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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 9 Seasons
  • 7.3  (1,270)

Beyond Scared Straight is a reality TV show from A&E that aired from 2011 to 2015, featuring troubled teens who are taken to prison facilities to experience a day in the life of an inmate. The show is hosted by Samuel Robinson, who serves as the program's narrator and guide throughout the experience.

Each episode of Beyond Scared Straight follows a group of teenagers who have been identified as at-risk for a life of crime. They are taken to visit various prisons around the country, where they are exposed to the harsh realities of prison life by interacting with inmates and prison guards.

The show aims to scare the teenagers straight by showing them the potential consequences of continuing down a path of crime and delinquency. The inmates, who often have lengthy criminal records, are brutally honest with the teens about the hardships they face in prison, including violence, gang activity, and the loss of freedom.

In addition to the inmates, the teens also interact with prison guards who provide a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the facility. The guards speak candidly about their experiences working in the prison system and the difficulties they face in keeping order amongst the inmates.

Throughout the experience, the teens are pushed to confront their own behaviors and choices. The hope is that they will leave the program with a newfound appreciation for the importance of making better decisions and avoiding a life of crime.

One of the most compelling aspects of Beyond Scared Straight is the emotional journey that the teens go through during their visit to the prison. Many of them are visibly shaken by the experience, and some even break down in tears. It's clear that the reality check they receive is a powerful one.

The show has been praised for its honest portrayal of the prison system and for the impact it has had on many of the teens who have gone through the program. However, some critics have raised concerns about the potential for the show to glorify the prison system and for the risk of traumatizing the teens who participate.

Overall, Beyond Scared Straight is a fascinating look at the realities of the prison system and the potential consequences of a life of crime. The show is a powerful reminder of the importance of making good choices and staying on the right path in life.

If you're interested in checking out Beyond Scared Straight, you can watch it on A&E or alternatively watch Beyond Scared Straight online. The show is a must-watch for anyone interested in the criminal justice system and its impact on society.

Beyond Scared Straight is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (105 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2011.

Beyond Scared Straight
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Series Finale:
11. Series Finale: "Lights Out!"
September 3, 2015
In the epic finale of Beyond Scared Straight, the life-changing series looks back on nine seasons of the explosive encounters, hilarious one-liners, and emotional breakthroughs that reached more than 550 troubled teens.
Douglas County, GA: Buttoning Buttons
10. Douglas County, GA: Buttoning Buttons
August 27, 2015
Tori, an angry 14-year-old bully and thief, meets a devoted deputy in Douglas County, GA, who tries to help open her mind to letting go of her tragic past.
St. Clair, IL: Lexi's Lockup Lash-Out
9. St. Clair, IL: Lexi's Lockup Lash-Out
August 20, 2015
Lexi, 15, is a spoiled, fighting gang member who steals from the poor to give to herself. When she is confronted by a swarm of angry inmates in jail, she physically fights back, launching the entire cellblock into chaos and lockdown.
Oklahoma City, OK: Uncle Inmate
8. Oklahoma City, OK: Uncle Inmate
August 13, 2015
Angry sisters Precious, 14, and Keyiona, 17, think they're tough enough for jail, until they are startled to discover a family member serving time at the Oklahoma County jail.
Richland County, SC: Final Jeopardy
7. Richland County, SC: Final Jeopardy
August 6, 2015
Caught on video violently attacking his mother, Dylan, a 14-year-old bully, gets a taste of his own brutality during a long overnight stay in South Carolina's Richland County Jail.
Douglas, GA: Concrete & Steel
6. Douglas, GA: Concrete & Steel
July 30, 2015
Brittany is a 4-time runaway and makes an unexpected friend in jail.
Dougherty County, GA: Weekend Worriers
5. Dougherty County, GA: Weekend Worriers
July 23, 2015
Two brothers who have a history of starting fires, stealing guns and assaulting their mom, are forced to grow up in the Dougherty County Jail, in Georgia.
Chester, SC: Cornflake, Sandbag & Frozen
4. Chester, SC: Cornflake, Sandbag & Frozen
July 16, 2015
After 18 year-old Taylor is caught at school, her only hope to start over is to participate in the youth intervention program.
Portsmouth, VA: Jail House Cookies
3. Portsmouth, VA: Jail House Cookies
July 9, 2015
Kyshawn, a 16-year-old gangbanger, physically challenges the officers and inmates at nearly every step of the tour of the Portsmouth County Jail, Virginia.
Floyd, GA: Dep. Lyle Lays Down the Law
2. Floyd, GA: Dep. Lyle Lays Down the Law
July 2, 2015
During a tour of the Floyd County, GA, jail, unpredictable Deputy Lyle bullies, coaxes and comforts to help create new futures for a car-jacking gangbanger, a shoplifting party girl, a violent fighter and a granny-robbing thief.
Fulton County, GA: Wasted Time
1. Fulton County, GA: Wasted Time
June 25, 2015
A violent teen gets a taste of what life is like in jail.
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Beyond Scared Straight is available for streaming on the A&E website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beyond Scared Straight on demand at Hulu and A&E.
  • Premiere Date
    January 13, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (1,270)