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"Beyond Scared Straight" is A & E's new innovative and edgy series that shadows the most disrespectful and defiant of teens, as they progress through juvenile jail programs designed to deter them from becoming criminals. This series is now in its third season. This outstanding cable television show was taken from Arnold Shapiro's 1978 award-winning documentary entitled Scared Straight, which followed juvenile delinquents as they took part in a confrontational session with actual prison convicts. The episodes in this newer epic show depict at-risk teens who have experienced problems of drug addiction, gambling, gang-related issues, fighting, promiscuity, and theft. These troubled adolescents are compelled to serve a day in jail, where they interact with the inmates there, really getting to see what their future might hold, if they don't reform. For some of these young people, this experience turns them around, while others persist in their chosen, self-destructive paths.

The premiere episode takes place in Boston, MA, where teens are defined by their gang affiliations, which also follows them into prison, creating conflict there, as well. In this first show of the season, two girls collide, named Jahmiya and Thalia. The first young lady is both tenacious and larcenous, and ultimately forms alliances with other girls who gang up on Thalia, a serious bully, who's even fought her own grandmother. However, Thalia meets her match as the group of girls led by Jahmiya, force and bully her into eating her prison food. This and other troubling incidents provide viewers and the errant girls with a ringside seat at this prison slice of life, and it is most brutal and demeaning.

As the season progresses, the offending teens visit the morgue. Also, a big brother is made to see how he could actually cause his younger brother to end up in a body bag. There is a shocking scene where a young lady who has been having a lot of indiscriminate sex, is forced to perform like a stripper, right in front of her mother! In addition, a white supremacist is exposed to the group anger of black inmates. Finally, the notorious convict "Ice Mike" comes back from the previous season, and terrorizes the teens with his various shocking and humiliating actions. This all in an effort to turn the teens away from future lives of crime in this most gritty and enlightening television show.

Thursdays at 10:00 pm on A&E
9 Seasons, 100 Episodes
January 13, 2011
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Cecilia, Emily, Leanna, Priscilla
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Beyond Scared Straight Full Episode Guide

  • Reflecting on memorable moments from the past nine seasons in the series finale.

  • A Douglas County deputy tries to help Tori, an angry 14-year-old, who bullies others and is a thief.

  • When a spoiled, 15-year-old gang member is cornered by a swarm of angry inmates in jail, she fights back physically.

  • Two angry sisters are convinced they have what it takes to endure incarceration, until they discover a family member serving time at the Oklahoma County jail.

  • Caught on video violently attacking his mother, Dylan, a 14-year-old bully, gets a taste of his own brutality during a long overnight stay in South Carolina's Richland County Jail.

  • Brittany is a 4-time runaway and makes an unexpected friend in jail.

  • Two brothers who have a history of starting fires, stealing guns and assaulting their mom, are forced to grow up in the Dougherty County Jail, in Georgia.

  • After 18 year-old Taylor is caught at school, her only hope to start over is to participate in the youth intervention program.

  • Kyshawn, a 16-year-old gangbanger, physically challenges the officers and inmates at nearly every step of the tour of the Portsmouth County Jail, Virginia.

  • During a tour of the Floyd County, GA, jail, unpredictable Deputy Lyle bullies, coaxes and comforts to help create new futures for a car-jacking gangbanger, a shoplifting party girl, a violent fighter and a granny-robbing thief.

  • A violent teen gets a taste of what life is like in jail.

  • Rumors lead to violence when proud, gay teen Cedric, 15, hospitalizes a fellow female student. He's sent to the Fulton County jail where he gets an eye-opening lesson in restraint.

  • In Chester County, SC, an abusive 16-year-old rapper resists authority and challenges the deputies, who then team together to restrain the troubled teen.

  • Darisha, 17 is a gangbanger who boldly challenges inmates, until she sees a relative behind bars at St. Clair County Jail, IL. She then faces a situation after the tour with potentially fatal circumstances.

  • In Suffolk, VA, an incarcerated mother and her 14-year-old daughter are reunited. Sadly, the daughter is following in the footsteps of her mother.

  • Two sisters inspired by Insane Clown Posse get a taste of what jail life is like in Oklahoma.

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