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  • 2012
  • 1 Season
  • 4.2  (450)

The Pauly D Project was a reality TV series on MTV which focused on the life of the reality star, DJ and club promoter, Paul 'Pauly D' DelVecchio. The show aired in 2012 and followed Pauly D's day-to-day life as he chased his musical dreams and traveled the world.

Pauly D first rose to fame on another MTV show, Jersey Shore, which documented his life as a part of a group of young adults living together in a beach house in New Jersey. The Pauly D Project continued where that show left off, with DelVecchio now a much more famous and well-recognized figure on the international DJ scene.

At the beginning of the series, viewers learned about Pauly D's early life, his love of music, and his DJing ambitions, which had driven him to pursue a career in music. The first few episodes of the series focused on Pauly D's experiences with his new fame, and the challenges that come with it. One of the main challenges he faced was the need to constantly travel for gigs, which made it difficult to maintain a normal life in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island.

Throughout the series, viewers followed Pauly D as he traveled to different cities, performed at various clubs and music festivals, and interacted with his fans. Along with promoting his music, the show also delved into Pauly D's personal life, including his relationships and friendships.

The show also introduced viewers to several of Pauly D's closest friends and associates from his hometown, including his personal assistants, Ryan Labbe and Gerard "Big Jerry" Gialanella. Ryan and Jerry helped Pauly D with everything from his daily schedule to picking out his clothes for gigs. The show also introduced viewers to Dash Kennedy Williams, Pauly D's longtime friend and music producer, who worked with him on creating new tracks.

One of the highlights of The Pauly D Project was the behind-the-scenes look it provided into the world of a successful DJ. The show captured Pauly D's intense preparation for his performances, which included selecting the right music, creating remixes, and perfecting his mixing techniques. It also showed the adrenaline rush he experienced while on stage, as well as the hard work that went into setting up and breaking down his equipment.

In addition to his music career, the show also highlighted Pauly D's many other interests and hobbies. For example, he was shown taking part in various sports, including snowboarding, and attending car shows where he displayed his collection of sports cars.

Throughout the series, The Pauly D Project also included guest appearances from other celebrities, including Britney Spears, who worked with Pauly D on her Femme Fatale tour in 2011. The show also gave viewers a glimpse into Pauly D's personal life, showing him interacting with his family and friends from his hometown.

All in all, The Pauly D Project was an entertaining and engaging look into the life of one of reality TV's biggest stars. It provided a unique perspective on the experience of fame and success, and also showcased the hard work and dedication it takes to make it in the music industry. For fans of Pauly D or those interested in the world of professional DJing, this show is definitely worth a watch.

The Pauly D Project is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on March 29, 2012.

The Pauly D Project
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PD Was Here
12. PD Was Here
June 14, 2012
On their final day in Puerto Rico, Biggie finally proposes to Mary Jane. Back in Rhode Island, Pauly considers his future and surprises students at his old high school by performing at their winter dance.
Divas, Diamonds and D...
11. Divas, Diamonds and D...
June 7, 2012
The guys head to Puerto Rico, where Pauly has a gig with Britney Spears. While there, they celebrate Jerry's birthday, and Biggie anticipates asking MJ to marry him.
Cents and the City
10. Cents and the City
May 31, 2012
Pauly meets with 50 Cent's record label. What should be a happy moment is ruined when Ryan leaves and the boys must patch things up in Rhode Island. Things look up when Pauly makes a guest appearance at a major concert.
A Good Impression
9. A Good Impression
May 24, 2012
Now that he has the ring, Biggie asks MJ's parents' permission to marry their daughter. Meanwhile, Pauly gets invited to have his hands imprinted at Planet Hollywood in New York City and invites the crew to join him for a trip.
Spin City
8. Spin City
May 17, 2012
During Pauly's set, Biggie is fed up with Ryan for giving Pauly alcohol. Meanwhile, Pauly's ex-girlfriend, Angel has the time of her life in Vegas.
Spirits & Angels
7. Spirits & Angels
May 10, 2012
Back in Vegas, the boys try to manipulate Biggie into going to a strip club, which could cause potential problems with MJ. Meanwhile, Angel pays Pauly a surprise visit.
Where the Heart Is
6. Where the Heart Is
May 3, 2012
The guys return home to Rhode Island and Pauly surprises an ailing fan; Biggie makes a big decision; Jerry goes on a date; Pauly visits his ex-girlfriend.
The Troops are Here!
5. The Troops are Here!
April 26, 2012
Pauly and his boys are asked to perform at an Army base for troops deploying to Afghanistan.
The Ring Toss
4. The Ring Toss
April 19, 2012
Pauly gets involved with a married woman in the Las Vegas club scene. Meanwhile, Biggie tells the guys he wants to propose to Mary Jane.
Fools Rush In
3. Fools Rush In
April 12, 2012
Pauly struggles to find romance in Las Vegas; Jerry and Biggie encourage Ryan to ease off the alcohol for the sake of Pauly's career.
The Suite Life
2. The Suite Life
April 5, 2012
Pauly and his crew move into their Las Vegas suite. On their first night out, Ryan has a meltdown, which threatens Pauly's residency at the Palms.
Hello Pressure! I'm Pauly D.
1. Hello Pressure! I'm Pauly D.
March 29, 2012
In the series premiere, Jersey Shore star Pauly Delvecchio follows his DJ dreams. He takes his hometown friends with him on a trip to Las Vegas, where he auditions to become the resident DJ at the Palms Casino.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 29, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    4.2  (450)