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"The Secret Life of the American Teenager", a teen drama on ABC, was created, written and produced by Brenda Hampton who also created 7th Heaven. Secret Life, as the show is also known, began in 2009. Its eye-opening storyline centers on high school Freshman (Amy Juergens) who becomes pregnant during a one-night-stand on a band trip. The show follows the challenges to her family and life as she continues through high school as a single mother.

The story primarily follows the Juergens family, consisting of parents, George and Anne, their children Amy, Ashley, and (eventually) Robert, and their grandson (Amy's son) John. During the course of the series, Amy must wrestle with the intricacies of high school social politics and her own personal dramas dealing with her boyfriend, Ben, and Ricky, the father of her son.

It's not only Amy who has relationship challenges, but Amy's own parents divorce and reconcile, and have another child during the course of the series. Additionally, Anne makes a startling realization about herself which ultimately casts strong doubt on the possibility of remarriage to George despite their renewed affection for one another.

A large cast of characters rounds out this series. Amy's younger sister, takes a non-traditional approach to finishing high school and wrestles with her own approach to living a meaningful life. The cast of high schoolers with whom Amy frequently interacts experience all of the relationship fluctuations that television drama writers can possibly drum up.

Secret Life has received several Teen Choice Award nominations and recorded one win. The show was picked up for a fifth season in the spring of 2012, and no doubt millions of eager fans will be fixed to the television in the fall, anxious to see how their favorite characters deal with the blows of teen drama.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (121 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2008.

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Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on FreeForm
5 Seasons, 121 Episodes
July 1, 2008
Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann, Daren Kagasoff, Molly Ringwald, India Eisley
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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Full Episode Guide

  • It's graduation and the group feels nostalgic about the last few years. Amy feels divided, while Grace contemplates Jack's place in her life. Meanwhile, Adrian is ecstatic when an unexpected visitor knocks on her door.

  • Ricky is suspicious of Amy and confronts her. Ethan receives much-needed advice about his love life. Amy is furious with Ben. Jack's commitment to Grace is tested, and Henry makes an important decision about his future.

  • Adrian is devastated by Omar's decision and lashes out on Ricky and Jack. Ben is determined to reunite with Amy and makes an unexpected confession to Alice. Meanwhile, Clementine returns to town and pays Ricky a visit.

  • Ricky discovers Amy's reasoning for her choice of wedding day. Amy, Adrian and Grace struggle to restore their relationships while pursuing their individual dreams. Anne begins to feel like an outsider in her own family but soon finds an unlikely ally.

  • Amy and Ricky announce their wedding date, but everyone is skeptical. Grace and Jack make an exciting announcement as well.

  • Ethan gets a new perspective of math after meeting with Danica McKellar. Amy's frantic search for her missing wedding bands leads her to Ben, who suggests she end things with Ricky before it's too late.

  • Despite everyone's concerns about their relationship, Ricky tries to figure out the finances to make Amy's dream of going to Hudson University true. Amy is concerned about her future when her meeting with the college counselor doesn't go as expected.

  • George and Reverend Stone strongly recommend that Jack see a therapist, but Adrian ultimately persuades him to go. Ricky feels the pressure of Amy's absence as he juggles the demands of school, work and taking care of John.

  • Amy and Ricky's relationship grows increasingly strained as Amy considers college in New York. Leo is suspicious of Ricky's friendship with Clementine.

  • George encourages Amy to reveal the truth about the wedding.

  • Amy and Ricky are planning for their wedding and Amy gets her dress - at a thrift store. Although it is worn, she has a vision for it. However, Ricky is upset about the dress and Adrian thinks the dress is a reflection of Amy's true feelings.

  • It's Ricky and Amy's first holiday together as a family. Ricky shares the details of an old tradition he had on Christmas Eve when he was in foster care. Soon the gang finds their way into Hedy's toy store to continue the tradition.

  • Jack remains hospitalized; Ricky discusses the wedding with George.

  • Adrian and Omar consider moving in together; Anne starts to plan Amy's wedding.

  • Ben and Amy discuss their relationship.

  • Amy is envious of Ricky's life as a college student.

  • Amy is disappointed with Kathy's choice of friends and encourages her to find a new group.

  • Grace convinces her friends to attend church, but her plan goes awry.

  • Ricky begins college and reconnects with an old pal from foster care. With Ben's legal troubles in the past, he must still face Leo's wrath; Ethan takes an interest in Kathy; and George makes a promise to Kathleen.

  • Although Amy and Ricky's family and friends want to host a wedding reception for them, they are both reluctant about the offer. Meanwhile, Ashley's parents discover she ran off to culinary school overseas; and Ruben advises Ben to get a lawyer.

  • Amy begins her senior year of high school and counsels a new student, who's six months pregnant. Meanwhile, Ricky is offered a full-time position with Leo, Ben shares his feelings with Amy, and Ricky and Amy watch a video of their wedding.

  • Amy and Ricky return home with big news; Grace continues to ignore Adrian; Leo talks about the fire with Dylan's parents; and Anne discovers how serious Ashley and Toby's relationship is.

  • In the fifth season premiere, Ricky and Amy run away and consider eloping. Meanwhile, Ben considers his possible involvement in burning down Dylan's school. And, now that Adrian is done with summer school and graduated, she's looking forward to college.

  • In the fourth-season finale, Anne makes a shocking announcement to her loved ones. Meanwhile, Ben considers transferring to Dylan's school.

  • Amy is confused about why she's the target of gossip. The gossip leaves Grace envious of Amy always being in the spotlight which leads her and Adrian to do something everyone talks about. Elsewhere, Ashley and her mom return from traveling abroad; and Ben asks permission from his father to let him enroll in Dylan's school.

  • Amy reveals a wedding date, and the news travels quickly. Meanwhile, a rumor about Ann surfaces.

  • Amy discovers she's failing in summer school, so her dad tutors her and offers her profound advice.

  • Kathleen bribes Grace to talk to Jacob; Dylan tries to make friends with Adrian.

  • Ben and Dylan go on their first official date together. Elsewhere, Tom gets into trouble with the police.

  • George and Kathleen grow closer at the 'beach' and Dylan and her friends join Ben at school.

  • Ricky is confused with Amy's actions, but he is caught off guard when she tells him she thinks she's pregnant again.

  • Lauren and Madison's fathers try to mend their friendship; Leo makes things straight with Dylan and her parents; and Grace makes a shocking discovery.

  • Amy reveals she wants to take things slow with her engagement. Amy considers summer school. Lauren tells Madison how she feels.

  • Grace offers Jack some help with his graduation speech; Ben and Adrian go out; Ricky's graduation speech has an unexpected twist.

  • Adrian is smitten when she meets the brother of one of Daniel's friend. Amy anticipates a proposal from Ricky - who has a surprise of his own.

  • Grace plays matchmaker by introducing Adrian to Daniel's friend. Tension for Amy and Ricky is caused by a voicemail message.

  • Adrian has a change of heart about Ben and decides to focus on someone else.

  • Amy tries to help Ricky get into college. Meanwhile, Grace struggles fitting in to Daniel's college life.

  • Rumor has it that Ben is responsible for the stillbirth of his daughter Mercy, but Adrian defends her man. Counselor Katelyn extends her guidance skills beyond the halls of Grant High.

  • Grace and Amy are confused why Ben would allow Adrian to go New York.

  • John is rushed to the emergency room by Ricky & Amy. Grace meets a new guy named Daniel. Adrian wants Ben to tell her the truth about how he feels.

  • While Grace is away on a medical mission, Griffin's boyfriend questions her faithfulness. Meanwhile Bunny fills in for Camille in Leo's office, with interesting results. And Ben recognizes his feelings for Adrian.

  • Betty tries to comfort Adrian in her own kind of way. Ashley decides to go ahead with her cross-country road trip.

  • Adrian becomes withdrawn and refuses to leave her home. Meanwhile, Amy decides to move.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager News

'Secret Life of the American Teenager' and 'Switched at Birth': Why ABC Family is on the Rise

The premiere of the new ABC Family series "Switched at Birth" drew in a record-breaking 3.3 million viewers, giving it the highest-rated series debut for ABC Family ever. Those numbers were enough to dethrone "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," which debuted roughly three seasons ago to an audience of 2.8 million. These are impressive numbers for a cable network, especially one that's just beginning to find its identity through its original content.