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Mary Mary is a reality TV show broadcast on the Women's Entertainment (We) cable network. The show follows the lives of Grammy award winning Gospel group, Mary Mary. Erica and Tina Campbell are sisters who are balancing their busy personal lives, along with the demands of maintaining successful recording careers.

Mary Mary's music has been credited with broadening mainstream gospel with the introduction of soul, funk, hip hop and jazz.

As wives and mothers, they also face the day to day challenges of family relationships. Their decision to include family in their careers has posed unique situations for them to deal with. For example, Mitch Solarek, their manager, is doubtful that the women's sister and stylist, Goo, will become capable enough to style at a level to meet the group's expectations. This has created noticeable friction between the family members. In fact, Mary Mary's professional team is in constant conflict with family members, which is a continual focal point of the show.

Undaunted, manager Mitch continues to make every effort to propel Mary Mary and Erica and Tina Campbell into household names. However, Mitch's professional goals are often in conflict with Tina and Erica's wishes to be as attentive mothers and wives as they possibly can.

The women were raised in the tough Inglewood, California area. Their family had nine siblings and all were raised to have an exemplary work ethic. They were taught to put family before everything. As a result, since Mary Mary has become successful entertainers, their family very much affects how their business is run. Of course, this has created a fertile ground for arguments. Because Erica and Tina still remain very career focused, the disagreements can be quite explosive.

Erica is expecting another child, in addition to the other two small children she has with husband, Warryn. Tina has four children with husband, Teddy. Despite Mary Mary's seemingly glamorous life on the road, their situation at home is quite different. Warryn is Mary Mary's producer, while Teddy, Tina's husband, is the drummer on The Tonight Show. Because their husbands also maintain music business careers, they understand the many challenges to be faced.

Regardless of what situations transpire, family seems to trump everything. However, the Mary Mary TV show makes it evident that music is the true passion of these women that is what fuels their desire to reach higher heights.

6 Seasons, 62 Episodes
March 29, 2012
Music, Reality
Cast: Erica Atkins, Tina Atkins
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Mary Mary Full Episode Guide

  • Series Finale; The Marys' faith is tested in the Holy Land! Warryn struggles to reunite Tina & Erica. The sisters sing an emotional farewell.

  • Erica's vocal issues threaten a Mary Mary performance in Manchester. Warryn fears for Erica's safety. Tensions ignite in Israel.

  • Erica & Tina discover Warryn tricked them! The Marys travel to Africa, but when their plans derail, will they miss their show? Goo's keeping a shocking secret from her sisters.

  • Erica and Tina get tricked into performing a Mary Mary show in Manchester.

  • The sister competition heats up as Erica & Tina release their singles on the same day-who is #1? Tina fears she's pregnant & is terrified to tell Teddy. Erica breaks down at NY show.

  • In the Season 6 premiere, Tina and Erica's solo singles are in direct competition, building tensions and sabotaging Warryn's desperate plan to bring Mary Mary back together. Then, a miraculous divine intervention shocks the entire family.

  • Before you see the premiere of Mary Mary Season 5, get caught up as we count down the Top Ten most shocking "Mary Mary-sized" moments from Season Four! These aren't just #omg moments - they're #oMMg moments!

  • In the season finale, Tina feels betrayed after Warryn begins producing Koryn. Later, Erica and Tina consider the possible end of Mary Mary.

  • Erica and Warryn need Tina's support for an album, but when she gets nominated, she changes her tune. Mitch asks Warryn to reconsider Koryn.

  • After his near-death experience, Warryn has plans for the ultimate 40th birthday award show, but Tina delivers bad news. Mitch & Goo face off.

  • Warryn is hospitalized, leaving Erica a nervous wreck; Tina and Teddy perform their final show on tour. Mitch makes a surprising offer for Goo.

  • Warryn connects with a shady friend from his past to solve his money problem; while Erica grows suspicious. Koryn gives Mitch an ultimatum.

  • Mitch's apology to Erica may play a part with a larger plan. Warryn and Mitchell discuss replacing a Mary. Erica breaks down.

  • Goo is frustrated being on Tina's tour; Erica ticks off Tina after trying to steal Goo; Erica's inner diva emerges.

  • At Tina's first solo tour show goes wrong; Goo wants out; Erica struggles with nerves at an acting gig; Warryn's stressed over money.

  • Goo pushes Tina and Erica to a sister standoff; Warryn seeks Teddy's help

  • Warryn Campbell begins to feel pressure from Sony Records to deliver the album.

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