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Kendra on Top is a reality show that stars Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett and it appears on the WE TV network. Most people know Kendra because she dated Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner and was on the reality show called the Girls Next Door with Holly and Bridget.

Kendra has left the Playboy mansion and married Hank who was a NFL player. The couple has a young son who they call Little Hank. Life has changed a lot for this young mom since she left the Playboy mansion.

Kendra has a great personality. She always has a smile on her face and her laugh is infectious. Motherhood has changed her a great deal and she feels like she is flabby and has not regained her shape since she had her first child. She was known as kind of a wild child who would take off her clothes a lot and speak rather inappropriately around people. Now that she has married Hank her demeanor has changed a little bit and she is a little bit more conservative.

The reality show focuses a lot on the relationship between Hank and Kendra. Hank had issues finding a job after he was not picked up by an NFL team. He decides to open a gym because he knows a lot about fitness because of his time as a professional athlete. This meant that she would have to pick up more of the slack. She does a lot of photo shoots and appearances to try to bring in as much money as possible.

The reality show is fun yet serious at times. Kendra's incredible personality really resonates through every episode. The topic of whether or not she and Hank will add a second child to their brood is mentioned a lot by the couple. They know that they want a second child but they cannot decide on when to actually try to plan to have a baby because of their hectic schedules.

Kendra on Top is a Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (95 episodes). The series first aired on June 4, 2012. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 3.8.

Kendra on Top is available for streaming on the WeTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kendra on Top on demand at Pluto TV Amazon, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on WeTV
6 Seasons, 95 Episodes
June 4, 2012
Kids & Family
Cast: Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett
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Kendra on Top Full Episode Guide

  • Kendra's Sin City debut spins out of control when her mom and dad clash in a shocking family fiasco 20 years in the making; a surprise visitor spills Patti's shocking secret, leaving Kendra fuming.

  • Kendra's opening night is threatened by drama from the 20-year reunion of Patti, Colin and ex-husband Eric; and Jessica confronts Patti about her claims.

  • Kendra prepares for the worst as opening night draws near; Patti and Colin worry about an unwanted reunion with Eric and his new wife; and Kendra fears her dream to reunite her family could be a big mistake.

  • Kendra fears Patti will ruin her opening night; Patti splurges on an extravagant purchase with the big advance for her tell-all; Kendra spoils her kids in Vegas; and Patti and her publisher devise a secret plan.

  • Kendra's tested at rehearsals for her sexy Las Vegas play when they flip the script on her; Colin confronts Patti about her tell-all book; and Kendra worries about opening night.

  • Kendra parties in Vegas; and Patti storms out. Later, Patti reveals she distrusts Jessica when Kendra confronts her; and Colin is shocked by news of Patti's tell-all book.

  • Kendra moves to Las Vegas and plans a wild bachelorette party, but she's shocked when her mom shows up. Later, Patti goes behind Kendra's back and secretly writes a chapter of her tell-all book.

  • Kendra and Hank welcome Patti back into their lives beginning with Alijah's birthday party. A lavish gift from grand-dude awakens a bitterness in Patti; and a last temptation has Patti going back on her promise.

  • Kendra gets revealing news about her role in a Las Vegas play, while Patti makes a surprise visit to see Hank. Unable to regain Hank's trust, Patti is forced to choose between fame and family.

  • Kendra storms out after giving Patti an ultimatum; Patti is urged to confront Hank; Kendra meets with an acting coach to prep for her sexy new play; Patti shocks Hank when she shows up unannounced.

  • Kendra becomes enraged when her manager reveals her mom's secret -- Patti met with a publisher behind her back; Kendra races to San Diego to confront Patti; Kendra and Patti face off.

  • A sexy and exciting job offer causes trouble for Kendra when she makes a big decision without Hank! Patti talks tell all at girls' night.

  • Kendra shares surprising news with her mom; a shocked Patti learns how Hank really feels about her; Patti keeps a secret from Kendra; Colin and Patti are at odds.

  • Hank loses it when he finds out about Patti's tell all book threat; Patti has a secret meeting with a famous book publisher who digs for dirt on Kendra.

  • Kendra keeps a secret from Hank; Patti breaks down in tears, upset by Eric's role in Kendra's life and hoping to reunite with Hank; Patti agrees to meet with a book publisher, but doesn't tell Kendra.

  • Kendra leaves boot camp fearing Patti's tell-all book threat; Hank snubs Patti; Kendra keeps a secret; Patti gets an enticing phone call from a book publisher that could make Kendra's worst fear come true.

  • Eric surprises Colin with an unexpected visit. Bridget gives Kendra a special gift. Eric offers Kendra parental advice. Kendra sees her music video.

  • Tensions run high on Kendra's music video set. Kendra invites her brother to a BBQ, but it causes family stress when he worries his dad might show up.

  • Kendra says goodbye to her childhood home; Kendra hopes to reunite with Colin with his father; Eric gets emotional.

  • Colin contacts Kendra about coming to San Diego. Kendra is upset when Jessica invites Amy to a girl's night out. Hank surprises the family.

  • Bridget Marquardt meets Kendra for lunch to discuss the Girls Next Door reunion, Holly, and their past.

  • Kendra agrees to meet with former Girls Next Door roommate, Bridget Marquardt. LaVance shares information about Patti with Kendra.

  • The sudden loss of Kendra's grandmother prompts a reunion with her brother, Colin. Both Kendra and her mother will be at the funeral.

  • Kendra shares a beach house with her dad and confides she's nervous about an upcoming family meeting. Eric asks Kendra to deliver a message.

  • Kendra shoots a pilot and walks the red carpet in Australia. Hank warns LaVance about the consequences of reuniting Kendra with her brother. Kendra reunites with her dad.

  • Kendra heads to Australia for a new acting gig. A text from LaVance makes Kendra question their friendship and her family ties. Kendra makes a daring choice.

  • Kendra apologizes to Jessica and makes a surprising offer. When LaVance pushes Kendra to meet with her brother, she questions whose side he's on.

  • Kendra shoots a sexy video with Jayde for Hef's birthday, but when Jessica is left out their friendship is in jeopardy. Girls Next Door reunion talk.

  • Kendra gets surprising information from her friend LaVance that her brother Colin wants to meet with her. Kendra is concerned that reconnecting will lead to more public outbursts and more heartbreak.

  • Kendra and Jayde question the likelihood of a Girls Next Door reunion. Kendra fears her mom's rumored tell all will damage her relationship with her dad. Kendra asks LaVance for details on her fractured family.

  • Kendra, haunted by rumors of a tell-all book, cuts loose at Sundance. When her flirting goes too far, Hank thinks she's gone too far.

  • Kendra declares war when she hears rumors of her mother's tell-all book; a possible Girls Next Door reunion.

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