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In this reality series, three successful African American married couples jockey for financial wins in their hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. The playing field for the battle is real estate development, the field in which the couples work. Their professional and personal challenges play out in front of the cameras.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 2019.

Where do I stream Love & Marriage: Huntsville online? Love & Marriage: Huntsville is available for streaming on OWN, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Love & Marriage: Huntsville on demand at OWN, FuboTV online.

Saturday at 10:00 PM on OWN
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
January 12, 2019
Cast: Maurice Scott, Martell Holt, Melody Holt, Kimmi Grant, LaTisha Scott
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Love & Marriage: Huntsville Full Episode Guide

  • Kimmi throws Maurice a surprise party, but the real surprise is the shade that gets thrown between the Scotts & Melody. Meanwhile, Melody accuses Martell of being too friendly with a certain female and Marsau makes a comment to Tisha that hits a new low.

  • Kimmi gets the group together to get out the vote, but someone is a no-show. Melody visits Dr. Francis to talk about how Martell thinks she's putting her career before their children. And, while Marsau is out of town, Tisha worries her marriage is in trouble.

  • Melody juggles her passion projects while Martell juggles the kids. Fractured friendships find an opportunity to mend, while Wanda seeks to keep those wounds wide open. Latisha's live podcast event brings (almost) everyone together for a panel discussion.

  • Marsau receives an offer he may refuse; Melody's ambitions frustrate Martell; Maurice consults Kiuwha about a decision that could affect his marriage; and the attitudes rival the attire at Destiny's soft opening.

  • Melody embarks on a new business venture that puts her marriage on the front lines. Meanwhile, Kimmi's loyalty is questioned. Later, Tisha finally confronts Melody at her kids' birthday party about being escorted out of her launch party by security.

  • The feud between the Scotts and the Holts rises after Marsau and Martell confront each other; Kiuwha wants to get together with Kimmi and Maurice; An unexpected guest appears during Tisha's speech.

  • The couples start to have their own issues: Melody defends her name, marriage and brand. Tisha puts herself as a priority, much to Marsau's dismay. And, as Kimmi settles into married life, Maurice begins to campaign for her to make a big change.

  • Martell tries to make amends with Melody's brother, but he is still holding a grudge about the infidelity. Melody's doctor decides to induce labor, and the whole family rushes to the ER. Later, Tisha crashes Melody's launch party with shocking results.

  • Days away from giving birth, Melody throws a baby shower that doesn't include LaTisha & Marsau, but does include a horse drawn carriage and plenty of shade thrown at Kimmi. Meanwhile, Martell's therapist tries to reconnect him with someone from his past.

  • LaTisha and Marsau look back at their most unforgettable moments from Season 1. They give exclusive commentary on what really went down surrounding Marsau's vasectomy and Ms. Wanda's visit. Plus, a sneak peek of Season 2.

  • Kimmi and Maurice talk about the highs and lows from Season 1. They reveal exclusive details surrounding their wedding day and Monster's big move. Plus, a preview of what's in store for Season 2.

  • The Holts and the Scotts go toe-to-toe. Martell's mom, Melody's mom, and Tisha's mom hit the stage and viewers find out if the Holts will throw their marriage away or renew their love with a new baby in tow.

  • The Holts and the Scotts are at odds with the future of the Comeback Group as Melody wishes to dissolve it. Latisha tells her mom that Martell is spreading a rumor that Marsau has 20 girlfriends. Tensions escalate as Latisha tries to defend her husband.

  • Martell moves upstairs to save his marriage; Melody keeps up appearances at a photoshoot, and Maurice makes plans to move his son to Huntsville.

  • Melody meets with a divorce attorney. Martell seeks counseling regarding his unfaithfulness. Maurice and Kimmi attempt to reunite the Comeback Group.

  • Before Martell heads into surgery, Melody drops the bomb that things will be changing once he is fully recovered; the Comeback Group is on the brink of collapse; Tisha's quest to become a working mother may finally upend her marriage.

  • The Comeback Group is reunited and ready to move forward, but a problem with the loan threatens to derail everything, including friendships; when Martell suffers a serious injury, Melody is forced to pick up the slack for her unfaithful husband.

  • It's Maurice and Kimmi's wedding weekend in Miami, which opens old wounds for Melody and Martell; while the women attend Kimmi's bachelorette party, the guys toast Maurice at a strip club, where Martell seems forget whose bachelor party it is.

  • The Comeback Group holds a meeting to draw a line in the sand, and Kimmi prepares for her wedding day at the sex shop. The Scotts surprise the Holts with a 10th anniversary dinner, but things get awkward when Martell's infidelity is brought up yet again.

  • The Comeback Group meets to discuss details, but things go awry when Kimmi calls out Melody's no-show to her bridal shower. Marsau gets stuck babysitting while Tisha begins networking. The girls get into it when Melody's accused of being "bougie."

  • Following their awkward dinner, the group asks whether Martell cheated on Melody; Kimmi celebrates her bridal shower but gets upset when Melody is a no-show; Maurice and Marsau wonder if doing business with the Holts is a smart idea after all.

  • Melody and Martell reach out to LaTisha, Marsau, Kimmi, and Maurice to reunite the Comeback Group to build custom homes and revitalize Huntsville, Ala.; at dinner, things get uncomfortable when Melody brings up the topic of respectful cheating.