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The creative team behind the cable television network MTV decided to branch out with several scripted television shows. On July 19, 2011, the network premiered the teen show Awkward. The series focuses on Jenna Hamilton. She is 15 years old and struggling to fit in with other teens her age.

During the first episode, Jenna is in the bathroom when she suffers a mishap. The incident causes everyone to believe that she tried to commit suicide. At first, Jenna

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
6 Seasons, 101 Episodes
July 19, 2011
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Awkward. Full Episode Guide

  • A cheating scandal! Friendships tested! An after school project gone awry! Take a sneak peek at the returning season of Awkward.

  • Spoiler alert! Relive the first 34 episodes of Awkward through the eyes of the cast in "How We Got Here."

  • Can't wait for the return of Awkward? Find out the stars' most favorite, most awkward, Awkward moments.

  • Find out more about the stars of Awkward as they reveal their favorite dangerous animal, weather, thing that flies and fruit... just to name a few.

  • At Val's behest, Mr. Hart's class writes and produces their own after school special, and the cautionary tale they come up with looks awfully familiar.

  • In the season finale, Jenna must choose between Luke or Matty.

  • With assistance from Luke, Jenna secures an important meeting at SCU and Tamara reveals the truth about her money woes. Jenna is faced with a major dilemma.

  • After a fight with Luke, Jenna decides to go to her camp reunion.

  • Jenna goes public with Luke, and Tamara's debt comes back to haunt her.

  • Jenna babysits with a little help from Matty; Lissa discovers the secret to being a Palos Hills mom; and Tamara and Sadie participate in a rich-kid clambake.

  • Jenna makes a choice between the Idea Bin and Matty; Jake has a spontaneous hookup; and Sadie and Sergio bare more than ever before.

  • Jenna and Matty work on their friendship while they throw a party for Jake; Jenna's latest Idea Bin post could ruin everything.

  • Jenna and Tamara are scheduled to work at the country club on July 4th; and Sully plans an after-hours party on the golf course.

  • Jenna chooses to put a new relationship on the backburner so that she can connect with her co-workers; and Tamara throws a birthday party for Sadie.

  • Jenna reveals the details of what caused the rift between Matty and Jenna, what sparked the friendship between Sadie and Tamara, and how Jake and Lissa got back together.

  • A new Jenna returns home from her first year of college, but her newfound confidence is shaken when she realizes everyone else is different too.

  • Everyone hopes the last night of high school is the best.

  • Prom doesn't go as planned.

  • Jenna has to go through a lot of hoops to have a dream prom.

  • Jenna gets shocking news around the time of prom.

  • Jenna wishes she can tell the truth to Matty.

  • When Tamara accuses Jenna of being a relationship saboteur, Jenna goes to her ex-boyfriends to check the facts.

  • Jenna must host a celebration for Tamara's fake engagement; and Jenna is looking for the truth after Gabby reveals a secret about Matty.

  • Jenna is feeling down about her senior superlative in the yearbook.

  • Jenna reaches a higher social-status; Matty battles unpopularity; Jake pursues a new crush; and Ally runs a party for sex toys.

  • Jenna has an incident at school that ends in a surprising way. Matty has to deal with the aftermath of his run in with Jake.

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'Awkward' Renewed by MTV for Fifth (and Final) Season

Get ready to say goodbye to "Awkward."

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