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Married to Medicine follows a group of successful and educated women, including doctors and wives of doctors, who are connected to the world of medicine in Atlanta. Whether delivering babies in Louboutins or rushing off to galas in Buckhead, these women do everything with style, drama, and of course, southern flair.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
4 Seasons, 64 Episodes
June 4, 2013
Cast: Toya Bush-Harris, Kari Wells, Mariah Huq, Jacqueline Walters
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Married to Medicine Full Episode Guide

  • Andy Cohen welcomes the husbands to tell their sides of the story; Dr. Darren confronts the women about their vicious accusations concerning his rumored infidelity; Jackie shocks everyone when she drops a bomb about her relationship with Curtis.

  • In the first part of the reunion, the ladies sit down with host Andy Cohen to discuss the season. Toya addresses her tax problems; Lisa Nicole defends herself against a blitz of confrontations; and Mariah puts the pressure on Heavenly, leading to a dramatic showdown.

  • The ladies continue to battle at Toya's barbecue in the Season 4 finale. Also: Heavenly turns to her spiritual adviser; Dr. Jackie puts the finishing touches on her look book, and she hopes the approaching sneak peek will help mend friendships.

  • Budgetary concerns torment Toya and Eugene. Also, Jackie has a romantic surprise in store for Curtis; Lisa Nicole and Heavenly put on dueling conferences; Lisa and Heavenly face off at Toya's housewarming gathering.

  • Heavenly and Lisa Nicole collaborate on their upcoming relationship conference. Drama surfaces over trust issues.

  • Simone has one more surprise in store for the ladies on their final day in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Quad organizes a photo shoot for Jackie, but past dramas with Mariah jeopardize everything. In Atlanta, Mariah reveals what she really thinks of Quad, and Jackie tries to repair her marriage.

  • It's day two of their Hawaiian adventure! Jackie is still reeling from her solo trip and Dr. Darren is still nowhere to be found. The group bares it all, but the exchange between Lisa and Heavenly is anything but therapeutic!

  • Simone and Cecil go to Hawaii for their anniversary trip, accompanied by all of the couples and a solo Lisa. The trip hits an obstacle, however, courtesy of Mariah.

  • Toya and Eugene deal the issue of moving into a smaller home. Also, Jackie's career takes precedence over her marriage; Mariah and Simone meet to repair their friendship; and tempers erupt when Toya treats the ladies to a spa day in preparation for Hawaii.

  • Mariah and Quad's friendship is on shaky ground. Quad is planning a birthday bash for Dr. G and doesn't want Mariah to bring her drama to the party. Toya faces the hard truth, she can no longer afford the lifestyle she wants, but when it's time to make changes she gets cold feet. Lisa's antics put Heavenly's patience to the test.

  • The women are in disbelief Jackie kicked them to the curb; Darren must face the consequences after flaking on Lisa's baby-making plans; Simone finds out news about her father; Mariah and Quad get into an argument at Toya's birthday party.

  • Heavenly and Lisa Nicole get together for a business opportunity, but the collaboration takes an ugly twist. Also, Simone goes back to work after an emotional journey to Nashville with a transgender patient, and Jackie's topless charity photo shoot goes awry.

  • A visit to Nashville entails a search for Simone's missing dad. Also: Heavenly sets out on a soul-searching mission with spiritual guide Jewel Tankard; Lisa and Darren look for relationship assistance; and Toya and Eugene cope with child disciplinary issues.

  • A new clash evolves, this time between Genise and Heavenly, at Mariah's new-beginnings bash. Also: Toya and Lisa's friendship starts to wilt; Simone reaches out to her family to find her missing dad; and Toya and Mariah meet in an effort to make peace.

  • Fallout from Lisa Nicole's bash affects the group. Also: Simone connects to Quad; Genise unleashes her true feelings about Heavenly; and all the ladies are invited to Mariah's new-beginnings celebration.

  • Quad has a new infant in her home in the Season 4 premier, which also shows Dr. Jackie moving on up, Simone and Cecil adapting to separate lives and Toya in trouble with the IRS. Also, Lisa Nicole throws a party to bring the crew together.

  • Andy Cohen hosts the ladies gathering to talk about Season 3.

  • Mariah finds out she is the subject of criticism. The husbands join in this episode and relationships are challenged. The topic of strippers is brought up and Lisa and the husbands are in trouble.

  • The ladies get back together. They recall good times and bad.

  • With the upcoming trip to the Bahamas, the ladies must sort out the demands of home before departing for an island in the sun.

  • Dr. Heavenly is finally ready to launch her dating app, Piq. However, her husband isn't excited that her new venture will keep her preoccupied. Jill throws a wild Prohibition Party but things get out of control when her husband is accused of disrespecting Dr. Heavenly.

  • Toya hunts for locations for her husband's medical concierge business. Dr. Heavenly's daughter interns for Lisa Nicole and designs a dress for her mother's upcoming app release party. At Dr. Jackie's fitness event, things get out of hand when Lisa Nicole accuses Quad of publicly questioning her husband's sexuality.

  • Determined to prove she's more than a housewife, Toya puts her plan in motion to market her husband's business. With her eyes set on bigger and better things, Quad has her first pop-up shop to bring Picture Perfect Pup into the forefront.

  • Refreshed from her trip to La-La land, Quad refocuses her energy on marketing her doggy fashion line. Meanwhile, Heavenly and her husband are at an impasse when he insists she's spending too much time away from home. Simone makes it clear that it's her party and can do what she wants to when she disinvites Lisa Nicole.

  • Jackie has to handle her sick father as both a daughter and a doctor.

  • Lisa Nicole and an attorney meet to discuss legal options she can use against Quad.

  • Still reeling from her visit to the strip club, Lisa confronts her husband in order to discover the truth. In hopes of being a supportive wife, Toya tries to get involved with her husband's new business venture.

  • The women visit the same strip club that Lisa Nicole's husband went to.

  • Quad makes an accusation that completely astounds Lisa Nicole.

  • Trying to find the root of her anger, Jackie helps Simone understand how her dad's past transgressions are still affecting her life. As the ladies gather to celebrate Lisa Nicole and Heavenly's magazine cover, Simone comes face to face with Toya for the first time since their disagreement. Meanwhile, following a successful meeting with the private investigator, Quad receives all the information she needs to finally give Lisa Nicole a taste of her own medicine.

  • Dr. Simone and Toya have a strained friendship. Their husbands Cecil and Eugene are determined to save their friendship by forcing an olive branch into their wives' relationship.

  • The first ladies of medicine are back and busier than ever.

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