, a member of Russian royalty, visits Preston's Springs Chateau Hotel for a vacation and soon has the townsfolk convinced that she is a seer with ties to the spirit world. During a free seance at the Golden Nugget, the princess astounds the citizens, including the skeptical Dr. Mike, with her seemingly vast knowledge of their private lives and concerns. But Mike is worried that the royal visitor, who soon begins charging money for her "consultations," might cause harm with some of her predictions. Her fear is heightened when the princess advises Grace that her adopted son, Anthony, will suffer no further painful and mysterious physical attacks.
October 18, 1997
While filled with anxiety about Sully, who is still being sought by the Army on murder charges, Dr. Mike begins to experience symptoms indicating that she may be pregnant again. Dr. Mike tries to keep her suspicions a secret and is deeply embarrassed when word leaks out among the townspeople before she can even tell Sully, who is still in hiding. Meanwhile, the citizens of Colorado Springs bicker over what items to include in a time capsule they plan to bury for the annual Founders' Day celebration. At issue is how much representation will be given to the role of women and minorities in the town's history. It is a subject that becomes especially important for Mayor Jake Slicker, who is attracted to the new school teacher, Teresa Morales.
October 11, 1997
Believing the Sully is responsible for the Indian raids on the town; Hank publicly accuses Dr. Mike of lying about Sully's death, names himself sheriff and sets out to bring Sully to justice. The Army sends Gen. Wooden, a noted Indian fighter, to end the disturbances, but he is badly injured in a raid led by the renegade warrior Black Moon. Daniel persuades Sgt. McKay to allow the Indian prisoners to proceed peacefully to the reservation. The move infuriates Hank, who assumes the role of sheriff and manages to track down Sully and Cloud Dancing, with near disastrous results.
October 4, 1997
The citizens of Colorado Springs think Sully is dead, and Dr. Mike keeps him hidden for weeks while trying to nurse him back to health in order to protect him from the Army. Daniel remains with Sully as Dr. Mike and her family stoically keeps his whereabouts secret. Only Sgt. McKay, who has declared marshal law due to the recent Indian raids, believes Sully is still alive, and continues his relentless pursuit to arrest him. Preston Lodge, meanwhile, plans to buy the Indians' reservation land from the government and set up a lumber mill there. Sully and Cloud Dancing realize such a move would force the tribe onto even worse land, making their situation even more desperate.
September 27, 1997
Dr. Mike searches desperately for Sully, who lies dying in the wilderness from severe injuries he suffered while fleeing from the Cavalry. Sully's friend Daniel Simon rushes to help Dr. Mike in her search. Meanwhile, newspaper editor Dorothy Jennings rides out in search of Cloud Dancing, with whom she has fallen in love, to tell him Sully is missing. And Sgt. McKay, who is intent on arresting Sully for the murder of the soldier who tried to kill him, sends scouts to follow Dr. Mike just in case she manages to find him alive.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 12, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (13,632)