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In this docuseries, particularly shocking or exciting true stories about emergency room patients are re-enacted. The real-life doctors, nurses and patients recount the stories through the dramatizations, and sometimes the real-life participants play themselves in the recreations. The series, which debuted in 2004, airs on the TLC cable network.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
1 Season, 165 Episodes
April 26, 2004
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Jenne Kang, Linda America, Roy Vongtama, Lucy Doty
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Untold Stories of the E.R. Full Episode Guide

  • A nurse is shot in the ER, locking a hospital down. A bride is rushed in with an altered mental state.

  • When a man with a hand injury passes out from abdominal pain, tests lead to a shocking discovery; the estranged daughter of a patient helps solve the mystery of his deadly symptoms; the ER is overrun with delirious Civil War reenactment soldiers.

  • A woman's thigh is impaled with a piece of rebar; a man brings his girlfriend into the ER for an STD work-up and she's the strangest patient the doctor has ever seen; to save a woman's life, an ER doctor must confront the prejudice of her colleagues.

  • The ER gets two unrelated gunshot wounds in one night; A senior nurse tells a shocking secret; A patient surprisingly loses his symptoms when the doctor touches him.

  • The ER becomes a crime scene when a woman is brought in with intense belly pain; a doctor is mystified by heart attacks occurring the same day in the same family; and strange markings on the body of a car crash victim lead to the cause of the accident.

  • A teenage girl is impaled through the neck on an iron fence; a patient is convinced he's turning into a vampire; to save the life of a critically ill pregnant woman, a first-year attending physician has to stand up to a room full of senior specialists.

  • A patient's pet causes pandemonium in the ER; a man experiences paralysis that climbs up his legs to his chest until he can no longer breathe; and a war veteran suffers from phantom pain in his amputated hand.

  • A new nurse makes a shocking mistake; a patient appears to be hallucinating and sends ER staff on a wild goose chase; doctors must determine what is wrong with their patient, a former EMT who was found lethargic and slurring his words.

  • A boa constrictor wraps around a man's arm and won't let go; a young woman has a severe laceration; a young man goes into anaphylactic shock after a dinner out.

  • An urgent care physician must quickly think outside the box to care for two emergencies at once; a woman with abdominal pains receives an unexpected diagnosis; and a yoga instructor has a dangerously high temperature for no obvious reason.

  • Police officers bring in a criminal that is comatose; a man found passed out in the snow with no jacket or shoes arrives in the ER; a doctor is faced with a family emergency on her day off.

  • A fishing lure embedded in a man's face turns out to be the least of his problems; a pair of unconscious teenagers are brought to the ER where dramatic family secrets are revealed; an ER tech collapses and then refuses traditional medical treatment

  • A man's itchy rash turns out to be more than just poison oak; a young woman is bleeding profusely from the inside of her lip, but there is no obvious cause; a family of three is admitted as car accident victims, but the doctor makes a shocking discovery.

  • Two separate car crash victims are brought to the ER in their underwear; a woman is acting delusional and refuses to allows the ER staff to touch her; and a doctor struggles to diagnose a dehydrated and nauseous 10-year-old.

  • A patient is brought to the ER with a live shark clamped onto his thigh, and he wants to save the shark! Complications arise for a woman with a life-threatening condition, and the mysterious condition that caused a man to pass out.

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Wendy Wins Walk-on Role to Untold Stories of the ER Clip (01:24)

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