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The heartwarming drama Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman follows doctor Michaela Quinn in her struggles being the first woman doctor in the Colorado territory just after the Civil War. Upon arriving in Colorado Springs, Dr. Quinn discovers that the Reverend who had sent for her thought that she was a man--Michael, not Michaela. Despite the good Reverend's insistence that he will help pay for her fare back to her hometown of Boston, Dr. Quinn--or Dr. Mike as she prefers to go by--is determined to stay in Colorado Springs as they still have no doctor.

Despite Dr. Mike's determination to make things work, she finds that living on the western frontier is not easy for anyone, man or woman. Her proper New England upbringing has done little to prepare her for the hardships associated with day to day living such as feeding livestock and keeping a cabin clean.

Dr. Mike does start to make a few friends in town including the town midwife Charlotte Cooper. Charlotte is very pleased to have a doctor on the frontier. Charlotte states that she personally lacks the necessary training to save many of the babies who die. Not long after Dr. Mike's arrival however, Charlotte is bitten by a rattlesnake and dies before Dr. Mike can help her. Before her death, Charlotte asks Dr. Mike to care for her now orphaned children.

Although terrified at the thought of raising children, Dr. Mike agrees to take Charlotte's three children: Matthew, Colleen and Brian. After taking on the heartbroken children she discovers that life gets more difficult and complicated yet ultimately more rewarding.

Dr. Mike learns that part of the problem practicing medicine so far from civilization is access to proper supplies and medicines. Through her close friend Sully she learns to incorporate Cheyenne Indian medicines into her practice to make up for lack of modern medicines.

Slowly but surely, Dr. Mike is able to help the townspeople overcome some of their superstitions towards a female doctor and she is able to build respect and understanding between herself and those around her.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (149 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1993.

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6 Seasons, 149 Episodes
January 1, 1993
Cast: Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen, Erika Flores, Jessica Bowman
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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Mike's elation at Colleen's acceptance to medical school quickly turns to disappointment when Colleen chooses to marry Andrew instead. A bitter family argument erupts when Dr. Mike tells Colleen that she is less than overjoyed at her announcement and feels that the couple is rushing into marriage and should wait until Colleen completes medical school. Meanwhile, Jake's sale of his half of the Golden Nugget to Preston angers Hank; Robert E and Grace have wonderful news to share; the stock market crash hits Preston and the townsfolk hard, and Dorothy and Cloud Dancing reach a new level in their relationship. As part of the Network's 50th Anniversary celebration, classic footage of James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon of "Gunsmoke" is digitally integrated into this episode. When Jake breaks the news to Hank that he has accepted Preston's offer to buy his share of the Golden Nugget, making Hank partners with the despised Preston, Marshal Dillon helps fuel Hank's anger.

  • Robert E vents his frustration over the death of his son and the demise of his marriage by stepping into the ring with a traveling boxing champion. When boxer Barracuda Jim Barnes comes to town, Robert E, fueled by his anger, volunteers to take him on, surprising everyone by beating Barnes twice. But when Dr. Mike examines Barnes, she discovers that the champ is on the verge of losing his eyesight if he continues boxing and she implores him to retire. Choosing to reject the doctor's order, Barracuda goes into the ring with Robert E for what may be his last fight. Meanwhile, Sully's efforts to get Grace to reconsider the pending divorce from Robert E begin to pay off with help from baby Katie.

  • Michaela and Sully reminisce about the ups and downs of their relationship and make a momentous decision about their future. While returning from a week long trip with Sully, Michaela stumbles and falls, sustaining a head injury. The couple takes refuge in an abandoned cabin where Sully must keep Michaela awake to prevent her from slipping into a coma. Together, they reminisce about the myriad different experiences -- good and bad -- they've shared together and then make a pivotal decision about their future.

  • U.S. Marshall Elias Burch asks Matthew, still a student of law, to defend him when he's accused of murder. Daniel is forced to arrest Burch for killing Exner, an ex-con whom he had been pursuing. Rather than accept a traveling defense attorney with a drinking problem, Burch asks Matthew to defend him, claiming he was framed. But, a fiction writer who had been traveling with Exner claims to be an eyewitness, having seen Burch shoot the man in cold blood. With Burch's life in the balance and little evidence to support his claim that Exner drew a gun on him, fledgling lawyer Matthew, with help from Dr. Mike, sets out to discover what actually happened between the two sworn enemies.

  • As Jake and Teresa look forward to their wedding day, Dr. Mike and Sully struggle to free Cloud Dancing, who was captured and put in prison for leaving the reservation. Dorothy is so disturbed at the thought of Cloud Dancing in jail that she contemplates helping him escape and fleeing with him into the wilderness. Meanwhile, Teresa introduces Jake to her visiting aunt, Dona Verano, and her cousin, Carlos, a priest. The visit turns sour when the older woman takes an immediate dislike to Jake and tries to prevent the marriage.

  • Dr. Mike befriends a young Chinese woman who is posing as a man so that she can practice medicine in the tradition-bound Chinese community. Dr. Mike finds herself matching her medical skills against those of an elderly Cantonese herbalist when many members of a large group of Chinese passing through Colorado Springs looking for work fall victim to fever. She becomes attached to the herbalist's young assistant, whom he introduces as his grandson but who actually turns out to be his granddaughter. Both of them, and the rest of the Chinese community, are endangered by the actions of Hank, who tries to drive them from town because he fears they will cause an epidemic.

  • Dr. Mike tries to prevent Loren from leaving Colorado Springs when she learns he secretly plans to sell his store and move away out of grief over the death of Marjorie. Meanwhile, the town prepares for its annual "Sweethearts Dance," but melancholy seems to reign. Jake broods over how to ask Teresa to marry him, and Grace's continued drinking threatens her marriage to Robert E.

  • Colleen finds herself the subject of a fatal attraction. Colleen is at first flattered by her new suitor's attentions, but Dr. Mike is suspicious of Patrick Collins and his intentions. Spurning her mother's advice of taking it slowly with this out-of-towner, Colleen continues to see her new beau, dazzled by the gifts he gives and the attention he pays her. But, as Patrick swiftly becomes more possessive and demanding, frightening Colleen enough to break up with him, she realizes she's in over her head when he refuses to be dismissed and becomes physically threatening.

  • Dr. Mike's life takes a startling turn when she's shot point blank by a man with a grudge against all doctors. Following life-saving emergency surgery by Andrew, with the aid of Cloud Dancing, and two weeks recovery at home, Dr. Mike attempts to return to the clinic but is hindered by recurring nightmares in which she relives the trauma of the shooting. As her panic and paranoia grow with each nightmare, Dr. Mike finds she is afraid to leave her house, making everyone doubt if she'll ever be able to return to her work. Meanwhile, Daniel goes off in pursuit of the shooter, who is wanted for the murder of three other doctors.

  • After accompanying Black Crow's braves safely to the reservation, Dr. Mike and Sully begin the trip home for Christmas but are delayed when they stop to help a hapless young married couple they find wandering in the wilderness. The young couple, Chester and Hallie, are former city dwellers trying to find a new settlement established by their relatives, but are hopelessly lost. Meanwhile, Daniel, who has been wandering all his life, is tempted to give up his job as sheriff to accept an offer to run a mining operation far away from Colorado Springs.

  • Dr. Mike reluctantly takes on the role of temporary judge when Horace sues Hank for accidentally breaking his nose and sets off a flurry of suits and countersuits among the town's citizens. Matthew, who has been studying the law, tips off Horace that he's legally entitled to have Hank pay his medical bills. Soon Dr. Mike finds herself in the middle of that case, as well as a property dispute between Dorothy and Grace and a claim by Loren that he was crippled and nearly drowned because of negligence at Preston's hotel.

  • Dr. Mike fears she won't be able to save her sister, Marjorie, and Daniel and Preston both fall seriously ill as the diphtheria epidemic continues to rage. With Thanksgiving approaching, the epidemic overshadows every activity: Mike continues to be separated from her young children, who remain in hiding with Sully to protect them from the disease; Mike is blamed by her mother, Elizabeth for Marjorie's condition; Hank is jailed for trying to burn down the squatters village, where he thinks the disease originated; Matthew reluctantly acts as his lawyer, and Jake and Teresa draw strangely closer as they use the school house as a temporary morgue.

  • Dr. Mike sends her children to stay at Sully's hideout while she exhaustedly battles a deadly diphtheria epidemic that threatens the entire town, including her mother and sisters. Mike's mother, Elizabeth, and sister, Rebecca, arrive for a Thanksgiving visit and refuse to leave, despite the danger caused by the disease. Their arrival leads to further friction between them and Mike's other sister, Marjorie, who becomes stricken herself. Meanwhile, Hank blames the squatters for causing the epidemic and tries to burn their encampment, forcing Daniel to arrest him. And as casualties mount, Dr. Mike comes into conflict with fellow doctor Andrew Cook about trying a new surgical procedure to keep patients alive.

  • Dr. Mike's sister, Marjorie, returns to Colorado Springs as a member of the Women's Temperance League to outlaw alcohol, coincidentally arriving while Jake is drowning his insecurities over Teresa Morales in alcohol. Jake's fears are sparked when he sees Teresa meeting privately with Hank, and it is suspected that Grace, too, may be inadvertently abusing alcohol through the "tonic" she takes to help her sleep. Meanwhile, Sully and Cloud Dancing try to reason with Black Moon, a young brave experiencing "visions" of victory over the cavalry. Also, Marjorie's arrival leads to a renewal of her friendship with Loren.

  • Dr. Mike becomes alarmed when Princess Nizamoff, a member of Russian royalty, visits Preston's Springs Chateau Hotel for a vacation and soon has the townsfolk convinced that she is a seer with ties to the spirit world. During a free seance at the Golden Nugget, the princess astounds the citizens, including the skeptical Dr. Mike, with her seemingly vast knowledge of their private lives and concerns. But Mike is worried that the royal visitor, who soon begins charging money for her "consultations," might cause harm with some of her predictions. Her fear is heightened when the princess advises Grace that her adopted son, Anthony, will suffer no further painful and mysterious physical attacks.

  • While filled with anxiety about Sully, who is still being sought by the Army on murder charges, Dr. Mike begins to experience symptoms indicating that she may be pregnant again. Dr. Mike tries to keep her suspicions a secret and is deeply embarrassed when word leaks out among the townspeople before she can even tell Sully, who is still in hiding. Meanwhile, the citizens of Colorado Springs bicker over what items to include in a time capsule they plan to bury for the annual Founders' Day celebration. At issue is how much representation will be given to the role of women and minorities in the town's history. It is a subject that becomes especially important for Mayor Jake Slicker, who is attracted to the new school teacher, Teresa Morales.

  • The citizens of Colorado Springs think Sully is dead, and Dr. Mike keeps him hidden for weeks while trying to nurse him back to health in order to protect him from the Army. Daniel remains with Sully as Dr. Mike and her family stoically keeps his whereabouts secret. Only Sgt. McKay, who has declared marshal law due to the recent Indian raids, believes Sully is still alive, and continues his relentless pursuit to arrest him. Preston Lodge, meanwhile, plans to buy the Indians' reservation land from the government and set up a lumber mill there. Sully and Cloud Dancing realize such a move would force the tribe onto even worse land, making their situation even more desperate.

  • Dr. Mike searches desperately for Sully, who lies dying in the wilderness from severe injuries he suffered while fleeing from the Cavalry. Sully's friend Daniel Simon rushes to help Dr. Mike in her search. Meanwhile, newspaper editor Dorothy Jennings rides out in search of Cloud Dancing, with whom she has fallen in love, to tell him Sully is missing. And Sgt. McKay, who is intent on arresting Sully for the murder of the soldier who tried to kill him, sends scouts to follow Dr. Mike just in case she manages to find him alive.

  • Everyone but Michaela assumes that Sully is dead when he disappears after a fight with his nemesis, Sgt. Brian O'Connor. Sully and Cloud Dancing seek refuge from the Army in the canyons, while the actions of the renegade dog soldiers take their toll on the town. But when Sully and Cloud Dancing spot soldiers closing in on them, Sully insists on distracting the riders, giving Cloud Dancing the opportunity to escape. As Sully draws the soldiers away from Cloud Dancing, he finds himself trapped on a ledge by Sgt. O'Connor, who has wanted to kill Sully since the last time they fought, just before Katie was born. While they begin a ferocious hand-to-hand battle, Michaela and Sgt. McKay, who have been trying to find Sully before O'Connor does, reach the ledge, and Michaela discovers that they are too late.

  • Sully becomes a wanted man when he defies a government order banning him from the Cheyenne reservation and organizes an escape for Cloud Dancing, which turns deadly. The savage beating of Cloud Dancing at the hands of a brutal cavalryman makes Sully realize that life on the reservation for his friend and the Cheyenne is no longer tolerable. Even Michaela realizes that drastic measures must be taken. But Sully's intercession has deadly repercussions. During the escape, long-repressed dog soldiers go wild, exacting revenge against the Army and local families, and the result is a massacre for which Sgt. McKay holds Sully responsible. Now with a price on his head, Sully convinces Michaela that it's safer for the family if he disappears for awhile, and so they say a tearful goodbye.

  • Sully and Brian forge a true father-son bond when Brian's free-wheeling, irresponsible adolescent behavior puts him in mortal danger, and Sully disciplines him. As Brian's stepfather, Sully has let Michaela set the rules for Brian up to now. But when Brian's misbehavior with his friend Anthony puts them, and the town, in danger, Michaela and Sully realize that Brian needs -- and wants - Sully to act as Brian's real father and give the boy the boundaries he needs, which enhances and strengthens their bond.

  • Dr. Mike is scandalized by the new liberated lifestyle her sister has adopted as a devotee of the women's suffrage movement. When Dr. Mike's sister, Marjorie, arrives in town, she is in the throes of a divorce and Mike sees that she's become a very independent, liberated woman. Marjorie's cosmopolitan ways are initially intriguing to the open-minded Dr. Mike, but when Marjorie's relationship with Loren Bray escalates at an amazing pace, Mike begins to question Marjorie's character.

  • Dr. Mike and the townspeople excitedly welcome the famous writer and poet Walt Whitman to Colorado Springs until rumors about his personal life begin to circulate. When Dr. Cook brings to light the rumor about Whitman preferring the company of men, Preston, who is playing host to Whitman, abruptly cancels the poet's reading, the townspeople shun him, and even Dr. Mike finds herself acting with suspicion when she learns that Whitman has taken Brian under his journalistic wing.

  • Dr. Mike, Brian and Katie are taken hostage at the homestead by bank robbers, one of whom is wounded. After Dr. Mike is taken hostage by Brent and Huston, she watches helplessly as Sully, returning from a trip is shot by Brent as he approaches the house. In spite of his injury, Sully, with the help of Wolf, Cloud Dancing and the men-folk in town, plots a rescue attempt. Meanwhile, inside the house with the two desperate robbers, Dr. Mike and Brian do some quick thinking and -- with the help of some chloroform -- distract the men while they scramble to come up with an escape scheme of their own.

  • Sully's closest friend, Daniel Simon, falls in love with Dr. Mike when he comes to Colorado Springs for a visit. John Schneider guest stars as Daniel. Sully and Dr. Mike are going through a bad time struggling to scrape up enough money to make the month's bank payment on their loan when Daniel arrives in town for a long overdue visit. While Sully is away for a few days doing odd jobs trying to raise some cash, Preston arrives on behalf of the bank to repossess the homestead for non-payment of the loan. Daniel, now a wealthy man thanks to a recent gold strike, overrides Dr. Mike's objections and steps in and pays off the entire loan. Upon hearing how Daniel interfered in his business, the proud Sully becomes furious at his best friend. Then, insult is added to injury when Sully realizes that Daniel has fallen in love with Dr. Mike -- which takes her by surprise and further strains relationships all around.

  • Sully's closest friend, Daniel Simon, falls in love with Dr. Mike when he comes to Colorado Springs for a visit. John Schneider guest stars as Daniel. Sully and Dr. Mike are going through a bad time struggling to scrape up enough money to make the month's bank payment on their loan when Daniel arrives in town for a long overdue visit. While Sully is away for a few days doing odd jobs trying to raise some cash, Preston arrives on behalf of the bank to repossess the homestead for non-payment of the loan. Daniel, now a wealthy man thanks to a recent gold strike, overrides Dr. Mike's objections and steps in and pays off the entire loan. Upon hearing how Daniel interfered in his business, the proud Sully becomes furious at his best friend. Then, insult is added to injury when Sully realizes that Daniel has fallen in love with Dr. Mike -- which takes her by surprise and further strains relationships all around.

  • When Colleen, who is working on a college paper, asks Dr. Mike to recall her most memorable case, Dr. Mike looks back on the five turbulent years she's lived and loved in Colorado Springs. As they sit with Andrew, who is mysteriously ill at the clinic, Dr. Mike reminisces about her tumultuous career -- its successes and its failures -- and realizes how many divergent cases she as seen and treated. When Andrew's condition takes a turn for the worse, Dr. Mike warns Colleen about the fine line between emotional involvement and professional detachment, an issue with which she has long struggled in the frontier town that's now her home.

  • Dr. Mike sees that the marriage of Kid Cole and Sister Ruth is unraveling and the couple is heading for divorce for no apparent reason. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash reprise their roles as Kid Cole and Sister Ruth. When Cole and his wife stop to see Dr. Mike while escorting mail-order brides to San Francisco, Dr. Mike immediately feels the tension in the air between them. She then learns that Cole is terminally ill and, in an attempt to spare Ruth the agony of watching him die, has created problems in their relationship so Ruth won't feel obligated to care for him. Ruth, meanwhile, is devastated at her husband's behavior and talk of divorce and seeks Dr. Mike's advice.

  • On a visit to Colorado Springs, Dr. Mike's revered Uncle Theodore shocks her and Sully by criticizing their parenting skills with regard to Brian and offering to take Brian back with him to Boston. Brian considers leaving his family when Theodore, a concert pianist, recognizes the boy's musical talent and tempts him with visions of becoming a concert pianist in Boston. Actually, Theodore dislikes what he considers to be the "liberal attitudes" of Sully and Dr. Mike that he feels put Brian in danger. When Brian is injured while on the trail with Sully, Theodore can no longer hide his feelings and Dr. Mike realizes that her uncle is attempting to replace his own lost son with Brian.

  • When Sully opposes the construction of a nearby dam, he finds himself on the other side of the law and behind bars. Sully joins forces with Preston to try and peacefully stop the dam construction which will mean the end of hundreds of acres of countryside. But when Sully hears that the men Preston's hired to hijack a shipment of dynamite are determined to kill any witnesses, Sully rides with them in order to prevent the murders. However, when witnesses attest to the fact that Sully was riding with the hijackers, Matthew is forced to arrest him and Sully must go to court where Judge Webster finds him guilty and throws him in jail, creating discord in the family.

  • Dr. Mike desperately attempts to find out why patients are dying mysteriously after having been treated in her clinic. As Dr. Mike searches for the answer to why a deadly and mysterious infection haunts her clinic, the townspeople begin to fear coming in for treatment. Unable to find out what is causing the deaths, Dr. Mike then makes a fateful decision that could mean destroying everything she has worked for through the years. Meanwhile, the attraction between Colleen and Andrew grows while she is home from college for a visit.

  • Dr. Mike, Sully and Brian are drawn into the middle of Colorado Springs' racial problems when Grace and Robert E try to enroll their son, Anthony, in the all white school. After Jake is forced to keep his campaign promise and make Robert E a member of the town council, Robert E sets up a school for the black children in shanty town. Since no white teacher will teach the children, however, the job falls to Grace. When it becomes apparent that Anthony needs much more advanced schooling than the black school can provide, Grace, Robert E and Brian try to get him into the white school. Meanwhile, Jake and Hank open their own hotel to rival Preston's new one, and the battle for business escalates.

  • As Dr. Mike and the other residents of Colorado Springs prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday and the opening of Preston's new hotel, they are unaware that a deadly storm is approaching that could threaten their lives. As storm clouds begin to gather, Dr. Mike is trying her limited culinary skills in an attempt to create a traditional Thanksgiving meal - while a somewhat dubious Sully and Brian watch her efforts. But the joy of the holiday is threatened by more than bad weather when she learns that Andrew is opening a rival medical clinic and, worse yet, neither Matthew nor Colleen may be able to get home for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Preston Lodge III is finding that it isn't easy impressing his visiting father, the very formidable Preston Lodge II, who is in town for the new hotel opening. As the full fury of the storm hits and Dr. Mike fights to save herself and her baby, the entire town learns the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

  • When Sully is offered a job helping to survey the new National Park at Yellowstone in Wyoming, Dr. Mike is faced with the prospect of leaving her practice and all their friends and moving into the wilderness. With Sully no longer acting as the local Indian agent and banned from the Indian reservation, Dr. Mike realizes that it is important for him to have work that is meaningful to him. Leaving everything and everyone she knows and taking their new baby into the wilderness, however, is a daunting prospect for her. Meanwhile, as Matthew and Emma think about marriage, Brian agonizes about his first date at the Sweethearts' Dance, and Dorothy teaches Cloud Dancing some ball room dances while he provides her with background on Indian customs for a book she is writing.

  • Dr. Mike and Sully are troubled when internationally renowned singer Gilda St. Clair comes to town, secretly ill from a life-threatening throat ailment, and Colleen fantasizes about traveling the world with her. Having difficulty fitting into college, Colleen decides it might be better to give up her dream of being a doctor and become Gilda St. Clair's traveling companion instead. Meanwhile, when Gilda's manager, Max, tries to hire Sully to help him kill a bear, Sully and Cloud Dancing look for a way to instill in the city slicker a love of wild animals. Also, Jake tries to use his privileges as mayor to get close to the famous singer, and Emma finally gains acceptance from the town's women when Gilda asks her to make a concert dress.

  • A baby dies under Dr. Mike's care and the parents sue her for malpractice and prevent her from practicing medicine. A judge finds in favor of the baby's parents and against Dr. Mike and he also awards them damages. As young Dr. Andrew Cook reluctantly takes over her practice and Michaela searches for answers as to why the baby died and the townspeople rally around her in support. Meanwhile, Emma is finding that her only real customer for her new seamstress business is Dr. Mike.

  • Dr. Mike seriously considers turning her medical practice over to young Dr. Cook for good, as she tries to cope with being a wife, mother and career woman. Baby Katie, husband Sully and all her patients never seem to get enough of Dr. Mike's attention, and daughter Colleen, who has assisted her in her work all these years, is now preparing to leave home for medical college in Denver. Dr. Mike feels overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions. Meanwhile, Dorothy counsels Sully on ways to bring some romance back into the marriage by courting Dr. Mike again, and Colleen is both excited at the prospect of going away to medical school and fearful of leaving her family and friends behind.

  • Finally ready to work again after giving birth to her baby, Dr. Mike must lead a rescue party when Sully and Cloud Dancing are among the passengers on a train that has been overtaken by robbers and wrecked. Sully had negotiated Cloud Dancing's release from Army detention, and the two were taking the train to Colorado Springs when a gang of thieves derailed the train in an effort to rob it. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike must again face the prejudice against women doctors when she finds that the townspeople have become used to being treated by young Dr. Andrew Cook who filled in for her while she was on maternity leave. For his part, Andrew has become reluctant to return the practice to Dr. Mike and go back to Boston, as originally agreed.