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The original cast of MTV's reality party series Jersey Shore returns for the reboo Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. The original series ended in 2012. In the meantime, the hard-partying cast members have become parents and spouses. But they're eager to show that they still have plenty of party left in them. This time they're getting together far from Jersey.

Jersey Shore somewhat follows the mold set by previously popular reality TV shows: 8 people are brought together to live in a house and have their lives taped for the world to see. The goings on in the group home are wild and crazy, proving again that real life is more dramatic than soap operas. The first season took place during a summer in New Jersey, where the cast is from, but subsequent seasons have seen the cast moved to new locales. This is all familiar to people who have seen other reality TV shows, but what makes Jersey Shore so unique is the cast.

The most famous, perhaps infamous, cast member is Nicole Polizzi (AKA "Snooki"). Snooki's antics have gained her widespread notoriety; she has been filmed getting arrested, sleeping around, being very drunk, being a ditz, and much more. The rest of the cast, while not as prominent as the aforementioned 'breakout star' of the show, also bring a great deal of appeal to the show. The cast has not remained the same throughout every season, but the other current cast members are: Deena Cortese, Jennifer Farley ("JWoww"), Michael Sorrentino ("The Situation"), Paul Delvecchio ("Pauly D"), Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Samantha Giancola ("Sweetheart"), and Vinny Guadagnino. All of them are frequently hilarious, and are presented as being stereotypical "guidos."

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (92 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 2018.

Where do I stream Jersey Shore: Family Vacation online? Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is available for streaming on MTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on demand at , Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, MTV, Hulu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Philo online.

Thursday 8:00 PM et/pt on MTV
4 Seasons, 92 Episodes
April 5, 2018
Cast: Paul 'Pauly D' DelVecchio, Ronnie Magro, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, Jenni Farley
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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Full Episode Guide

  • Ten months after a bridesmaids speech almost destroyed the family, Angelina gets her wedding redo while Mike tries to keep his secret until after the festivities.

  • RSVP plan Angelina's wedding redo. Uncle Nino is officiating and Vinny is giving the wedding speech. What could go wrong?

  • Angelina's wedding redo is planned; Uncle Nino officiates; Vinny gives the wedding speech.

  • Dr. Drew helps mediate the conflict between Angelina and Jenni. And a messy situation is about to get messier when Deena learns her private conversation with Mike wasn't so private.

  • JWOWW and Angelina put the A in awkward at family dinner. Afterwards, the guys are at a loss so Ronnie calls in a favor from Dr. Drew to see if he can help bring the family back together.

  • angelina and deena have buried the hatchet, and the family vacation can officially begin. but jenni's arrival is about the change everything.

  • pauly brings nikki to family dinner, and the guys hold their breath as deena and angelina come face to face for the first time in 10 months. but vinny's offhanded comment about a wedding speech could derail everything.

  • Pauly scrambles to get Deena and Angelina on board with a family dinner before Nikki arrives. But a mob of raccoons almost foils his plan. Meanwhile, back in Jersey, Jenni is having some major fomo.

  • The Situation forgets the plan at dinner, and then forgets he's on a TV show. And a text from back home rattles the roommates and threatens to blow the whole vacation up.

  • « Previous Ep.The double book comes full circle as Angelina touches down In lake Las Vegas. But her arrival has Deena on edge, Vinny ducking punches, and The Situation overwhelmed.

  • Hosted by dating show experts: DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino, 6 girls will compete for the love of the ultimate bachelor, Ronnie Magro, on the brand new dating show, "A trouble shot at love."

  • The countdown to Angelina's arrival is on and the guys need to figure out how to tell Deena. Meanwhile, the squad tries to play matchmaker by creating a dating show for Single Ronnie.

  • Two days after Angelina's wedding, the girls are at major odds over the speech heard around the world. And Mike "The Situation" becomes "The Mediation" in hopes of bringing the family back together.

  • Mike, Pauly, Ronnie and Vinny get together to revisit and rehash the last season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation beginning to end, with an all new perspective from behind the scenes

  • Mike, Pauly, Ronnie and Vinny relive the ins-and-outs, twists and turns of Angelina's epic wedding. They walk through the big day, step-by-step, from her "first looks" with Chris, to her emotional first dance, to the moment it all came crashing down around the wedding speech heard round the world.

  • Angelina encounters some familiar faces as she gives a tour of the Las Vegas resort where the cast and crew quarantined together while shooting Season 4.

  • Angelina's wedding reception erupts into chaos after Deena, Jenni and Nicole deliver their speech. The girls are horrified, Angelina snaps, and the guys try to make things right. But the damage done may be well beyond repair.

  • The big day is finally here. While Angelina is feeling blessed, JWOWW is feeling cursed, and Vinny is feeling violated.

  • With Angelina's wedding right around the corner, the squad comes together to celebrate her with a trip to the Jersey Shore.

  • As the countdown to Angelina's wedding begins, Mike is moving on up and Pauly D and Jenni's wild night has the roomies asking a lot of questions.

  • The gang kicks it off by heading to Las Vegas. After partying through Sin City, they head back to the East Coast, celebrating milestones in Atlantic City

  • The gang heads to Las Vegas to party, and then they go back to the East Coast, celebrating milestones in Atlantic City, and settle in for an extended summer stay at the shore.

  • Jenni and Angelina clear the air, and Operation Crash the Bachelorette is in full effect as Mike, Vinny and Pauly hatch a plan to crash the girls' weekend in NOLA.

  • The gang heads to Las Vegas to party, and then they go back to the East Coast, celebrating milestones in Atlantic City and settle in for an extended summer stay at the shore.

  • The guys need some GTL. Angelina needs a prenup lawyer, and Deana and Nicole need to go home

  • It's premiere night for the guidos as they screen a movie they made in Mike's honor. Then, they cram eight months into one night when they re-enact all the moments Mike missed while he was away in prison.

  • Vinny's mom, Paola, prepares a grand Italian feast for Mike, and Uncle Nino tags along. Meanwhile, Angelina invites an unexpected guest out to the bar.

  • The gang kicks it off by heading to Las Vegas. After partying through Sin City, they head back to the East Coast, celebrating milestones in Atlantic City

  • Mike is finally reunited with the roommates. The Guidos find out what's next for the family with the help of a psychic.

  • After 8 long months of being locked up in federal prison, Mike "The Situation" is finally free. The group is once again whole.

  • After a tumultuous year, Mike 'The Situation' rejoins the group after his long-awaited release from prison, and the roommates finally feel whole again and ready for a fresh start. While Nicole and Deena continue to live their best 'mommy' lives, Jenni embraces her newly single life and Vinny is happily eating carbs again. Meanwhile, Ronnie's quest for inner peace is always foiled because of his on-again/off-again relationship, DJ Pauly D is touring the country conquering the DJ world, and Angelina is gearing up to say 'I do!'

  • It's been 10 years since The Guidos took over Seaside, and the world! We're celebrating their 10th anniversary by looking back at all of the memorable moments of the last decade.

  • The girls continue their search for justice in D.C. Pauly D pulls an epic prank, and Deena is bored with Vinny.

  • The girls miss Mike, and can't believe he's still locked up. So, they take matters into their own hands and travel to Washington D.C. to protest at the White House.

  • The gang spends the day on the boardwalk, but will lingering tension between Nicole, Jenni, and Angelina ruin their fun?

  • The roomies' plan for a fun weekend down the shore is upended when Jenni and Angelina discuss that infamous night in Las Vegas.

  • An awkward night in Vegas between Angelina and 24 leaves tensions at an all-time high; everything is about to pop off at Deena's son's baptism.

  • JWOWW's new man, Zack aka 24, joins the party in Vegas and gets acquainted with all of the roomies...especially, Angelina.

  • Uncle Nino, Ronnie's baby mama, and JWoww's new boyfriend walk into a bar...

  • Jenni gets involved with Ronnie's relationship, Vinny bares it all on the Chippendales stage, and Pauly pulls the ultimate prank: cue Uncle Nino.

  • Angelina gets herself in a slippery situation, the roomies get a call from Mike, and Ronnie's relationship isn't as good as it seems.

  • Will Vinny's injury prevent him from stripping? Is Ronnie really telling the truth? And why is Pauly riding a scooter? Many questions need to be answered when the gang travels to Vegas to see Vinny perform at Chippendales.

  • Vinny loses his footing, the boys visit Mike in jail, and JWoww has a new man.

  • JWoww needs to clear the air with Angelina and Ronnie, and she's out for blood. Meanwhile, Ronnie returns from recovery with a new outlook on life.

  • Mike prepares for his prison sentence, Ron realizes it's time to make changes in his life, Jen's split from Roger goes public, and Deena celebrates the birth of her baby boy.

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