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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 10 Seasons
  • 5.8  (444)

Married to Medicine is an American reality TV show that premiered on the Bravo network in March 2013. The series follows the personal and professional lives of a group of successful women in Atlanta, who are either married to doctors or are doctors themselves. The show has spawned a number of spin-off series, including Married to Medicine Los Angeles and Married to Medicine Houston.

The two central figures of the show are Dr. Jacqueline Walters, a successful OB-GYN, and Dr. Simone Whitmore, a successful family physician. Both women are friends and colleagues, but their relationship can be fraught at times due to their strong personalities and differing views on various issues.

Other cast members of the show include Toya Bush-Harris, who is married to an emergency room physician, Quad Webb-Lunceford, who is married to a psychiatrist, and Mariah Huq, who is married to an emergency physician. These women, along with others who appear in the show, are all accomplished professionals who are also dedicated to their families and social lives.

Throughout the series, the women navigate the ups and downs of both their personal and professional lives, dealing with everything from marital problems to career setbacks to social drama. They also get into heated arguments and disagreements, but ultimately manage to maintain their close-knit relationships and strong bonds of sisterhood.

One of the key themes of the show is the balance between work and family life. The women are all highly successful in their careers, but they also place a great deal of importance on their roles as wives and mothers. They often struggle to find time for themselves amidst the demands of their busy schedules, and are forced to make tough decisions about how to prioritize their various responsibilities.

Another major theme is the constant pressure that the women face to conform to traditional gender roles and societal expectations. Many of them struggle with the idea of being a successful and independent woman while also fulfilling the expectations placed on them as wives and mothers. They often feel judged by others for their choices and are forced to find ways to navigate these expectations in order to live their lives on their own terms.

Despite the challenges they face, the women of Married to Medicine are resilient and determined to succeed in all areas of their lives. They are confident, intelligent, and powerful women who are unafraid to speak their minds and stand up for their beliefs. They are also deeply committed to their community, and engage in a great deal of charitable work throughout the series.

Overall, Married to Medicine is an engaging and entertaining show that provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of successful women in Atlanta. The series is both entertaining and thought-provoking, as it explores issues of gender, race, class, and family in a nuanced and engaging way. Whether you are a fan of reality TV or simply enjoy watching strong and inspiring women in action, Married to Medicine is definitely worth checking out.

Married to Medicine is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (164 episodes). The series first aired on March 24, 2013.

Married to Medicine
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Whine Country
6. Whine Country
December 10, 2023
While Heavenly tries to keep Alaura close to home, Simone goes apartment shopping with her boys; Toya takes the ladies on a trip to Sonoma, Calif., but when Quad shows up, the ladies unite together to finally hold her accountable.
Resurrection Rejection
5. Resurrection Rejection
December 3, 2023
The ladies receive a mysterious invitation from Phaedra; a strange night in Phaedra's funeral home brings a familiar face back from the dead.
Revenge of the Bride
4. Revenge of the Bride
November 26, 2023
Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie interrogate Phaedra's motives for inviting Quad to Sweet Tea's party; Dr. Simone and Cecil disagree on how to push Miles when it comes to his education.
Pamper Party Crasher
3. Pamper Party Crasher
November 19, 2023
The guys throw Dr G the bachelor party of a lifetime ahead of his wedding; the ladies take Sweet Tea out for a no-holds-barred bachelorette party that ends with a surprise visitor.
Heard It Through the Grapevine
2. Heard It Through the Grapevine
November 12, 2023
Toya and Dr. Eugene give their sons a sex education talk they'll never forget. Dr. Jackie meets with her very pregnant patient, hip-hop legend, DaBrat. Phaedra grows suspicious of Sweet Tea's motives for marrying Dr. G. Sweet Tea's wedding planning stress reaches a boiling point. Toya kicks off her new business with a wine tasting night for the ladies, but will they ever accept her as more than just a housewife?
Southern Sweet Tea
1. Southern Sweet Tea
November 5, 2023
Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly bond over shopping at their friend Miss Phaedra Parks' store; Dr. Simone and Toya catch up and speculate on where Quad has been, but there's a new sheriff in town - Lateasha, best known as Sweet Tea, Dr. G's new fiancée.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 24, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    5.8  (444)