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In this reality series, couples who have become engaged while one of the pair was incarcerated finally get the chance to meet once the jail time has done been done. The cameras roll as they couple comes to terms with face-to-face life for the first time. The series airs on weTV.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on We tv
2 Seasons, 55 Episodes
January 12, 2018
Cast: Lizzie Kommes, Scott Davey
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Love After Lockup Full Episode Guide

  • Michael's confession stuns Megan, while Sarah faces the truth. Angela and Tony's wedding leads to a shocking discovery. Shane and John have an epic showdown. Tracie fears rehab. Andrea and Lamar's decision changes everything. Brittany and Marcelino have a big reveal.

  • Lacey's revelation stuns dad. Sarah makes Michael a surprising offer that may threaten his relationship with Maria. Tracie's frantic call forces Clint to make a crushing discovery. Brittany catches Marcelino in a lie. Tony shocks Angela.

  • Lacey risks everything with a sexy secret date; Sarah's declaration stuns Michael.

  • Sarah confronts Michel. Maria makes a huge threat. Andrea reveals a secret to Lamar.

  • Andrea & Lamar reveal shocking secret to kids. Sarah stuns Michael with phone records. Clint is alarmed by a lawyer's revelation. Shane makes a surprising confession to his friend. Angela's new rules threaten Tony. John vows to win Lacey back.

  • Michael confronts Roc; Megan's ultimatum has consequences; Shane is stunned by Lacey's revelation.

  • Michael faces Megan's father; Shane explodes; Tony ignites a firestorm; Sarah uncovers dirt.

  • Andrea's shocking secret stuns her friends. Michael surprises Megan and gets grilled on his infidelity. Lacey receives startling texts from John. Angela erupts when she makes a surprising discovery and confronts Tony. Brittany reveals big news.

  • Tempers flare when Lacey's fiancé faces her new lover. Tommy interrogates Tony when Angela risks all at Tony's release. Glorietta & Alex's dinner date disaster. Kathy warns Amber about her risky con. Daniel surprises Lizzy.

  • Lacey awaits fiancé John's release, but a new lover is a threat. Amber reveals Puppy's secret plan. Tony begs Angela for a second chance. Glorietta shops for a wedding dress while Alex has a sneaky rendezvous. Daniel cons mom.

  • Lizzy stuns Daniel with shocking results; Glorietta's engagement party blows up when her mom faces off with her felon fiancé; Shane's surprise leads Lacey to a major meltdown; Cheryl questions Josh; and Amber and Vince reach a crossroads.

  • Lizzy's dangerous encounter with an ex threatens Daniel's freedom & her secret. Shane's bold move stuns Lacey. Cheryl & Josh's risky search. Vince clashes with Amber's friends. Angela races to Tony to get answers. Glorietta's mom grills felon fiancé.

  • Angela's quest to find Tony takes a shocking turn when she faces off with a mystery woman. Lacey drops bombshell on fiancé John. Alex keeps a surprising secret. Andrea reveals devastating news to Lamondre. Vince gets grilled by Amber's friend.

  • Detective drops bombshell on Andrea about inmate fiancé. Cheryl loses it when Josh reveals shocking charges. Amber's friend suspects Vince is a con. Lacey stuns dad with shocking revelation. Lizzy snaps when Daniel's mom goes too far.

  • Angela searches for her fugitive fiancé, Tony, on the run from the police. Lacey drops a bombshell on Shane. Amber questions Vince's shocking prison hustle. Lizzy & Daniel's sexy reunion. Glorietta stuns mom with felon fiancé revelation.

  • Tony shocks Angela with alarming news. Cheryl breaks down when Josh's mom makes a shocking accusation. Shane gets grilled by Lacey's best friend. Andrea loses it when Lamondre reveals the truth. Tensions ignite between Lizzy & Daniel's mom.

  • Cheryl and Josh's sexy reunion is threatened; Angela receives a shocking offer; Lacey is tempted.

  • Tony's race to halfway house.

  • Dad fears felon fiancé, but Lacey is keeping a surprising secret; Cheryl shocks sister when she drops $30K on inmate; Vince spills his fiancée is part of a mother-daughter crime duo and plans to meet her at release; and Andrea's revelation stuns sisters.

  • Michael drops a bombshell and blindsides Sarah; Andrea's plan backfires and her marriage crumbles; Brittany and Marcelino's epic battle; Michael surprises Megan but hides a shocking secret; Scott explodes at Lizzie; and Tracie and Clint's wild Vegas wedding.

  • Sarah faces Michael and things go left when Michael makes a shocking claim. Scott's surprising confession stuns Lizzie. Tracie flips when Clint goes MIA before their Vegas wedding. Lamar loses it when Andrea's sneaky scheme is revealed.

  • Marcelino confronts Brittany’s ex & tempers ignite. Sarah’s life-changing choice. Michael faces Megan’s dad. Clint & Tracie surprise his mom with big news. Lizzie’s shocking ultimatum. Lamar clashes with the Mormons & Andrea hatches a secret plan.

  • Clint's secret revealed.

  • Megan tells her secret; Lizzie accuses Scott of something; Lamar makes a difficult decision; Marcelino gets angry at Brittany for meeting a felon friend.

  • Tracie unravels and risks all during her final hours of parole; Lamar faces a cold reunion with Andrea's kids; Brittany gets a shocking warning from her lawyer; Lizzie makes a bold move; and Michael and Megan have a sexy reunion.

  • Megan & Sarah face off in an epic showdown. Brittany's ex-girlfriend shows up to her wedding to Marcelino. Tracie is set free but will Clint show? Caitlin fears Matt may face major prison time. Scott reveals shocking truth to Lizzie.

  • Sarah's shocking discovery sends her racing to meet Megan; Tracie triggers Clint's epic meltdown, and Scott & Lizzie unravel over a major blow-up.

  • A visit from Megan leads Michael to a shocking violation; Scott fears telling Lizzie he's broke, and Clint loses it when his trip to see Tracie in jail takes a turn for the worse.

  • Megan's last-minute visit shakes Michael when his mom objects. Brittany's party turns left when her ex arrives & she's forced to reveal her secret. Scott's big surprise for Lizzie. Caitlin's devastating news. Clint's shocking phone call from Tracie.

  • After being MIA, Michael is confronted by wife Sarah; Brittany suggests a threesome with her ex, and Clint seeks legal advice when his missing wife is locked up.

  • Lizzie admits to a $800,000 hustle; Megan waits for Michael's proposal; Brittany tells Marcelino a secret; and Clint shares about the night Tracie went on the run.

  • Scott stuns Lizzie. Megan & Michael rendezvous for the first time outside of prison but wife Sarah has a shocking secret. Brittany brings her ex wedding dress shopping. Matt's drinking worries Caitlin. Clint breaks down over missing Tracie!

  • Michael ring shops with his wife but plans a secret trip with girlfriend. Clint marries bride Tracie but he awakens to a nightmare. Matt shocks Caitlin on their first date when his rebellious move goes too far. Marcelino fears being a stepdad.

  • Brittany has a secret rendezvous with her ex-girlfriend. Michael's "secret mission" means romancing both Megan and Sarah. Clint waits at the altar alone. Matt meets Caitlin's mom, but Caitlin loses it and storms off.

  • Ex-con Michael juggles wife & girlfriend. Lizzie gives Scott a makeover but her daughter wants him out. Clint proposes the same day he meets Tracie. Caitlin & Matt move in with mom but she has big concerns. Marcelino meets Brittany's "bunkie".

  • Matt & Caitlin's sexy reunion leads to a surprising offer; at Tracie's release, Clint fears she's catfishing him, and Brittany walks out on her first date with Marcelino.

  • When Scott fears he's Lizzie's "trick", he has a major meltdown that leads to their first fight. At Matt's release, Caitlin "inspects" her man. Two women plan to meet the same inmate-will the wife or the girlfriend pick up Michael at prison?

  • Megan & Sarah plan to wed the same inmate but Sarah has a secret. Scott waits for Lizzie's release & tensions rise when he's joined by the daughter she hasn't seen in almost a decade. Caitlin's shocked when she's stopped by cops at Matt's release.

  • Clint plans to marry a prisoner he's never met; Caitlin keeps a mother of a secret from Matt, and tensions flare when Scott meets his soon-to-be stepdaughter.

  • Single father Scott falls hard for bombshell convict and self-proclaimed hustler Lizzie; Scott gets devastating news at Lizzie's release; Angela fears the worst on Tony's release day.

  • Ex-gang member Lamar meets fiancé Andrea's Mormon kids who fear for her safety; at his family reunion, jealousy ignites, leading to a wedding day culture clash and Andrea's bridal meltdown.

  • Mary's conjugal visit disaster leaves her in tears; Mary finds Dom cold and distant at his prison release; Dom's parole impacts Mary's wedding plans, creating an epic rift in their race to the altar.

  • James keeps ex-con Alla a secret from his family; Alla fears she may be pregnant; his friend fears her addiction may return and wreak havoc, leading to a shocking relapse; Alla finally faces James after rehab.

  • ohnna plans for a wedding after Garrett's prison release, despite her father's doubts; a sexy reunion leads to a proposal, while a guys' night out causes a major blowup; during their elopement, Johnna shocks Garrett at the altar.

  • One year later the cast dishes on juicy secrets, social media gossip, cheating scandals & arrests! They watch & relive the most dramatic moments and add insight. Andrea's tearful revelation. James' devastating call. Garrett's shocking admission!

  • In their race to the altar, Johnna shocks Garrett. Andrea's huge sacrifice brings on a major wedding day meltdown. Alla faces James after rehab; James confronts reality. Mary and Dom take the plunge.

  • Ex-gangbanger Lamar meets fiancée Andrea's Mormon kids and they fear for her safety; Johnna's dad doubts Garrett's proposal; James races to confront Alla and what he finds shocks him.

  • Alla fears she may be pregnant; Garrett has a birthday surprise for Johnna; shocking news from Lizzie's lawyer leaves Scott in shambles; shopping for a wedding tuxedo divides Mary and Dom.

  • Johnna confronts Garrett after he stays out all night. Lamar's family reunion turns left when a surprise guest ignites Andrea's jealousy; Lamar and Andrea face off. Angela fears the worst on Tony's release day.

  • Garrett's big purchase disappoints Johnna, who wants a ring and a proposal! James meets Alla's parents but he keeps Alla a secret from his family.

  • Garrett's guys' night spoils a sexy reunion; Johnna feels betrayed when she sees Garrett's true colors; James rushes to Alla following her release; Andrea has second thoughts; Scott spends $20,000 on his inmate fiancee.

  • Johnna plans wedding after Garrett's prison release, despite her dad's doubts. Andrea has a meltdown at her Mormon bridal shower! James' friend fears Alla's addiction past. Scott falls for hustler, Lizzie.

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