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Hip Hop is the most popular musical form on the planet, but not many people understand what it is like to live in the world of Hip Hop culture. Though many people do not possess an insider's view of this exciting world, perspectives are changing thanks to VH1's reality show Love & Hip Hop. The show gives viewers an intimate glimpse into the real lives of people who are involved in the Hip Hop world, and it does so mostly through the eyes of some unique, but relatable females.

Love & Hip Hop focuses on the lives of four main females with ties to the world of Hip Hop music and culture. Two of the women

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on VH1
7 Seasons, 97 Episodes
March 6, 2011
Cast: Yandy Smith, Rich Dollaz, Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace
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Love & Hip Hop Full Episode Guide

  • Conclusion. The cast members respond to Amina's big news; Yandy gets into it with Samantha and Kim; Cardi B targets someone surprising.

  • Part 1 of 2. The cast reunite as host Nina Parker dives into the drama from Season 7. Cardi and Asia meet for the first time since their last NY encounter; the Creep Squad try to hash out their differences; and the women in Mendeecees' life sit down to talk, but things turn sour as heated words are exchanged.

  • In the Season 7 finale, the women surrounding Mendeecees decide to have a final sit-down; Sky gives Drewski a dose of his own medicine; and Swift reveals his feelings to Cardi B.

  • Conclusion. Yandy encounters Juju again; Tara and Amina see each other for the first time in over a year; and Samantha's staggering from a visit to Mendeecees.

  • The ladies travel to Mexico; Yandy brings a surprise guest; Juju's book stirs up drama on the vacation; Self seeks revenge on Cisco.

  • Amina has her baby; Cardi gets a letter from Tommy; and Kimbella's friendship with Yandy is dragged into her relationship issues with Juelz. Later, Remy Ma surprises Papoose with a present.

  • Peter encourages Rick to fix things with Cisco. Later, MariahLynn and Major Galore perform for a chance at Powerhouse; Drewski confronts Sky's trust problems; and Yandy and Judy approach Erika and Samantha concerning the tape recordings.

  • Pap surprises Remy with a gift following her Hip Hop Honors performance. Yandy meets with someone who could possibly have information about Samantha. Snoop and J try to collaborate. Peter and Cisco come face to face for a second time.

  • Remy makes a carrier choice to get more time with Papoose; MariahLynn shuffles professional turmoil and life at home; Peter Gunz attempts to restore order.

  • Bianca seeks revenge on Mariahlynn while Drewski tries to win Sky over. Mendeecees intervenes when drama erupts between Yandy and Erika. Rich tips off DJ Self about Cisco and Yandy changes things up.

  • Bianca puts her emotions on the line; Snoop faces her past while she and J make a choice about their future; Yandy's beef with Erika comes to a new level.

  • Cardi confronts the consequences of her actions; Drewski's split between business and pleasure; and Kimbella makes a realization about Juelz. Later, Rich's girlfriend runs into someone from his past.

  • Yandy confronts Erika and Samantha; J gets upset with Sofi Green; and Rich's daughter visits NYC to check on his new girlfriend. Later, Cardi's angry after finding out that Swift is in a relationship.

  • Drewski hopes to put Bianca on a track, but his girlfriend doesn't like his plan. Later, Snoop and J consider their future together; and Yandy attempts to keep the peace among her family, but rumors about Samantha cause problems.

  • Bianca starts working with DJ Drewski again; Kimbella arrives at Juelz Santana's studio; and Cardi B takes her romance with her producer to the next level. Later, Snoop flirts with a possible client, leaving J frustrated.

  • In the seventh-season opener, Remy Ma attempts to get on the same page as Papoose; Cardi B battles with her newfound fame; and Yandy has a hard time keeping the family together during Mendeecees' absence. Later, Juelz Santana gets ready for a return to music.

  • Conclusion. The cast personnel react to Amina's big announcement; Yandy gets into it with Samantha and Kim; Cardi B goes after somebody unexpected. Later, DJ Self is forced to come clean when Cardi, Yorma and Rose compare bills.

  • The cast reviews Season 5. Included: Erica focuses on her unfinished business with Chrissy and Cyn; Yandy and Mendeecees' family is still in disagreement; Rich continues to be at the center of drama; and Jhonni Blaze points at Diamond Strawberry.

  • It's Remy Ma's wedding day, but family drama could delay the ceremony. Rah Ali and Papoose air out their issues. Is Peter and Amina's relationship over? Find out on the season finale.

  • The winner of Gwinin Fest XL is announced. Remy Ma must help Yandy and Rah Ali in time for her wedding. Tara must decide what to do about Peter.

  • Gwinin Fest XL brings all of the young female MCs together to compete for the top spot, but the situation becomes personal when MariahLynn reveals Moe's skeletons, and Rah Ali takes her issues with Yandy to the extreme.

  • Peter makes an unexpected confession to Amina. Yandy gives Bianca an ultimatum. Cardi B considers marriage. The future of the Creep Squad is in jeopardy when Rich and Cisco spar over MariahLynn.

  • Remy tries to make peace with her family; and Peter and Amina get their marriage on the right track at last, but Tara has a surprising revelation for Peter. Also, Moe concentrates on her solo career and comes face to face with familiar competition at Yandy's studio session.

  • Contradicting his work to regain Yorma's affection, Self is tempted; Peter and Amina attempt to continue on as a couple; Tara reveals something surprising; and Remy Ma assists Rah Ali with a fashion show, but it end in a disagreement.

  • An unlikely friendship is formed; Rich gets bad news from his daughter's mother; Cisco finds himself in a predicament at BBOD's singles release party.

  • Cardi delivers news to Yorma at MariahLynn's birthday party. Moe seeks advice from Yandy. Mendeecees anticipates his sentencing.

  • Rich Dollaz introduces a new lady into his house; Rah Ali and Yandy come up against troubles with their artists; and Papoose alerts Remy Ma concerning her wedding planner. Also, Amina asks Tare where she can find Peter, causing an unlikely family get together.

  • Master P challenges to take over Romeo's music empire; and a stalker puts Angela and her fashion show at risk. Also, Kristinia is surprised by the shocking news about her imprisoned father.

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Save the Drama: It's a 'Love & Hip Hop' Reunion Special Sneak Peek

VH1's new docu-soap series "Love & Hip Hop" just wrapped it's first 8 episodes. Now, VH1 is bringing the ladies, and some of their men, back together for a reunion special to air Monday at 8pm EST on VH1, hosted by Hot 97's Angie Martinez. Catch a preview here.

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