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The Tamar and Vince show is centered on Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert marriage. Vince is a soft spoken multi talented writer, multi millionaire, and producer who has been married to Tamar, the younger sister of Toni Braxton, an outspoken diva. The fact is true that opposites attract.

While living the fabulous life of the rich and famous, everything is not as perfect as it may seem. They have explosive arguments, disagreements, and emotional make ups like every other couple. Viewers can look forward to seeing Tamar and Vince juggle their high demand careers along with their everyday lives. The show will take you inside their lives to see how they work to keep their loving but slight dysfunctional relationship going steady.

Viewer can expect to remain entertained at all times by watching the pair overcome obstacles and keeping the relationship strong. As Tamar decides if motherhood is in the near future, she has her hands full with recording her second solo album, moving into a new house, and making sure her husband is in good health. While Vince manages his artists and handles his business, he attempts to maintain a normal loving marriage. Tension arises as Tamar expects Vince to be more involved in her solo career and Vince attempts to make Tamar understand that thing don't happen when she expects them to.

Viewer will find themselves entertain by the unconventional comments that Tamar makes and the way that Vince reacts. One thing is for sure there is never a dull moment in this household. Watch Tamar and Vance to see how things unfold.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on WE tv
4 Seasons, 39 Episodes
September 10, 2012
Drama, Music, Reality
Cast: Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert
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Tamar & Vince Full Episode Guide

  • Tamar & Vince fail to agree over a house in Atlanta. Evelyn visits LA for the Grammy awards, and a pie bake-off. Vince goes to the hospital!

  • Tamar worries about traveling by airplane after her health scare. Later, Tamar hangs out with her sister Traci in Washington D.C.; and Evelyn reveals that she was rushed to the hospital.

  • Tamar's sisters show up for a surprise visit. Evelyn gets real with Tamar about working too hard, too soon. Tamar & Logan have a date.

  • Before her concert in Orlando, Tamar worries her voice will give out, and scrambles to find time to learn two dances for Dancing with the Stars. Tamar pushes herself too far and ends up in the hospital!

  • When Tamar gets sick, Vince must fill in for her on "The Real". Concerned about losing her voice adds extra stress to preparations for her upcoming tour.

  • Vince signs new female artists, but keeps it a secret from Tamar. Tamar confronts Vince about a text from a woman named Kiki. Tamar shoots a music video with friends. Logan walks in a fashion show at The Real.

  • Tamar travels to the Caribbean to shoot a music video, and worries about losing rehearsal time with her new dance partner. Tamar gets advice from Toni about DWTS and a troubling text on Vince's phone.

  • Tamar promotes her album in NYC, then flies to DC for April's event. She also performs an emotional dance inspired by the time when Vince was sick.

  • Tamar prepares her next album while taping her talk show; Vince has a big surprise in store for Tamar.

  • Tamar, Vince, and friends, including reality stars Benzino and Althea, go on mountain retreat, while Toni watches baby Logan. Things get wild during a competitive fishing trip. Vince tries to convince Tamar a second baby is a good idea.

  • Tamar is questioned about having a second baby and even takes a lie detector test. Meanwhile, she models for her fashion line, and worries about promoting her single.

  • A shoot for Tamar's talk show is is put on hold when there is an accident on set. Tamar struggles to finish the mix and the music video for her new single release.

  • Tamar wants all the details of her new music video to be perfect.

  • Vince is surprising Tamar and Logan with a dog! Meanwhile, Tamar focuses on her chat show, while also working with Vince on the development of a liquor line.

  • Tamar ignores Vince's requests and uses social media. LaShawn tells his true feelings about Terrell.

  • Tamar puts all her effort into her whirlwind solo tour and faces her biggest show yet at New Orleans Superdome. Tamar is challenged on the runway at a Miami fashion show. Tamar and Vince have major blowup in Cabo.

  • Tamar performs at a women's expo, and is surprised by a last minute speech. Tamar & Vince prepare to kick off her first solo tour in Miami. Communication issues and risque choreography stir up problems.

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