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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a reality show that airs on the Bravo network. The show stars Nene Leakes, Kim Zolciak, Phaedra Parks, Kandi Burress, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore. The show follows the daily lives of the housewives and their interactions with each other.

At the beginning of the series, Nene and Kim are best friends who have a lot of fun together. Kim is known for her outrageous wigs and spending habits and always has a glass of wine in her hands. She dates a man named Big Poppa who provides a nice lifestyle for her and her two daughters Ariana and Brielle.

Nene and the other ladies make fun of the fact that Kim is dating a married man. During later episodes, it is revealed that the two have broken up because Big Poppa did not want to fully commit to Kim and marry her.

Nene is married to a man named Gregg and has two sons named Bryson and Brentt. During the series the two have issues and get divorced. They do reconcile later on. Nene is an outspoken personality. She has even gone on to get cast in a sitcom. She and Kim have a falling out over the fact that Nene made fun of her singing a song called Tardy for the Party.

Kim eventually meets a man named Kroy and the two have two boys together named KJ and Kash. Kim befriends Kandi and even produces a single with her. After Kim gets married, her relationship with the ladies becomes strained.

Nene believes that after meeting Kroy that Kim has changed and thinks that she is better than all of them because she is an NFL wife. Kim makes excuses for not attending the functions that the ladies put together and uses her pregnancies as a way to justify her behavior.

Sheree Whitfield was one of the former housewives on the show. She was friends with Kim but the two had a falling out. Nene and Sheree have known each other for years. Sheree was the wife of a former NFL player named Bob Whitfield.

The two had two children together but got divorced. Sheree did not receive her settlement from him which was one of her storylines in the show. She also tried her hand at being a fashion designer. She famously holds a fashion show with no fashion and only has sketches of her designs.

Cynthia is a beautiful former model who now owns her own modeling agency. Her wedding to her husband Peter is shown on the series. She has a daughter and enjoys spending time with Nene. Phaedra is a self-proclaimed Southern Belle. She is also an attorney and has become a funeral director as well. She married one of her clients named Apollo and the two had a child together named Ayden whose birth was filmed for the series.

Phaedra loves pomp and circumstance. She throws an over the top first birthday party for her son in which she has 12 cakes. There are 12 because they are for each month that he has been alive. She loves to throw parties and dress up in jewels and have a good time.

Kandi is in the music industry and also sells adult items. She dated a man named AJ who was tragically killed. She has a daughter named Riley and has a fun relationship with most of the ladies.

Kenya Moore was a former Miss USA and dates a man named Walter. She has issues with Porsha who is a former NFL star's wife. Porsha becomes friends with Nene and the other ladies. She and her husband Kordell have a good relationship and are trying to start a family after she had a miscarriage due to an ovarian cyst.

The drama is always forefront of the series and cat fights and hurt feelings are in every episode. A softer side of the series is shown as the ladies interact with their spouses and children.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
9 Seasons, 199 Episodes
July 31, 2008
Cast: Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey, NeNe Leakes
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Full Episode Guide

  • Never-before-seen footage of the reality series, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta.''

  • Part four of the reunion begins diving into the aftermath of the "Lesbiangate" drama. The cameras go beyond the curtain to capture behind-the-scenes moments, tears and tense conversations as the ladies try to recover from a painful realization to see if there is any chance of moving forward after an explosive season.

  • Part 3 of 4. A reunion continues with the men joining the conversation. Included: Bob addresses his relationship with Sheree; Todd discusses Phaedra; Cynthia and Peter talk about post-divorce life; and "Lesbiangate" issues shake friendships to the core.

  • Part 2 of 4. A reunion goes on with Kenya contemplating her complicated relationship with Matt.

  • Part 1 of 4. The Atlanta gals reunite. Drama gets hot between Kenya and Sheree when talking about the construction of their dream houses.

  • Sheree reveals "Chateau Sheree" at a housewarming party in the Season 9 finale. Also: Kenya confronts her past; Phaedra assists Kandi's past disgruntled employee; and Porsha finds a new sense of clarity in her relationship with Todd.

  • Kandi and Todd race to launch Old Lady Gang restaurant. Also, dramas surround Cynthia's divorce; Phaedra's birthday is celebrated; and the gals get together at a preview event, but an unexpected guest arrives, leading to revelations about a divorce.

  • The gals return from a Hawaiian vacation. Here, Cynthia reveals her strength to the Atlanta fashionistas.

  • A roast of Peter is planned following Phaedra's failed attempt to reunite the group. Sheree must decide her future with Bob and Cynthia accepts the end of her marriage.

  • A first dinner in Maui gets sour when Kandi and Porsha contend over blame for salacious rumors. Also, Kandi puts together a speed-boat adventure (without Porsha); Sheree's courtship goes up against obstacles; and Phaedra plans an emergency "restoration service."

  • The tea over-floweth when Kandi reveals Porsha's allegations to Cynthia, ShereĆ©, Kenya, and Shamea, all while Porsha pours out the details to her sister. Kenya receives an unexpected visit from her brother and his kids that helps her figure out she needs to make a final decision about her relationship with Matt.

  • The ladies go back to Atlanta after the dramatic end to their getaway. Also: Cynthia puts together her fashion show; Porsha offers Todd an ultimatum; Phaedra receives news about her divorce; Kandi and Porsha get together in a bid to settle their unresolved problems.

  • The women head the woods of Georgia for a weekend of "glamping," but they're shocked to find out they must spend the first night sleeping in tents.

  • A "glamping" outing is planned, despite Porsha's recent frenzy.

  • Phaedra and Kenya rekindle their relationship as they journey to Flint, Mich., to take part in Phaedra's summer camp; Cynthia gets comfortable in Kandi's home; Porsha begins to see red flags in her romance with Todd.

  • Kenya comes home from Charlotte, only to find out "Moore Manor" has been defaced. Also: Phaedra gives legal council to Kenya, and shares startling secrets in the process.

  • Kenya is put to work hosting Peter's club opening in Charlotte, but Cynthia doesn't receive an invitation to join the celebration.

  • Cynthia exposes everything while Kandi's accusations about Phaedra stir up a commotion.

  • Phaedra calls Kandi to make amends, but the conversation doesn't go quite as she expected. Sheree acts as momager to son Kairo. Porsha introduces her boyfriend to the family and he makes a surprising reveal.

  • Cynthia's peaceful separation takes a bad turn when Peter heads to the press about their romance. Also: Kenya hopes to repair differences with Matt; Kandi throws a tasty-eats event, but Mama Joyce stirs up tension; and scandal is spilled about Porsha's past.

  • Sheree looks for help from Bob when her son gets into trouble with the law. Meanwhile, Kenya's relationship proceeds to decay; Cynthia and Noelle search for a new home; Mama Joyce gives a surprise; and Phaedra gets a disturbing phone call.

  • Phaedra attempts to unite the group for a good cause, but charity is lost when Kenya and Sheree argue yet again. Elsewhere, Cynthia's daughter makes her modeling debut, Bob takes Sheree on a romantic outing and an unforeseen phone call shakes up Kandi.

  • A surprise guest shows at Kenya's housewarming celebration in the wake of Porsha's arrival. Also, Cynthia faces her unstable marriage and its impact on her daughter; Momma Joyce lets rumors fly concerning Phaedra's divorce; and an outing takes a shocking turn.

  • Kandi and Todd set their sights on parenting baby Ace in the Season 9 opener. Also: Kenya and Sheree move forward in completing their dream homes; the women address curiosity about Porsha's anger; and an unexpected guest mars Kenya's housewarming party.

  • The situation becomes tense when Kandi blames Todd for her change in attitude. Meanwhile, Carmon is put in the hot seat.

  • NeNe and Cynthia talk about their relationship and how it has been damaged. They wonder if they can ever reconcile.

  • The Georgia peaches continue to throw shade with never-before-seen footage from Season 8 including Porsha and Phaedra's makeover of Kim, as well as juicy moments from Peter and Cynthia's video-gate drama. Plus, more heated moments from Kenya and Kim's epic showdown are unveiled.

  • Conclusion. The Atlanta gals get back together, criticizing the drama of Jamaica, Cynthia's commercial and Cynthia and Kenya's relationship. NeNe Leakes shows up to rehash the antics, and the men also take part in the conversation.

  • Part 2 of 3. The Atlanta gals get back together, criticizing the drama of Jamaica, Cynthia's commercial and Cynthia and Kenya's relationship. NeNe Leakes shows up to rehash the antics, and the men also take part in the conversation.

  • The women from Atlanta reunite, and sparks fly between Kenya and Phaedra. In addition, Kandi and Phaedra give the scoop on their withering friendship; Sheree discusses coming back to the show; and Kenya and Kim fight over their struggling relationship.

  • Phaedra has her eyes set on the future after seeing Apollo in jail by putting together a holiday party in the Season 8 finale. In addition: Porsha attempts to save her fertility; Kenya's family gets larger; and the crew gathers together for a Christmas celebration and one last showdown.

  • Kim is determined to move forward with her directing career, and stay away from drama with Kenya in the process. In addition, Kenya is at odds when her aunt questions her concerning her new boyfriend, and Phaedra and her two sons go on an emotional trip to see Apollo.

  • Kim is given advice by Phaedra and NeNe concerning accusations about her spouse. In addition, Kandi and Todd attempt to talk a cautious aunt into participating in their restaurant plan, and a visit to Jamaica comes to an end with sparks flying between Kim and Kenya.

  • The drama rages on after Cynthia is confronted by Kenya regarding what she said to the other ladies. Peter takes the group on a personal adventure to meet his family in Jamaica.

  • The ladies go to Jamaica. At home, Kandi and Todd get ready for Baby Tucker. Cynthia pushes Kenya out of her eyewear commercial. Kim gets upset when her directing abilities are questioned.

  • Kandi and Todd get ready for Baby Tucker by attending a class on parenting, while Phaedra and Ayden get creative to celebrate Apollo's birthday while he's away in prison. Kim plans a unique event for her new friends.

  • Phaedra goes to Washington in seek of support for her Save Our Sons organization. Also, Kenya's family drama returns when she gets back from Detroit; and Cynthia and NeNe renew their friendship over cocktails.

  • Kandi finally relaxes a little as Mama Joyce helps her prepare for her bundle of joy to arrive. Phaedra is surprised when Mama Joyce visits and is faced with an offer she can't refuse. Peter takes Cynthia on a romantic getaway to rekindle their relationship.

  • When Kenya moves forward with building her dream house, she finds out her family is in need of construction also. In addition, Porsha travels to L.A. to host an awards show; and Cynthia promotes her eyewear line with an event to appreciate customers.

  • Porsha proceeds with a long-distance relationship. In addition, Kenya attempts to charm a younger guy; Peter and Cynthia's compromise continues; and the gals come together, with tension, to celebrate Kandi's music collaboration with Demetria McKinney.

  • A guest of the house makes the Miami trip turn rough. Also, Porsha goes on a hot date with a new admirer; two ladies return to Atlanta; and Kim is questioning her new friendship with Kenya.

  • Kenya and Porsha collaborate to plan a ladies' trip to Miami. In addition: Porsha hires a yacht for the ladies; Cynthia's friend argues with Sheree about conflict from the past; Kim misses home; and Kenya is said to be spreading rumors.

  • A booze cruise goes wrong after a disagreement between Cynthia and Porsha gets out of control. The argument continues back on land. Also, Kandi makes a trip to the doctor's office only to find out disturbing news, and the girls try to band together.

  • Kenya takes a surprise trip to Chateau Sheree and is in shock about what she finds. Meanwhile, Cynthia talks to Kandi about her marriage; and Kenya hosts a day boat adventure with the girls, but Cynthia and Porsha don't get along.

  • Kenya tries to fix things with Sheree after intense strife at Cynthia's launch party. Also, Phaedra and Kandi are conflicted with their friendship; Kim Fields is introduced to the rest of the women; and Kenya throws a party to promote her hair-care line.

  • Kenya looks to actress-director Kim Fields for consultation concerning her TV pilot. Meanwhile, Cynthia is stressed with an embarrassing viral-video issue; Porsha shows off her new boyfriend at a surprise get together; and Kandi attempts to fix her friendship with Phaedra.

  • Kandi and Todd hear thrilling news. Cynthia experiences drama after a video goes viral. Porsha's man comes to see her. Phaedra deals with single-mom life. Also, Cynthia puts on an event to show off her eye-wear line.

  • When Kandi brings Mama Joyce and her personal assistant/long time best friend, Carmon together to hash out their differences, the conversation escalates into a hair-raising argument leaving Kandi wondering if their relationship is a lost cause. Todd, Aunt Bertha and Aunt Nora bond over a trip to a legalized marijuana dispensary and DonJuan sets the record straight with Todd's assistant Matthew regarding his role in Kandi's business life. On the final night of their trip, Kandi's daughters Riley and Kaela teach both families exactly what it means to forgive and forget, and the "mending and blending" finally commences once and for all.

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