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  • TV-14
  • 2007
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (25,108)

Moonlight is a supernatural drama television series that aired on The CW from 2007 to 2008. The show is set in Los Angeles and follows the life of a private investigator named Mick St. John, played by Alex O'Loughlin, who is also a vampire. Mick was turned into a vampire by his wife, Coraline, played by Shannyn Sossamon, on the night of their wedding, and has been a vampire for over 60 years.

Despite being a vampire, Mick tries to live a normal life and work as a private investigator with the help of his human friend, Josef Kostan, played by Jason Dohring. Josef is also a vampire and has been Mick's best friend for decades. Together, they solve cases involving the supernatural while trying to keep their true identities hidden from the human world.

Sophia Myles plays the role of Beth Turner, a reporter who becomes Mick's love interest. Beth is intrigued by Mick's mysterious past and often helps him with his cases. As the show progresses, their relationship becomes more complicated due to the fact that Mick is a vampire and Beth is a human.

Brian J. White plays the role of Lieutenant Carl Davis, a homicide detective who is also Mick's friend. Carl is unaware of Mick's true nature but does not trust him due to his mysterious past.

Other recurring characters in the show include Jacob Vargas as Guillermo, Mick's archenemy who is determined to kill him, Holly Valance as Ashlee, a vampire who is Josef's girlfriend, and Rudolf Martin as Lance, Coraline's vampire lover who is also an enforcer for the vampire community.

The show explores the themes of love, loyalty, and redemption, as Mick struggles with his immortality and his past mistakes. He must also navigate his complicated relationships with other vampires, including his ex-wife Coraline, who is still in love with him and tries to win him back.

Moonlight has been praised for its unique take on the vampire genre, combining elements of mystery, romance, and supernatural themes. The show also features strong performances from its lead actors, particularly Alex O'Loughlin, who brings depth and complexity to the character of Mick St. John.

Overall, Moonlight is a captivating and engaging show that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With its compelling storyline, strong cast, and unique twist on the vampire genre, this is a must-watch for fans of supernatural drama.

Moonlight is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on September 28, 2007.

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Moonlight 17
17. Moonlight 17
October 31, 2022
After graduating university with a major in financing, Chu Li successfully enters her dream company, Yuan Yue Publishing House. There she meets author Zhou Chuan, who is said to be gentle as a jade when he's really not.
16. Sonata
May 16, 2008
Mick and Beth must face mortality and immortality when a vampire kills a human during the heat of passion. But when the investigation threatens to identify all those with vampire identities, Mick and Josef must take action.
What's Left Behind
15. What's Left Behind
May 9, 2008
Beth is given more information about Mick's secretive past after the grandson of Mick's World War II friend is kidnapped.
14. Click
May 2, 2008
A Hollywood starlet is murdered after hiring Mick as a part of her security team, thinking that her life was in danger by the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Beth's ethics are questioned.
Fated to Pretend
13. Fated to Pretend
April 25, 2008
Beth is kidnapped by a murder suspect, forcing Mick to debate whether or not becoming human again is a sacrifice worth making in order to save her life.
The Mortal Cure
12. The Mortal Cure
January 18, 2008
Mick's desire to become human may be realized when he discovers Coraline's secret, but answers come with a costly price. Meanwhile, Beth has to deal with bad news alone.
Love Lasts Forever
11. Love Lasts Forever
January 11, 2008
Josh is working on the biggest case of his career, a conviction against a member of the MS-13 gang, possibly the most dangerous gang in the world. In an attempt to force Josh to drop the case, the gang threatens Beth, but Josh refuses to fold and enlists Mick's help in protecting her. Unfortunately, Josh is left unguarded and is kidnapped with devastating results. Beth discovers an unwanted blood connection.
Sleeping Beauty
10. Sleeping Beauty
December 14, 2007
When a hit is put out on Josef by a dying man that has a vendetta with him, Mick finds out things Josef has been keeping from him for over 40 years, also the reason why he believes Mick and Beth can never have a relationship.
Fleur de Lis
9. Fleur de Lis
November 23, 2007
Mick begins working closely with a photographer, much to Beth's dismay. Jealous, Beth looks into the photographer's background, and is shocked by what she finds.
12:04 AM
8. 12:04 AM
November 16, 2007
Mick protects a woman from a killer's followers after the followers swear to follow out their leader's last wish -- to kill those responsible for his execution.
The Ringer
7. The Ringer
November 9, 2007
Mick has flashbacks to the night when Coraline died while investigating a fire that destroyed a Hollywood hotel. Mick becomes even more wrapped up in the past when the woman he works the case with has a close resemblance to his ex-wife.
6. B.C.
November 2, 2007
Mick and Beth work together again to find a vampire from Josef's past who may be linked to a drug overdose they're investigating.
Arrested Development
5. Arrested Development
October 26, 2007
Mick hunts for a young vampire who is preying on females he locates via the Internet. Meanwhile, Mick and Beth go to lengths to avoid each other after an intimate encounter.
4. Fever
October 19, 2007
Mick helps protect a young woman who is wanted by an arms dealer but when they become stranded in the desert, Mick becomes the one who desperately needs help to survive.
Dr. Feelgood
3. Dr. Feelgood
October 12, 2007
Beth, struggling after learning Mick's identity, helps him track a renegade vampire who cannot control his urge to kill.
Out Of The Past
2. Out Of The Past
October 5, 2007
A murderer from Mick's past is released from prison, forcing Mick to deal with one of his worst fears -- his immorality being revealed to Beth.
No Such Thing As Vampires
1. No Such Thing As Vampires
September 28, 2007
After a series of vampire-style murders are committed in Los Angeles, investigator Mick St. John begins to search for those behind the deaths. While doing so, Mick reconnects with Internet reporter Beth Turner, a woman from his past.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 28, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (25,108)