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Bridezillas is a reality wedding program that has become an anchor show for the WE TV network. The show features various brides across the U.S. who are in the process of planning for their big day. In 2006, the show was ranked as the highest-rated series in the channel's history.

The first show of the program aired in June of 2004, and it has quickly became popular since. The thing that draws people to the show is that, in most cases, the brides go from being sweet and likable one minute to being hateful and angry monsters the next. Everybody likes excitement, and Bridezillas offers plenty of that and more.

The show has featured many brides who appeared sweet and loving at first but ended up being angry and unpredictable. Bridezillas never fails to startle viewers with the wide mood swings of its innocent-looking brides and antics of their grooms and family members. Each bride seems to be worse than the last, leaving us all to wonder how anybody can possibly handle them.

We TV's website offers several fun activities corresponding to the show, and they also offer useful wedding tips and wedding advertisements. Visitors to the site can view the profiles of various, featured Bridezillas as well, and there is a forum where visitors can discuss the program and wedding antics of their own.

The show has become quite popular with viewers, especially females between 19 and 35. Women in this age group fully understand how stressful it can be planning a wedding or being a bridesmaid to a bridezilla. The show is produced by September Films, and it airs for one hour per week. If you are looking for a show that will make you laugh and keep you involved, Bridezillas is the show for you!

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on WE tv
10 Seasons, 190 Episodes
June 7, 2004
Cast: Mindy Burbano, Ryan Murray
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Bridezillas Full Episode Guide

  • Arrogant Bridezilla Megan criticizes helpers while making her own jaw-dropping wedding choices. Bogus socialite Willaura hosts her own wedding chaos.

  • One bride-to-be gets emotional...a lot, while an Atlanta woman prepares for her "celebrity" wedding.

  • Tension rises between a bride-to-be and her future brother-in-law; and an arrogant woman issues an ultimatum that leads to a wedding objection.

  • One spoiled bride-to-be plans for her fiancé to get waxed. Tempers flare when a schedule doesn't go as planned.

  • Hot-headed Bridezilla Mai-Lee struggles to cage her rage when dealing with her less than obliging bridal party. Rigid Bridezilla Roxy gets righteous when her wedding fantasy, yacht and all, faces rough seas.

  • Irritable Bridezilla Ariane pushes her family to their breaking points. Former Survivor contestant and current Bridezilla Roxy gets belligerent.

  • Squirrel-lover Ashley receives an unexpected gift from a furry friend. Meanwhile, free-spirited Ariane gets kinky while partying with her bridesmaids.

  • Hillbilly Bridezilla Ashley struggles with a lackluster guest list and a wedding party of animals. Blubbering Bridezilla Sophia teeters on the brink of sanity until her anger boils over onto the crew.

  • Extravagant Bridezilla Yovanna tests her fiancé's patience and has no regard for a budget. Vindictive Bridezilla Evelina spoils all the fun.

  • Violence and meltdowns are how two women throw their tantrums when they fail to get their way.

  • Krystal is willing to do anything to get what she wants, including going into debt. Stephanie continues to shock everyone around her.

  • A bachelorette takes an interesting turn while a bride shops till she drops, especially when it's on her fiance's dime.

  • Wedding stress escalates for a bride-to-be. Plus, one bride is willing to do anything to meet her wants and needs, despite the consequences.

  • Friends clash at a bridesmaid fitting; and a woman makes unrealistic demands of her fiance.

  • Overbearing Bridezilla Dekeydra overruns any obstacle encountered. Haughty Bridezilla Amanda watches her fantasy wedding unravel.

  • Bridezilla Amanda is willing to exploit anyone and everyone. Bridezilla Dezjuan's actions could ruin her own wedding.

  • A groom handles his fiancée's negative response to their joint bachelor-bachelorette party; and a bride-to-be scolds her bridal party for failing to meet all of her expectations.

  • Season 10 opens with a selfish bride clashing with her wedding planner, who also happens to be her future mother-in-law. Also, a teen is adamant that she's the boss as her big day approaches.

  • A look at the couples featured on the reality series "Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas."

  • Check out this sneak peek from the 10th and final season of Bridezillas. Premieres Friday, May 31st at 8|7c.

  • Bridezilla Raquel is brought to tears over inconvenience and forgets her wedding vows. Bad Girl Bridezilla Natalie Nunn turns her bachelorette party into a battleground, and ends her wedding day with a fight.

  • Natalie Nunn loses control when optional wedding gowns don't fit, and later manipulates family into paying for the reception. Danielle is disappointed in her fiance's physique & gives her sister the axe as maid of honor.

  • Former Bad Girl and current Bridezilla Natalie Nunn lashes out on her bridal party and loses it when her assistant isn't helpful. Bridezilla Cristal argues with her fiance & watches her wedding turn into a drunken nightmare.

  • Intense drama and yelling precede the wedding day of an Atlanta defense contractor and his demanding bride-to-be.

  • Bridezilla Cristal punishes a tardy bridesmaid and loses her mind when her mother-in-law tries to "help" with the centerpieces. Bridezilla Davina loses control over her fiance's bachelor party.

  • Demanding Bridezilla Davina dictates her bridesmaid's intimacy and plots against the best man. Crabby Bridezilla Tabby fights with her future sister-in-law and sweats her way down the aisle.

  • Tabby is bitter. Christine makes a dramatic exit.

  • A new tattoo is more important than picking up the wedding bands for one bride-to-be; a woman decides to get a few things off her chest about her sister during a family dinner.

  • Bridezilla Minyon bullies her bridal party and gets physical. Boozy Bridezilla Jennifer throws a tantrum, crashes a wake and nearly gets arrested.

  • Blanca is contentious; Remy demands a stage.

  • Remy wants flashy jewelry; Tasha has tantrums.

  • Tracy vomits; Tasha calls it off.

  • Bridezilla Tasha dyes her fiance's hair and predicts the demise of her marriage. Michelle struggles with rage when she kicks out her father-in-law and wishes death upon the camera crew and producer.

  • Michelle loses her cool; Brittany is rude.

  • A bride clashes with a vendor and threatens to dismiss her closest friends from the wedding. Elsewhere, bridesmaids revolt after a bride-to-be throws a fit.

  • Bridesmaids are stunned when they are forced to sign a contract that promises they will do whatever the bride tells them.

  • When Bridezilla Ashanti gets stress, she decides to fire some of her bridesmaids. Meanwhile, teen Bridezilla Rochelle throws a tantrum and threatens to call off the wedding.

  • Callie can turn on the water works on demand and with a Dutch fiance, the language barrier is sure to create more tears.

  • Jeanine has a temper and is upset with anything and everyone. Meanwhile, as her wedding day approaches, Bridezilla Marlene starts to lose control.

  • Marlene is a bonafide bridezilla with all of her antics. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Shederyl is a hypocritical southern belle.

  • A look back on bridezillas from previous seasons.

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