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This reality series picks up where its predecessor, 16 and Pregnant, left off. Now, the show's teenagers have given birth and are trying to figure out how to be actual parents. The added craziness of being on a reality TV series doesn't help matters any. Teen Mom is a series that is currently running and has 16 seasons (319 episodes). The series first aired on December 8, 2009.

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Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
16 Seasons, 319 Episodes
December 8, 2009
Cast: Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Farrah Laurel Abraham
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Teen Mom Full Episode Guide

  • Cheyenne confronts Cory about his priorities shifting away from Ryder. Maci makes a difficult decision on whether to extend the Order of Protection on Ryan. Mackenzie plans a special day to celebrate her late mother's birthday.

  • As Cory and Taylor prepare for their gender reveal party, Cheyenne worries that Cory's attention might shift once the baby is born. Catelynn and Tyler celebrate Vaeda's 1st birthday. Amber's brother visits and questions Dimitri's intentions.

  • Amber seeks advice from her psychiatrist when she begins to pull away from Dimitri. Catelynn finds an organic baby food company and travels to NY to consider a partnership. Cheyenne is nervous to let Cory know that Ryder was hospitalized.

  • Amber is suspicious that Dimitri leaked their relationship to the media. Bentley becomes a big brother to Ryan's baby. Still working through her grief, Mackenzie takes a trip to FL. Ryder develops a fever forcing Cheyenne to rush her to the hospital.

  • Amber's boyfriend from Belgium comes to visit. Cheyenne enrolls Ryder in a prep class while Cory is away on The Challenge. Catelynn and Tyler worry Ashley might be slipping back into old habits while Mackenzie struggles with the loss of her mom.

  • Amber starts a new romance, while Catelynn considers starting a career as a vet tech. Maci is content co-parenting with Jen, Ryan's mom, but Ryan is frustrated. Cheyenne ends her relationship with Matt, while Corey leaves to compete on The Challenge.

  • Amber is shocked when home security footage leaks from the night she was arrested. Andrew decides to share his side of the story. Catelynn confronts her mom about the trauma she experienced when she placed Carly for adoption.

  • An argument between Cheyenne and Matt makes her question their relationship. Ryan shows up to Bentley's party. Amber avoids serving jail time. Catelynn and Tyler decide if they want to let their friend move in with them. Mackenzie gets a job offer.

  • Gary takes Amber to anger management class after audio is leaked from a dispute. Catelynn visits her psychiatrist after listening to Amber's audio leaks. Cheyenne decides to start an event planning business. Maci invites Ryan to Bentley's bday party.

  • Cheyenne throws her first fundraising event for VLCAD support. Amber's custody battle takes a turn when Andrew petitions to move James to CA. Maci strives to support PCOS Awareness Month. Mackenzie tries to file for divorce but Josh refuses to sign.

  • After a widely publicized arrest, Amber is released from jail. Mackenzie finds out Josh cheated on her. Maci's son can't go to Jagger's first birthday party. Cheyenne's boyfriend finally moves to LA. Catelynn has an anniversary surprise in store.

  • In Part 2 of the reunion, Amber reveals never before heard information about her recent arrest, Butch defends his actions to Cate and Ty, Maci speaks candidly with Jen and Larry, and the entire cast reflects on 10 years of OG.

  • Celebrate 10 years of OG as Dr. Drew & Nessa sit down with the cast to discuss this action packed season. Cate and Ty sit down with Brandon and Theresa for the first time in a decade. Ryan speaks on his addiction.

  • Cheyenne confronts Cory’s girlfriend, Taylor, about her past racist tweets, while Maci takes Bentley to see a counselor to help him process everything that has gone on with Ryan. Mackenzie gets devastating news about her mom’s cancer.

  • Amber feels she’s at a breaking point with Andrew. Cheyenne takes a trip to wine country with Matt and Ryder to test out if he can handle parenting Ryder. As Mackenzie tries to prepare for a fitness competition, Josh goes MIA.

  • Maci and Taylor take the family to Atlanta for Bentley’s baseball tournament and Ryan makes a surprise appearance. Cheyenne’s father grills Matt about his unconditional love while Cory and Taylor discuss the possibility of hanging out all together.

  • As Maci comes to the end of her birth control, she suggests Taylor get a vasectomy. When social media explodes after Tyler goes out with friends in Arizona, Catelynn has a night out on the town with her girlfriends. Cheyenne goes to Baltimore.

  • Amber and Gary discuss how to handle Leah’s panic attacks. Cheyenne questions Cory’s priorities when he goes on vacation with Taylor at the same time that his mom comes to town to visit. Maci throws Taylor a surprise 30th birthday party.

  • Catelynn celebrates Mother's Day at home while Tyler visits his sister in Texas and discovers that Butch has relapsed; Maci goes to Washington to advocate for PCOS; Cheyenne is shocked at Cory's girlfriend's behavior.

  • The ladies take their first girls' trip together in 10 years to Florida; excited for a chance to be away, Catelynn breaks the news to Nova who doesn't take it well; Maci plans a birthday surprise for Amber at a drag show.

  • Ryan returns home after spending 90 days in jail and Maci is disappointed he doesn’t make more of an effort with Bentley. Cheyenne and Matt’s relationship is getting serious, but Cory is shocked when he finds out they want to have a baby.

  • Maci and Taylor have a TTM photoshoot debuting their toddler line, while Ryan’s family prepares for his release from prison. Catelynn worries that Nova isn’t adjusting to her new sister Vaeda, so decides to buy her a pony.

  • The teen moms field questions from fans of the series.

  • Cory and Taylor grow closer, Maci tells Bentley about Ryan's arrest, and Cheyenne doesn't think Cory understands the complexities of Ryder's genetic disorder.

  • Catelynn and Tyler work out their differences, Cheyenne disapproves of Cory's girlfriend, Maci is wary about speaking with Ryan, and Amber discusses her spat with Jenelle.

  • Chelsea, Kailyn, Leah, and Jenelle join Nessa to react to a collection of hilarious and touching never-before-seen clips from "TM2"

  • Hosted by Dr. Drew, the girls and their families come together to discuss the past seasons drama, accomplishments and story.

  • Hosted by Dr. Drew, the girls and their families come together to discuss the past seasons drama, accomplishments and story.

  • The girls and their families travel to LA for the Teen Mom 2 reunion and the drama follows. Jenelle and Barbara's onstage feud leads to a backstage blowout. After reconciling with Javi, Kailyn is blindsided by allegations.

  • Jenelle reaches her boiling point with Barbara. Chelsea and Cole add a temporary member to their family. Kailyn and Javi face off. Leah is forced to make a tough decision about beauty school.

  • Divorce mediation leads to arguments outside the courtroom for Kailyn and Javi. Chelsea officially reveals her baby's gender. Leah finds out that Jeremy is engaged.

  • Leah struggles with Addie missing her father. Chelsea meets with Adam's ex. Jenelle and Nathan face off in court over custody of Kaiser. Kailyn starts summer school with some extra help from Jo.

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