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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 9 Seasons
  • 5.6  (417)

Married to Medicine follows a group of successful and educated women, including doctors and wives of doctors, who are connected to the world of medicine in Atlanta. Whether delivering babies in Louboutins or rushing off to galas in Buckhead, these women do everything with style, drama, and of course, southern flair.

Married to Medicine
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Reunion Part III
18. Reunion Part III
November 6, 2022
Kiran and Eugene try to settle the score. Scott surprises everyone, revealing a shocking career move. The women join the stage and Contessa confronts Damon. Eugene tells Quad how he really feels about her innuendos. The ladies get down and dirty as a surprise reprise from Vegas has everyone hot and bothered.
Reunion Part II
17. Reunion Part II
October 30, 2022
Toya reveals what was really going on with her this season. Quad and Anila point the finger at each other when it comes to who started the rumors about Toya's affair. The ladies finally confront Heavenly on her behavior, but will she listen? The men arrive to the stage and things get heated when Kiran and Eugene open old wounds.
Reunion Part I
16. Reunion Part I
October 23, 2022
Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the season's biggest moments as the ladies of medicine come together in part one of the explosive three-part "Married to Medicine" reunion. The fireworks start early as Contessa confronts Heavenly before the cameras are even ready. Quad goes to extreme lengths to combat allegations made against her. Heavenly shows a different side of herself, but is it enough for her friends? Things come to a head when Anila and Toya confront one another over rumors about a robbery.
Divine Intervention
15. Divine Intervention
October 16, 2022
Jackie's surprise open marriage discussion has some couples tongue tied, but others lean in; old tensions rise up as Heavenly and Contessa finally say what's on their mind; Toya confronts Quad about the cheating allegations.
Mountain Revival
14. Mountain Revival
October 9, 2022
The trip to Blue Ridge continues; Toya makes strides in her relationship with Audra; Cecil loses a big bet; Anila and Toya come to understanding, as Anila passes the blame on rumors to Quad.
Going Back, Back to Blue Ridge
13. Going Back, Back to Blue Ridge
October 2, 2022
Quad shocks Anila when she spills the tea on what the ladies really think about her break-in. Contessa's day of reckoning arrives as she competes in her first fitness competition. Anila finally gets some good news for her family. Simone and Jackie bring the group together, planning a throwback couples trip to revive the friendships. Audra and Martin welcome a happy surprise, but the trip to Blue Ridge starts off rocky, as tensions flare between the ladies and all the rumors threaten to boil over.
The Streets Are Talking
12. The Streets Are Talking
September 25, 2022
Simone and Cecil get some unexpected news on their book from Omarosa. Toya and Eugene take time to celebrate their son's birthday. Jackie does something at work she's never done before. Heavenly deals with the passing of her mother. Anila and Kiran continue to process their robbery. Later at a BBQ at Jackie's house, talk of a "hit" leads the ladies to speculate on what really happened with the robbery and who could be responsible.
Rumor Mill
11. Rumor Mill
September 18, 2022
Quad's rumor-filled holiday party ends when instead of decking the halls, Audra tries to deck Toya in the face; Contessa meets with a new kind of coach in order to prepare for her fitness competition.
10. Holi-Slay
September 11, 2022
Simone and Cecil go for round two, inviting a new set up of couples over to help with their book, but when Toya let's Audra know her wardrobe isn't good enough, it threatens to spoil the dinner. Eager to show off her new home, Quad throws a Christmas party for the ladies. But this holiday shindig goes off the rails when a salty Audra uses her real estate attorney skills to put Toya's business in the streets. Things then go from bad to worse when Toya finds out Anila is accusing her of cheating on Eugene.
The Breaking Point
9. The Breaking Point
September 4, 2022
Heavenly admits to Damon that her mother's illness is affecting her, and offers a rare apology. Contessa feels for Heavenly, and agrees to put their differences aside. Anila's plans move forward with her hair store but her mom throws a wrench in things. Kiran hosts a gentlemen's affair for the guys at his clinic. Facing a breaking point, Toya and Eugene turn to friends to get advice on their ongoing issues.
The Oh! Shot
8. The Oh! Shot
August 28, 2022
As tensions in Toya and Eugene's marriage continue to grow, Heavenly confides to Jackie about the decline of her mother's health. Anila's parents arrive and immediately cause problems within the home. Contessa and Heavenly rip open old wounds at Simone and Cecil's couples dinner party. Jackie hosts an O Shot party for the ladies to give everyone a boost to their sex lives
Secrets & Sinners
7. Secrets & Sinners
August 21, 2022
The women continue their Vegas trip with a decadent dinner full of vintage wines, juicy conversation and some eye candy for dessert; back in Atlanta, the men go boxing, and old tensions between Kiran and Eugene resurface.
Viva Las Vegas!
6. Viva Las Vegas!
August 14, 2022
As the fun continues in Vegas, the ladies play a game where Toya reveals a secret; Audra calls out Toya for questioning her skills as an attorney; the dispute between Contessa and Heavenly rears its ugly head; Toya faces her greatest fears.
An Axe to Grind
5. An Axe to Grind
August 7, 2022
Still upset by Anila and Kiran's Halloween costumes, Eugene confronts Kiran; Jackie and Simone plan a trip to Las Vegas in an attempt to bring the ladies together.
Party Foul
4. Party Foul
July 31, 2022
Heavenly grapples with changing her ways; Contessa must decide whether to let go of one of her closest friendships; Anila tries to juggle work and her children; a Halloween party stunt by Anila and Kiran goes awry.
Heavenly Intervention
3. Heavenly Intervention
July 24, 2022
Simone and Cecil ask for advice about their book from an old friend; Dr. Jackie gives a patient very important advice; Anila says her final goodbye to Ms. Gomez and wonders what is next for her.
The Beauty Shop
2. The Beauty Shop
July 17, 2022
Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud return with more patients, less patience and a few heart palpitations along the way.
Bless This Mess
1. Bless This Mess
July 10, 2022
Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone share quality time together; Toya reveals a surprising life change; Quad finds a new man in her life; Dr. Contessa puts her body to work; Anila throws a housewarming party.

Married to Medicine follows a group of successful and educated women, including doctors and wives of doctors, who are connected to the world of medicine in Atlanta. Whether delivering babies in Louboutins or rushing off to galas in Buckhead, these women do everything with style, drama, and of course, southern flair.

Married to Medicine is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (158 episodes). The series first aired on March 24, 2013.

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  • Premiere Date
    March 24, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    5.6  (417)