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In this sitcom, three men and a baby have to learn how to live together after one of the men is saddled with a baby he made during a brief fling. The hilarity also includes a young woman who want the attention of one of the men and one of the men's nosy mother. Baby Daddy is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (100 episodes). The series first aired on June 20, 2012.

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Wednesday 8:30 PM et/pt on FreeForm
6 Seasons, 100 Episodes
June 20, 2012
Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Melissa Peterman, Chelsea Kane, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry
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Baby Daddy Full Episode Guide

  • Ben begins to feel like an insufficient parent when Emma's upcoming Mother-Daughter Talent Show leads Emma to ask questions about why she doesn't have a mother.

  • Danny and Ben want to find out the sex of the baby.

  • Tucker schemes to win back a former girlfriend who is newly single; Bonnie and Riley bond while camping out in a department store for a crib sale; Danny struggles to babyproof his and Riley's apartment.

  • Ben meets a runaway bride who is convinced that fate has thrown them together in the same way Ben believes he and Elle are meant to be. Tucker and Ben then figure out how to get out of the situation and back into the good graces of the bridesmaids unscathed. Danny and Riley go on their babymoon cruise, but Bonnie decides to tag along after Danny reveals that he hopes he and Riley will elope.

  • Ben is envious when he finds out that Bonnie is sending Danny on a cruise to celebrate becoming a father, so he and Danny hold a "Wheeler War" to see who has earned the trip more.

  • Danny is being overprotective of expectant Riley, so Ben surprises Riley with a day off and a walk in the woods to get some free time.

  • Sam comes back in hoping to give her relationship with Ben one more chance, but Ben is reluctant because he's still looking for the mysterious Elle.

  • Tucker is nominated for a prestigious TV award, cuing his mother to surprise him as his guest to the ceremony, which interferes with Tucker's scheme to have Bonnie pretend to be his mom.

  • Now that Danny has moved in with Riley, Emma gets a room to herself and Ben discovers that he can finally get intimate in his room again.

  • Three months have gone by since the finale, and Ben is still energetically looking for the mysterious Elle. Danny and Riley are searching for a great doctor to assist with the pregnancy and Bonnie desperately wants to be included.

  • Ben forgets Emma's birthday and tries to combine her birthday party with a beer stand at the neighborhood street fair, but it doesn't go exactly as he imagined.

  • The guys are afraid their girlfriends could be pregnant after Emma ruins Ben's stash of condoms, and the ladies pretend to show signs of pregnancy to force the guys into confessing the truth.

  • When Ben's first date with his new lover gets off to a rocky start, Danny and Riley intervene to help sort out the couple's issues, but their efforts quickly cause more harm than good.

  • Ben and Riley are in over their heads in their respective relationships. Together they hatch a plan to execute their break ups.

  • Ben pretends to be Bonnie's husband, Brad, to prove to her friends she has an attractive, younger lover. When Danny begins dating a beautiful actress as a publicity stunt, Riley tries to make him jealous.

  • Bonnie is upset when Ben invites her estranged mother to a family weekend at Emma's preschool. Meanwhile, Riley and Tucker take an improv class to supplement their careers.

  • Ben reveals he never graduated from high school and decides go back to set the standard for Emma.

  • Ben discovers Tucker has been making money on the side - donating sperm.

  • Ben questions his feelings for Sam and Zoey after Sam invites him, Riley and Danny to the Hamptons. Riley finds some old home movies of the group's high school days.

  • When Sam reveals she may have to quit her job because she's tire of the commute, Ben comes up with a master plan to keep her close to work.

  • Now starring on a popular television series, Emma's mom, Angela, shows up unexpectedly to visit her. Initially, Ben is hesitant, but when Angela claims she can help get Emma into a good preschool, Ben allows it, but asks Riley to keep an eye on them.

  • When Danny discovers Ben is still Riley's emergency contact, he discounts Ben and Riley's relationship. So, when Ben attempts to prove that his and Riley's relationship meant something, the situation becomes awkward for Riley and Danny.

  • When Tucker finds Zoey snooping around his apartment, he jumps to conclusions and decides to ask her out. However, Zoey believes Tucker is setting her up with Ben.

  • Ben thinks Tucker needs to stand up for himself to his boss Mary Hart, so he films her berating him to prove his mistreatment. But when Emma accidentally uploads the video online, the video goes viral.

  • When Emma starts calling every woman she sees "Mommy," Ben decides he needs to settle down.

  • In the fifth season premiere, Riley faints after Danny asks her to marry him and has no recollection of the proposal when she wakes up. In an effort to move on, Ben decides to find "his Riley" and immediately hits it off with new neighbor Zoey.

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