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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 7 Seasons
  • 6.8  (1,352)

In this reality series, the results of cosmetics surgeries gone wrong are confronted by a pair of respected surgeons. The two doctors walk patients through the corrective procedures that are required to make things right again. The series debuted on the E! cable network in 2014.

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Seven Year Stitch
17. Seven Year Stitch
March 8, 2022
A social experiment that follows a couple on the brink of divorce. With the guidance of Dr. Terry and Heather Dubrow and other experts, they separate for seven weeks and undergo a physical and mental makeover before assessing if they will stay together.
The Comeback Patients
16. The Comeback Patients
March 1, 2022
A fellow doctor was duped into getting silicone injections in her face and her complications are staggering, while a woman who almost died from her tummy tuck seeks to erase the scars from her past, and a former patient surprises the doctors with her shocking transformation.
I Dream of Implants
15. I Dream of Implants
February 22, 2022
The Human Doll, aka Justin Jedlica, updates the doctors on his eight new leg implants, while a woman who always aspired to be a telenovela actress needs a miracle after destroying her nose because of vanity.
Musical Nightmares
14. Musical Nightmares
February 15, 2022
A rock-n-roller with a droopy eye wants to get back on stage, while a 21-year-old ravaged by a predatory doctor looks for a second chance at a mommy makeover, and a transgender woman inspires a doctor dance party and sings about her boobie greed.
Naked and Afraid of Surgery
13. Naked and Afraid of Surgery
February 8, 2022
A nudist who swings on and off the golf course seeks the doctors' advice for her overly liposuctioned stomach; a mother left with dilapidated boobs faces her fears of anesthesia; an African woman hopes to achieve her American Dream.
Oops, I Need Surgery Again
12. Oops, I Need Surgery Again
February 1, 2022
A woman’s nose is Jamaican her crazy, and she hopes Dr. Nassif can give her the Tiffany Pollard profile she’s always wanted. Meanwhile, a singer obsessed with the 2000s and Britney Spears seeks bigger boobs, and Dr. Dubrow helps a young mom fix her knee after nearly losing her entire leg in a rope swing accident.
Go With the Toe
11. Go With the Toe
January 25, 2022
A cancer survivor lost her upper lip and her identity after a small procedure became a big disaster, and a college scholar hopes to remove a gruesome graft from her foot that looks like a ball sack, while a sexy vamptress with a wayward nipple pointing in the wrong direction tries to convince the doctors that a camel-toe is the way to go.
10. Implant-Nation
July 20, 2021
A woman suffering from pain and numbness duct tapes her calf implants daily to smooth the deformity, while a young lady has a "beast" of a birthmark that's a pain in her neck, and a young man starting his body-mod journey has a bicep implant that wants to flip.
Big Booty Stress and a Mastectomy Mess
9. Big Booty Stress and a Mastectomy Mess
July 13, 2021
A high-risk cancer patient was left with a mastectomy mess and fears her original surgeon didn’t remove all her breast tissue, while a childhood accident left a young woman’s chin full of scarred indentations and a “snow bunny” influencer whose butt is her moneymaker needs it to look perfectly bootylicious.
Massive Medical Mystery
8. Massive Medical Mystery
July 6, 2021
A former pro surfer hopes to solve the mystery surrounding two huge masses on his abdomen, while a perfectionist nicknamed “Nose Ho” won’t settle for anything less than her ideal nose and a bodybuilder must fix her rippling 1200cc implants to complete her “muscular plastic” look.
Surgical Secrets Revealed
7. Surgical Secrets Revealed
June 29, 2021
The doctors see three patients who hid their plastic surgery from their loved ones… a woman whose butt cheeks were amputated to remove free floating silicone now has solid implants riding up on her hips, another whose crooked nose led to life-long insecurities, and an anime addict willing to risk her health to look more like a cartoon character.
I Should Have Done My Homework
6. I Should Have Done My Homework
June 22, 2021
A man who aspires to look like a walking piece of art with five layers of tattoos covering his skin wants his nipples and belly button removed and more pronounced scarification. And two patients who didn't research their surgeons are suffering severe consequences; one has a crooked nose from a surgeon who advertised himself on a billboard, and another with big-busted breasts from a surgeon without a consultation fee.
Plastic But Not Fantastic
5. Plastic But Not Fantastic
June 15, 2021
The doctors perform two radical surgeries, one on a woman with bouncing basketball-sized butt implants and the other on a patient with a smashed nose who’s been turned down by over 20 doctors. Meanwhile, a sugar baby living in a Barbie world with a dangerous $2000-a-month lip filler habit can’t close his puckered pout.
The One Percent
4. The One Percent
June 8, 2021
A female firefighter with 15 failed breast surgeries turns to Dr. Dubrow for help while Dr. Nassif investigates a nasal anomaly in a man who believes his nose was deformed in utero by his mother’s IUD. Meanwhile a Beverly Hills teen shopaholic has spent $1,000,000 dollars fulfilling her cosmetic procedure wish list.
I Got Dumped Because Of My Plastic Surgery
3. I Got Dumped Because Of My Plastic Surgery
June 1, 2021
A man with superhero arms made of silicone got dumped because of his plastic surgery obsession, while an avid hiker hopes to fix her mountainous nose and her dating life, and a divorcee seeks a revision abdominoplasty after her tummy tuck surgery ruined her marriage.
Shark Side Story
2. Shark Side Story
May 25, 2021
A tragic accident left a man with a shark-bite-sized hole on his hip and a woman diagnosed with Lupus would love to have no more nose issues. Meanwhile an Instagram model who wants custom implants schools Dr. Nassif on how to take a proper butt selfie.
Two Weddings & A Divorce Attorney
1. Two Weddings & A Divorce Attorney
May 18, 2021
Two former brides who weren’t able to have the wedding of their dreams come to see Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow. One desperately seeks answers for the extra set of leaking breasts in her armpits, while the other has a razor thin nose that looks cartoonish. A divorce attorney with a boob tassel fetish appeals to have her areolas fixed.

In this reality series, the results of cosmetics surgeries gone wrong are confronted by a pair of respected surgeons. The two doctors walk patients through the corrective procedures that are required to make things right again. The series debuted on the E! cable network in 2014.

Botched is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (147 episodes). The series first aired on June 24, 2014.

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Botched is available for streaming on the E! website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Botched on demand at Peacock Premium, Amazon, NBC, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, hayu, Sling, Google Play and Apple TV.

  • Premiere Date
    June 24, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (1,352)