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  • 2012
  • 5 Seasons
  • 6.2  (121)

L.A. Hair is a reality television series that premiered on WE tv on May 31, 2012. The show focuses on the life of celebrity hair stylist Kimberly Kimble and her busy hair salon in Los Angeles. The series follows Kimble and her team of stylists as they work with clients to create unique and stunning hairstyles for a variety of events.

The show features a diverse cast of characters, including Kimble herself and her assistant Angela, two of the salon's top stylists Leah and Terry, and a number of regular clients who come to the salon seeking Kimble's signature glamorous style. Kimble is presented as an immensely talented and driven individual who has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey and Mary J. Blige.

The show is divided into two main components. The first aspect is the day-to-day operations of the salon, which includes consultations with clients, the creation of stunning hairstyles, and dealing with salon drama and conflicts between the stylists. The second part is Kimble's personal life, which includes dealing with the daily struggles of being a business owner, her relationship with her family and her personal love life.

Throughout the course of the series, several notable events occur that add to the drama and excitement of the show. One of the biggest moments that occur is the opening of a new salon location. Kimble decides to expand her business and open a second location in order to cater to even more clients. This proves to be a challenge for the staff, as they struggle to keep up with the influx of new customers and maintain the high level of quality of their work.

Another significant event that takes place over the course of the show is the growing conflict between Kimble and her former stylist and protégé, Anthony. The two have a falling out early on in the series, which results in Anthony opening up his own salon and poaching some of Kimble's clients. This tension between the two continues throughout the series and leads to several explosive confrontations.

Overall, L.A. Hair is an entertaining and engaging reality television series that provides viewers with an inside look at the world of high-end hair styling and the drama that occurs behind the scenes. The show features a strong, likable cast of characters and covers a wide range of topics, from the practical aspects of running a business to the personal challenges of juggling work and family. Fans of reality television and fashion will surely find much to enjoy in this exciting and engaging series.

L.A. Hair is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (58 episodes). The series first aired on May 31, 2012.

L.A. Hair
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L.A. Hair Confidential
10. L.A. Hair Confidential
March 9, 2017
Season 5 highlights; Kim dishes on her new staff. Kim opens exclusive archives of love life & family life. Kim discusses Leah's final meltdown.
Hair We Go!
9. Hair We Go!
March 2, 2017
Kim fights to pull off the hair opera for the sake of her family and her business. Later, project manager Gocha stirs trouble amongst the stylists; and Leah is pushed to her breaking point.
Hair Du Soleil!
8. Hair Du Soleil!
February 23, 2017
Kimble Studio is doing a hair opera; Kim makes a last-ditch effort to keep Leah working in the salon and puts her in the director's chair. Later, when disaster strikes, Kim is forced to hire Gocha back.
MaCray Cray Like...Wo!
7. MaCray Cray Like...Wo!
February 16, 2017
Kim gets hair-raising news from Sheen Magazine! Leah runs to Jonathan Antin to escape the family business. Kim styles Mya; MaCray's starstruck!
Put Your Business Panties On!
6. Put Your Business Panties On!
February 9, 2017
After an explosive blowout, Kim does damage control! If Jay and Giorgio don't makeup, they're fired! Kim takes on her biggest business venture yet when she pitches her new line of products to HSN.
I Snatched Your Weave!
5. I Snatched Your Weave!
February 2, 2017
The sheers come out during Kim’s wig and champagne bar launch event. Gocha crashes the party bearing shade. Jay’s assistant role pushes her over the edge. Stylists come to blows, forcing cameras to shut down!
Making the Cut
4. Making the Cut
January 26, 2017
Kim evaluates her new team and pulls one stylist from the cutting room floor. When a fashion show turns upside down, Kim takes Gocha to task!
Down Wright Shade
3. Down Wright Shade
January 19, 2017
Hair Majesty calls on internet star James Wright to blow up her wig line. Kim reveals her secret man! Tiger's wild move could get him eaten alive!
Go Big or Go-Shady
2. Go Big or Go-Shady
January 12, 2017
The shears come out when Kim & Gocha battle it out in a fantasy hair competition. Kim styles Grammy-award singer Chrisette Michele for a music video.
The Kimpire Strikes Back
1. The Kimpire Strikes Back
January 5, 2017
The "Hair Majesty" Kim Kimble is back but her staff...has been cut loose! It's time to rebuild the "Kimpire" as she trims out the old and weaves in the new!
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L.A. Hair is available for streaming on the WE tv website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch L.A. Hair on demand at Philo, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, Pluto TV and Plex.
  • Premiere Date
    May 31, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (121)