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Queen Sugar is an American Drama based on the novel by Natalie Baszile. When her father passes away, Nova Bordelon is left with the family sugar cane farm. Nova is a respected journalist and activist from neighboring New Orleans, and her return to the farm will prove a test for the entire family. Nova's sister, Charley, is a contemporary woman from Los Angeles, who decides to move back to the farm with Nova and her teenaged son, Micah. The girls' brother, Ralph, leads a very different life, struggling with a child and a drug addict absentee wife, all while pushing to hold down a job. The Bordelon's will find that the future of their farm and their family name rests on the siblings' ability to fight through their differences and triumph over bad blood and long-held differences.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Oprah Winfrey Network
1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 6, 2016
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  • Charley continues to make calculated decisions about Davis' basketball career and her desire to secure an investor in the farm. Davis attempts to repair his relationship with his son, Micah, but he faces resistance. Meanwhile, Nova and Calvin finally reunite; however, their relationship causes controversy in the community. Violet learns of Hollywood's departure and tries to make amends, and Ralph Angel makes a shocking discovery that changes everything.Tune in to the gripping season finale of Queen Sugar.

  • The Bordelons continue to look for a new mill in time for harvest, and Charley's search for an investor motivates her to make a cunning decision in relation to Davis basketball career. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel devises his own solution to the Bordelons dilemma, and Charley's objection creates friction.

  • The siblings search for a new mill; Charley is ready to move on from her past; Ralph Angel and Darla help Blue with issues at school; and Aunt Violet makes changes to the diner.

  • Charlie is on the lookout for a new mill and discovers there's more to the story of the land than originally thought. In other events, Hollywood tries to reconcile with Aunt Violet.

  • As the siblings collaborate to repair the damage caused by the hurricane, Charley, Ralph Angel and Remy are terrified when they discover two corpses on their property.

  • The family anticipates the hurricane; Remy wonders about Charley's treatment of her staff; Aunt Violet is concerned about Nova's safety; and Ralph Angel quarrels with Darla.

  • Charley acknowledges the state of her marriage; Ralph Angel dreams of farming full time; and Aunt Violet uncovers information about Hollywood that jeopardizes their relationship.

  • Nova's public comments about Charley's marriage causes a rift between the two; Ralph Angel tries to get out of an illegal arrangement; Charley learns what Davis did during the night in question.

  • Nova's relationship suffers because of her thirst for justice; Charley questions her husband's accuser; Ralph Angel faces a moral quandary; and Hollywood resumes contact with someone from his past.

  • The Bordelon siblings return to their everyday lives: Ralph Angel struggles to run the family farm; Charley resumes managing her husband's basketball career; and Nova seeks justice for a friend's son who she believes was wrongfully imprisoned.

  • Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel discover what's included in their father's will and consider operating the farm together; someone attempts to repossess one of the father's possessions; and the family considers a low offer for the land from a local buyer.

  • The siblings plan the funeral, but Charley and Nova disagree about how best to honor their father; and Ralph Angel and Aunt Violet are at odds over whether it's okay for his young son to attend the funeral service. In other events, Charley faces the fallout from the news about her husband and also learns there are things they don't know about their father's farm.

  • The premiere of the series about estranged siblings who come together to save their family's ailing sugarcane farm in Louisiana. First up: Charley leaves her upscale L.A. lifestyle to return to her family home in Louisiana after her dad suffers a stroke and she receives unwelcome news about her husband.

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