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In this reality series, the results of cosmetics surgeries gone wrong are confronted by a pair of respected surgeons. The two doctors walk patients through the corrective procedures that are required to make things right again. The series debuted on the E! cable network in 2014.

Botched is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (121 episodes). The series first aired on June 24, 2014.

Where do I stream Botched online? Botched is available for streaming on E!, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Botched on demand at Amazon, Hulu, NBC, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, hayu, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Peacock online.

Mondays at 10:00 pm on E!
6 Seasons, 121 Episodes
June 24, 2014
Cast: Paul Nassif, Terry J. Dubrow
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Botched Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow salute service members who have fallen victim to surgical disasters. The doctors help a Black Hawk crew chief who was missing her left breast, a sheriff whose side sticks out like he swallowed a football and a Navy wife who almost lost her entire nose after filler injections.

  • Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow check in with some of their favorite patients to find what happened to them after they left their office.

  • A patient with large areolas wants to reduce them. Dr. Nassif rebuilds a patient's nose after its tip turns black.

  • A filler-obsessed Australian wants Dr. Dubrow to increase her breast size, and Dr. Nassif tries to bring a nose back to life after a horrible necrosis incident.

  • A Scarlett Johannson look-alike wants the doctors to give her a flawless, twerk-able booty, while Dr. Dubrow helps a mom with creaseless breasts get the reduction she's tried to achieve for 20 years. Meanwhile, a woman whose face is destroyed from a motorcycle wreck hopes surgery with Dr. Nassif will ease the emotional pain.

  • A breast obsessed Brazilian wants her 33rd breast surgery, while a Dutch performer wants her butt to be camera ready. Meanwhile, a young man with a cauliflower looking keloid on his ear hopes Dr. Nassif has a solution to remove it permanently.

  • Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif treat celebrity patients with a lot of bad plastic surgery, including supermodel Janice Dickinson, a Real Housewife and fan favorite Tiffany "New York" Pollard.

  • A countdown of "Botched Most Outrageous Before & After's"; Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif treat some of the most troublesome cases, which later reveal incredible results; transformations include a witch nose, double bubble breasts, and a patient with hidden humps.

  • A Black Hawk crew chief with one MIA breast needs Dr. Dubrows help, while Dr. Nassif attempts to bring back the smile of a DUI accident victim. Meanwhile, the doctors get served looks from a filler-obsessed nose patient.

  • While Dr. Nassif steps into the surgical ring to help a boxer's crushed nose, Dr. Dubrow needs his A game to bring a young woman's dead breasts back to life. And Norway's biggest breasts loves to make her boobs dance.

  • Dr. Dubrow helps give a three-boobed woman the perfect pair and Dr. Nassif works to correct a car accident victim's mangled nose. Meanwhile, a 27-year-old L.A. socialite with jacked up jowls wants a facelift.

  • Two big-bosomed buddies pay a visit to the doctors, while a Dubrow patient desperately needs help fixing her elephant trunk-looking breast. Meanwhile, a Nassif patient has issues that run deeper than his asymmetrical chin.

  • Dr. Nassif has a ruff case ahead of him when a dog bite victim needs some TLC. Meanwhile, Dr. Dubrow has his hands full with an OG reality star's Real World uni-boob situation, and a Charm School dropout turned bootylicious knockout needs help twerking her derrière.

  • A countdown of Botched Most Outrageous Transformations. Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif treat some of the most troublesome cases, which later reveal incredible results.

  • The boss of Northern Kentucky wants to downsize her million dollar breasts; Dr. Nassif helps a woman with a hot hubby fix her nose.

  • Dr. Nassif kicks the butt off a patient' nose, while Dr. Dubrow helps a single mother whose breast implant fell out while brushing her teeth. Meanwhile, a transgender twin needs the doctors help in completing her Bimbo Barbie transformation.

  • A facial skin graft growing pubic hair challenges Dr. Nassif, while Dr. Dubrow boogies with a boob dancing patient who's back for surgery. The doctors try and help an ordinary man become superman.

  • A mom who claims Santa broke her nose seeks Dr. Nassif's help, while a woman with cobwebbed areolas is haunted by the ghosts of surgeries past.

  • A woman with four implants in her chest seeks Dr. Dubrow's help to remove them while a transgender patient from Australia wants to add two implants on top of her head to replace her Bump It.

  • Dr. Dubrow helps a patient who is flippin' out over her flippin' butt implants, while Dr. Nassif tries to save a patient with a wrecked pelican neck. Meanwhile, a wannabe trophy wife seeks a bigger booty to find the man of her dreams.

  • Looking back on some of the most bizarre patients, including a dynamic duo, a human cartoon and more.

  • Dr. Dubrow lifts a woman's spirit and her udderly disastrous sagging breasts while Dr. Nassif does a rhinoplasty on a woman who has beef with her "pig nose." Meanwhile, a viral sensation is desperate for help with her "big booty problems."

  • A British bum ambassador is packing on the pounds to get a Kim K inspired butt while Dr. Dubrow helps a mother of nine battle one of the worst cases of capsular contracture he's ever seen. Dr. Nassif is bribed with baklava to help a Lebanese pop-star.

  • A countdown of the most outrageous patients. Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif see some over the top patients, including a Brittany Spears wannabe, a contestant from Ru Paul's Drag Race and a life-like space elf.

  • Dr. Nassif wrangles a cougar's cobra neck, while Dr. Dubrow helps a desperate patient downsize her triple Ds. Later, he puts Dr. Nassif under the knife.

  • On the road in Montana, the doctors take a man-cation fly fishing in the great outdoors and also check in on a woman who went headfirst into a chain link fence in a horrific motorcycle accident. Plus, a woman recovering from a "mommy breakover" urgently needs their help.

  • Danielle Milian visits the doctors to fix her scarred stomach and popped implant, while a police officer wants her pig nose gone so she can look like her twin again. Meanwhile, a Brit with heart-shaped areolas wants to look like a caricature.

  • Dr. Dubrow helps an eating disorder survivor feel beautiful in her own skin by downsizing her breasts, while Dr. Nassif sends a "dinosaur" nose back to the Jurassic era. Plus, a cosplayer seeks help for her flipping butt implant.

  • Mexican top model Carmen Campuzano visits the doctors in hopes of restoring her nose and career, while a discharged soldier wants to mend her butchered breasts to fit in as a civilian. Plus, a psychologist seeks out Dr. Nassif to fix her nose and erase the signs of domestic abuse from her face.

  • Dr. Nassif pulls out all the stops to help a woman headbutted by a bulldog and who is now missing the inside of her nose, while Dr. Dubrow must remove a breast lump in hopes of stopping a leaking nipple. Meanwhile, an internet sensation seeks help with her chin to feel more confident.

  • A young woman seeks Dr. Dubrow's help after her implant had to be removed three times leaving her with only one breast. Dr. Nassif aids a patient that went in for a boob job and was given a surprise nose job in Peru and a fire-breathing deejay from the UK wants heel implants to be taller

  • A frightening surgical mishap in Colombia leaves a woman with franken-tits, and the doctors salvage a man's dog bitten nose, while an Australian woman has a severe case of boob greed.

  • Dr. Dubrow helps a cancer survivor rebuild her breasts and abdomen. A psychic wants to remove her implants and go back to au naturel. Both doctors talk to a potential plastic surgery addict.

  • A young woman visits the doctors and multiple silicone removal surgeries have left her with a distorted derriere, while a leggy painter needs her nose fixed to help lift her mother's guilty conscience. Plus, a glamorous Brit wants more work...and less ribs!

  • Dr. Nassif takes on a patient who tried to treat her own skin cancer and ended up with a hole in her nose, while Dr. Dubrow tackles a body builder's deflated breast. A drag queen striving for perfection seeks help for his silicone lip injections gone wrong.

  • A pint-sized Irish model travels across the pond for larger breasts while the doctors help a woman who almost died from a nightmarish tummy tuck. A young father with a busted nose hopes the docs can give him a nose just like his daughter's.

  • A former reality TV star seeks a breast reduction after her boobs got huge on Snapchat and a young woman hopes to enlarge her cross-eyed breasts and start dating again. Meanwhile, Dr. Nassif helps a salon owner with a mutilated chin be the face of her business once again.

  • Dr. Dubrow helps a woman who has gone to desperate measures to fix her breasts; Dr. Nassif takes on a patient whose surgeon poked a hole through her nose; and a plus-sized model on a mission for the world's biggest bum wants even larger breast implants.

  • Tameka Harris and her best friend seek the help of Dr. Dubrow.

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