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Meet Daria Morgandorffer. Daria is just an average teenager in suburban America: bitterly sarcastic with a knack for corrosive come backs and a grim take on reality. After leaving Bevis and Butt-Head behind in Highland, Daria has moved to Lawndale with her parents, part time businessman Jake and ambitious corporate lawyer Helen, and her fashionista sister Quinn. Jake and Helen are reformed hippies turned upper middle class professionals and clueless parents, who, while being endlessly proud of pretty, popular Quinn, have difficulty relating to social outcast Daria.

Daria relies on her best friend and fellow persona non grata, Jane Lane, along with their favorite television show "Sick, Sad, World" to help her survive high school and the crowds of oblivious teenagers. Jane is a talented artist with a similarly cynical outlook on the world, who lives with her brother Trent Lane: a moody Gen X-er with a guitar, a beat up Plymouth, and Daria's secret crush.

Together Daria and Jane, occasionally along with another unfortunate soul thrown in the mix, attempt to put a mirror up to the face of society through sarcasm and blunt realism to demonstrate how ludicrous teenage life can be. Their efforts usually prove futile however, as the targets of their quips are almost always too clueless to be offended.

Daria hopes that it is possible to dive in to the melting pot of high school, and make it to the other side without drowning in the stupidity of the masses; or worse: becoming one of them herself.

Daria is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (67 episodes). The series first aired on March 3, 1997.

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5 Seasons, 67 Episodes
March 3, 1997
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Tracy Grandstaff, Wendy Hoopes, Julian Rebolledo, John Lynn
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Daria Full Episode Guide

  • A clip filled episode that looks back at the past 5 seasons. The episode also features a preview of Is It College Yet?, a movie based on the show.

  • After going through a box of old stuff, some of the items trigger Daria's childhood memories. The memories, which were about her parents arguing over Daria's antisocialness, upset her. Daria then has to come to terms with her problems as a child.

  • Jane starts to date Nathan, a retro guy, but Daria and Tom don't like him as well as Jane. Later, Jane sees how far Nathan takes his retro lifestyle and decides that he isn't right for her. Meanwhile, Upchuck finally attracts Stacy when he performs magic tricks at school.

  • Helen wants Daria to invite Tom over for dinner, but Daria is afraid that Jake will embarrass her and Tom. Quinn sets out on a mission to find one guy to date exclusively and finally settles on Jeffy. At dinner, Jake ends up bonding with Tom and Jeffy when they all try to capture the squirrel that's been bothering Jake.

  • The Lane's gazebo falls apart and Lane and Trent decide to rebuild it. To earn money for the repairs, Lane sells some artwork and ends up being hired to recreate famous paintings for a gallery in town. Trent tries to hire guys to help them fix the gazebo, but he can't get the slackers he hired to do any work.

  • The teachers at Lawndale High go on strike and substitutes are hired to replace them. After one substitute is fired, Daria replaces him, which makes Quinn worry that people will find out that Daria is related to her. The secret gets out when Quinn does well on a test and the Fashion Club ask her about her real relation to Daria. Meanwhile, Jane and Trent help with the strike by making posters and writing lyrics for the campaign.

  • Daria writes a story that she wants to get published, but only lets Jane and Tom read it. Tom encourages her to submit it, but when she does, the story gets rejected and Daria becomes discouraged. The Fashion Club set out to win a humanitarian award by donating a mirror to the school, but can't come up with the money to do so. Meanwhile, Helen worries that Daria may rush into having sex with Tom.

  • Daria and Quinn return to Camp Grizzly for a reunion. At the reunion, Quinn's old friends are similar to the Fashion Club, and Daria sees how antisocial she still is. Meanwhile, after Trent and Jane drop off Daria and Quinn, they meet an elderly storekeeper who becomes the inspiration for one of Trent's songs. Back in Lawndale, Helen and Jake clean out their garage.

  • Daria feels like Tom is taking her for granted as they near their 6 month anniversary. Daria talks to Helen about how she feels, but Helen doesn't give her too much help. Tom admits to Daria that he isn't the romantic type and was only romantic with Jane to save their relationship. Meanwhile, Jake gets hired at an internet start-up company. However, the other employees are younger than him and he can't understand their lingo.

  • Facing low funding, Ms. Li takes money from a soda company in exchange for advertising at the high school. Daria objects to the advertising, but no one else feels the same way. However, Ms. Li can't meet the quota the company set and is forced to get out of the deal.

  • All vile things must come to an end, and for Daria Morgendorffer that means it's time to look beyond high school to college. With Daria's best friend Jane wondering whether to go to college at all, and her sister Quinn enduring the tortures of (gasp!) a job, it's no wonder Daria's second movie soon has America's pokerfaced sweetheart droning the question: Is It College Yet?

  • Jane wants to dye her hair to look like tiger stripes and has Daria help her. Jane begins to ask Daria about why she's spending time with Tom and then accuses Daria of ruining her hair after the dye job turns out bad. Later, Daria kisses Tom and after feeling guilty, she tells Jane, who's furious. However, Jane sees how good of a couple Tom and Daria make so they call a truce.

  • The Morgendorffers have to say in a hotel when Jake starts a fire in the kitchen of their home. At the hotel, Jake and Helen become over-relaxed and Quinn attracts a bellhop named Bobby, who ends up being a stalker. Meanwhile, Daria stays with Jane and ends up getting along with Tom, making Jane jealous.

  • Quinn becomes convinced that she has a guardian angel when she is almost killed by a falling chandelier and doesn't eat a salad dressing that gives everyone else food poisoning. But Quinn's good luck comes to a halt at Brittany's party when she spills juice and breaks Brittany's gift. Daria then has to convince Quinn that her guardian angel didn't leave her.

  • The Fashion Club is forced to take the bus when Jake's car won't start and he can't pick them up from the mall. But when the Fashion Club gets lost, Jake has Trent go with him, Daria, and Jane to find the lost girls. While searching, various characters tell three separate ghost stories set in different decades.

  • Several characters travel to the bulk-discount store over the course of the day. Jane and Daria go to buy gummy bears and shoe laces. Trent, Jesse, and Tom go to buy headlamp, scented candles, and so Tom can find Jane. Mr. DeMartino and Mrs. Johanson go for the free samples. The Fashion Club go to buy beauty supplies, but are disgusted with the quality the store has to offer. Kevin and Brittany go to buy barbeque sauce, but forget what they came to buy.

  • Daria goes with Jake to a businessmen's convention when Quinn invites the Fashion Club to their house for a sleepover. Daria and Jake have a tough time finding things in common. Meanwhile, the Fashion Club gives Helen a makeover and Quinn and Sandi are constantly at odds.

  • Daria goes out to buy toilet paper and at the same time, the Lawndale Homecoming Parade is taking place. On her way home, she runs into Tad Gupty, who's lost, so Daria tries to help him find his parents. During the search, Daria runs into Tom, who's looking for Jane, and the two end up spending time together despite Daria's resentment towards him.

  • The football team all get perfect scores on the history test, and Mr. DeMartino suspects that Kevin stole the answers to the test. While holding the class until someone confesses, Daria jokes about killing Kevin for ruining her perfect record, but later has a dream in which Kevin was killed. In the dream Daria is the main suspect in Kevin's murder, and she, with the help of "Upchuck's Angels", have to prove otherwise.

  • Kevin hurts his knee in a motorcycle accident and can't play football, which leads Brittany to break up with him and the team to go on a losing streak. Kevin only feels sorry for himself until Daria suggests that he talk to younger kids about how dangerous motorcycles can be. This helps Kevin feel better about himself, but as the team continues to lose, Kevin has to decide whether to help the team or continue to talk to the kids.

  • Mr. O'Neill wants his class to experience "The Call of the Wild", so he organizes a class camping trip. Things don't go well when a blizzard hits Lawndale and everyone gets trapped in a cabin. Meanwhile, Helen and Jake also go to the woods, but they go to work on their communication and intimacy as a couple.

  • In Mrs. Bennett's class, Daria is assigned to do a report on applying for a loan and buying a car. Due to Daria still having trouble accepting Jane's relationship with Tom, Daria partners up with Jodie instead of Jane. Working with Jodie makes Daria see that she's too inflexible and has alienated her few friends because of it, and Jane forgives Daria for how she acted.