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The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a Bravo TV show which follows a small handful of women - with expensive tastes and over-the-top personalities - in their day to day lives. What makes the Real Housewives of New Jersey so appealing to viewers is the unique cast of characters including Teresa Giudice, a 40-year-old woman who lives with her husband Joe and their four children; Jacqueline Laurita, a stay-at-home mom who lives with her husband Chris and their daughter; and Caroline Manzo, the oldest of the housewives who's been married for the better part of three decades.

The first two seasons of the show also featured Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub. They were replaced in season 3 by Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile.

One thing that makes The Real Housewives of New Jersey unique in the "Housewives" franchise is the fact that all seven of the women who have served in the title roles are related either by blood or by marriage, making their interpersonal relationships seem less contrived than on many reality TV shows where strangers are thrown into a situation to see what happens.

The most famous of the housewives is Teresa Guidice, who most frequently serves in the leading role, although the show is designed to be about all five women in equal share. Guidice, a loud brunette woman with strong opinions and even stronger emotions, is an author and small business owner.

Original episodes air Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
7 Seasons, 138 Episodes
May 12, 2009
Cast: Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita, Melissa Gorga, Caroline Manzo
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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Full Episode Guide

  • Conclusion. The crew is divided during continual reunion dramas. Joe Gorga and Chris Laurita enter the fray to discuss Teresa's stern accusation; Jacqueline says goodbye to a relationship; and Siggy's hope for the clan comes true in a shocking conclusion.

  • Part 1 of 2. A reunion starts with no one backing down when Melissa and Teresa confront Jacqueline. Also, Dolores reminisces on happier days when the group was in sink; Siggy talks about her hysterectomy; and Teresa throws out a shocking accusation.

  • Melissa throws her first fashion show in an attempt to show her boutique's legitimacy in the Season 7 finale. Also, Dolores shocks her ex-husband; Teresa ponders her financial future; and the ladies put off their discrepancies at lunch, where Siggy plays middle-man.

  • Anger builds as Dolores hosts a housewarming bash. Meanwhile, Melissa prepares for her fashion show; Teresa recovers from her first week minus Joe; Siggy sharpens focus on her mom; and a phone call ignites tension between Jacqueline and Dolores.

  • Teresa attempts to remain strong as she says goodbye to her husband, who starts a prison sentence. Meanwhile, Siggy goes to the Holocaust Memorial and ponders on her father's experiences, and a possible beam of hope shines on Jacqueline and Teresa's friendship.

  • The ladies attempt to regroup after a turbulent Vermont vacation. Also: Melissa gets negative news about her boutique; Jacqueline's husband shares shocking family info; Siggy has an important discussion; and Teresa gets ready for her husband's stay in prison.

  • The crew is split on the second day in Vermont. Here, Jacqueline is comforted in the wake of her disagreement with Robyn. Then, Jacqueline loses her temper with Teresa and Melissa, and Dolores and Siggy at last come to their breaking point.

  • The group heads to Vermont to a white mountaintop resort, but the trip has a rocky start when Jacqueline clashes with Teresa's pal, Robyn. Later, the heat is on when tempers flare around the bonfire.

  • Jacqueline gets emotional over a special proposal and Teresa gets upset during a tense family reunion with Kathy and Rosie.

  • Surprise visitors show up for Teresa's book signing. Meanwhile, Melissa concentrates on her marriage by putting together a family dinner; Dolores' business companion attempts to fire her up; and Jacqueline gains inside view into her husband's new business opportunity.

  • Melissa gets her daughter ready for a dance. In addition, Jacqueline hosts a poker night, but things get dicey with Rosie; Teresa has a book-launch bash that gets interrupted; and Siggy consoles a mourning Dolores.

  • A group outing to a spa is planned to honor Teresa's first weekend of freedom since removing her ankle bracelet. Also: Melissa's new business gets off to a rough begining; Siggy reveals new details about her husband's past; Dolores' 12-year-old dog is sick; Jacqueline is confused about what to do about her son; and Teresa and Jacqueline evaluate their relationship.

  • Teresa says goodbye to her ankle bracelet and the ladies plan a vacation to celebrate. Also: Siggy gets in touch with her religious roots; Dolores makes progress on her home remodel; and Melissa approaches Jacqueline about a clash with Teresa.

  • Old tensions rise when the Lauritas have the Giudices over for dinner. Meanwhile, Siggy's children deliver surprising information; Dolores seeks financial freedom; Melissa's kids walk in Fashion Week; and Teresa and Melissa bond.

  • Melissa's boutique launches, Teresa records her audio book, Jacqueline proceeds with her business endeavor, plus Dolores and her daughter talk about veterinary school. Later, Siggy and Teresa battle over tabloid hearsay.

  • Jacqueline surprises Teresa by showing up on her doorstep looking for answers. Meanwhile, Melissa runs into a hiccup with her new business companion, and Siggy serves up a Jersey birthday party for Dolores.

  • Christmas in the Garden State finds Melissa throwing a holiday meal, where she gets back together with Teresa. Then, Teresa gives an unexpected call to Jacqueline as Dolores plays mediator, and a choice to spend New Year's Eve away from family causes feelings.

  • In the season premiere, Melissa breaks ground on her new boutique despite Joe's disapproval.

  • Dina invites everyone over for some spiritual guidance, but Teresa gets more than she bargained for when her legal issues are brought to light. Plus, Jim's ex-wife asks Amber to babysit her pet pig. Milania misbehaves and lets her parents know who's boss.

  • The three-part reunion comes to a close with a dramatic end as the cast reunites to dish about the drama of the season.

  • In the second part of the Reunion, the cast discusses the drama of the season.

  • The houseswives come together and reminisce over the current season.

  • During a bonding trip to Atlantic City the ladies of NJ bare it all; unveiling scandalous secrets; skimpy clothes and sexy dance moves! Their fun is fleeting though when a fight at the blackjack table goes bust. Meanwhile at home; Joe Giudice takes on a gamble of his own in babysitting mischievous Milania. And Kathy and Teresa get into a war of words when Teresa takes offense to Kathy's Christmas gift.

  • The tensions at Dina's event threaten to ruin the festivities. Melissa and Joe begin the next stage of planning their dream home.

  • The amazing rumor about the twins' family is discovered. Teresa and Joe make plans for a getaway to New York.

  • The tension between Jim, Bobby and Dina rises on the Florida trip. Teresa doesn't quite know how to respond to Jacqueline's text messages.

  • Dina, Melissa, and the twins head to California for some bonding time. Everything is fine until a bad secret Dina holds about the twins' family threatens to ruin the trip.

  • The women begin dealing with major life changes as the Florida trip gets closer. Dina says goodbye to Luke. Teresa and her husband undergo a medical scare.

  • Dina and Melissa work to cheer their friend up by planning a surprise getaway.

  • Dina is thinking about getting a divorce. Teresa works to save the business. Melissa wishes she had more time with her husband.

  • Melissa and Joe try to take their business to a higher level. Teresa and Rino have desires to expand their restaurant business.

  • A party ends dramatically. Nicole wants her boyfriend to be more loyal. Dina confesses her current feelings for her ex. Melissa and Amber talk about rumors they have heard.

  • Nicole throws a costume party, and confronts Amber about the rumor's she sharing.

  • Joe and Melissa work on a business idea that deals with a new and improved trash truck. Teresa is working on her dessert line, but has a breakdown from the stress of her family issues. A rumor involving Nicole is spread.

  • Melissa is hoping to keep Christmas traditions alive. Dina is lonely. Teresa Aprea is hoping her son will participate with the family restaurant. Amber is highly concerned about the safety in her home. Teresa Giudice deals with continued legal trouble.

  • Catch a first look at what's to come in season six. Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are joined by new Housewives Amber Marchese, identical twin sisters Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano, and the return of fan-favorite Dina Manzo.

  • Becoming involved in a difficult public legal battle, Teresa and her husband struggle to keep their family together. Dina and Melissa help Teresa.

  • The Moment: Real Housewives Awards - OMG Moments Segment

  • The people have voted and chosen the most wonderful, wacky, and downright shocking moments from the latest seasons.

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