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Kyle XY is a show that is part mystery, part drama and part science fiction. The show starts in the woods of Seattle, where a teenage boy, played by Matt Dallas, awakens alone in the forest. He has no idea who he is or why he is where he is. He doesn Kyle XY is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on June 26, 2006.

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3 Seasons, 43 Episodes
June 26, 2006
Science Fiction, Drama
Cast: Matt Dallas, Jaimie Alexander, Marguerite MacIntyre, April Matson, Kirsten Prout
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Kyle XY Full Episode Guide

  • After discovering Latnok's true purpose, Kyle enlists everyone to stop it at all costs, but keeping all his cover lies intact and protecting Jessi may endanger the operation.

  • Kyle risks losing Cassidy's trust when he begins a deception aimed at discovering Latnok's true purpose, and Jessi, devastated by their discovery, has a hard time putting aside her emotions. Elsewhere, Josh plans a perfect farewell for Andy.

  • What Jessi and Kyle find in Cassidy's safe sends them searching for the truth about Sarah Emerson, but Jessi's unrelenting method may endanger her life. At home, Declan finally puts his foot down, and Josh already misses Andy.

  • Kyle deals with Jessi's announcement and jealousy over Nate, and Josh reels from Andy's news. Meanwhile, Kyle - still suspicous of Cassidy - makes a plan to expose him.

  • Kyle honors his promise to Cassidy, and is surprised at what he finds as Latnok, but his vow of a brief visit is tested when he discovers the Trager's financial difficulties.

  • After a roadside accident, Kyle must help a stranded teenage girl give birth and take care of Nicole who is seriously injured.

  • Heartbroken over his breakup with Amanda, Kyle lets Declan and Josh take him to an underage bar but after having too many drinks his day goes from bad to worse.

  • Emotions flare up in the Trager household as Jessi moves in.

  • Kyle becomes over protective of Amanda after a psychic warns of future danger.

  • Following Amanda's abduction in "I've Had the Time of My Life", Kyle plots to rescue her from Latnok's clutches with Jessi's assistance.

  • Everyone tries to make prom as perfect as possible.

  • Kyle orchestrates a meeting between Jessi and Sarah.

  • A cheating scandal has rocked the school and Kyle has been deemed the ringleader, which may cause the prom to be canceled. Meanwhile, Jessi is being pushed by Taylor to train for the Latnok presentation.

  • Kyle begins having cognitive malfunctions and is drawing pictures in his sleep due to the attention demands from the other students during his midterm exams. Meanwhile, Kyle's condition has Jessi creating her own tutoring service.

  • Kyle takes Jessi to the University of Washington as a means of making up for neglecting her, in hopes that she can learn about her mother, but their finds makes Kyle more worried about Jessi than before. Meanwhile, Josh and Andy look for outside help in preparation of her upcoming cancer examination.

  • Kyle is torn between two decisions.

  • Social worker Constance Berlinger comes to visit the Tragers and check up on Kyle... and finds him sleeping in a tub.

  • Amanda's surprise visit home makes for uncertainty in a relationship with Kyle. His preoccupation with Amanda has Jessi losing her patience with Kyle when he keeps putting off her training sessions.

  • Jessi looks forward to fresh start in school since being freed from Madacopr's grips, but her secret bond with Kyle and her newfound knowledge of her extraordinary powers has only added to her usual teenage angst.

  • The Trager's are told by Kyle the truth about his existence as he returns. Despite being unaware of Jessi's fate after her leap from a cliff, Kyle hatches a plan to defeat Madacorp.

  • Kyle and Jessi begin their journey to find out the truth behind their connection, as well as their creation. Leading them down a strange path they begin to learn that they may be more connected than they originally thought. But with Kyle gambling with his safety and the Tragers, will his hunch about Jessi turn out to be true? And now that she knows the whole truth about where she came from and what her mission was, can Jessi trust herself to do what is right? Meanwhile, the Tragers come together to try and figure out the secrets that Kyle has been hiding.

  • After recent events, all members of the Trager family are on lockdown until Jessi is found. Lori enlists the help of Hillary to plot her revenge on Jessi; Josh plans a fun day of junk food and video games with Andy, only to be told that she can't see him anymore; Declan is caught off guard when Hillary decides to do couples therapy with he and Lori; and things explode between Stephen and Nicole when she confronts him about his "affair" with Emily. Meanwhile, Kyle struggles to figure out how he should deal with Jessi. Upset that he is the reason for all of the Tragers' issues he looks for a solution to fix everything.

  • After finding a photo of himself and Jessi locked in Baylin's box, Kyle and Declan realize that the best way to crack the mystery of Jessi is to get close to her is at the high school charity event. Once there, Kyle uses the opportunity to talk to the already vulnerable Jessi. But is Kyle prepared to learn what Jessi is hiding? Meanwhile, other secrets are revealed during the event as Lori finds out the identity of her attacker.

  • Kyle, Declan and Foss plan to break into Madacorp and get Kyle's ring back from Julian Ballantine; Lori thinks that her father is having a relationship with a co-worker; Josh is having a hard time dealing with Andy's big C.

  • Lori wants to take a camping trip, where that camper was murdered and Kyle and Declan don't think its a good idea; Also flashbacks to Zzyzx of Adam, Brian, and Tom, when they all worked together.

  • Kyle's visions help the Tragers look on the bright side when Stephen's estranged father suffers a stroke and goes into a coma; Emily is dismayed by Jessi's lack of progress in therapy.

  • As Kyle and Amanda prepare for their first date, a cryptic warning about Tom Foss makes Kyle wonder whom he can trust. Meanwhile, Jessi chafes at Emily's restrictions.

  • Nicole starts back up her job, working with a new patient---Jessi. Meanwhile, Kyle looks for the robber who stole Amanda's piece of jewelry thats dear to her.

  • Kyle is really having a hard time trying to train and keep the Trager's from knowing, where he is going. Amanda doesn't want to talk to him; Stephen loses his job and it's Josh's birthday this week.

  • Kyle wants to return to a normal life but gets complicated by Foss and Lori and Declan aren't turning out to good. Madacorp has a new mission for Emily; get Jessi closer to Kyle.

  • Kyle returns home to the Tragers, While Madacorp is on the trail of their other lost XX.

  • Kyle gets the answers he was looking for, while the Tragers deal without Kyle.