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Young adults and teenagers enjoy watching television shows that they can relate to. Most teenagers desire shows that star people their own age. They are exploring friendships, love and family just like the show Lincoln Heights. Police Officer Eddie moves his family back to his hometown. Eddie's family consists on Jenn(his wife), Cassie(oldest), Lizzie(middle), and Tay(youngest and only son). Lincoln Heights is far from how Eddie remembers it. It is now a very dangerous place for his family and everyone else. As a police officer, Eddie must deal with drug dealers, and gang members. He makes it his mission to get the streets of Lincoln Heights safe again one day.

The town is torn between races that don't get along. His oldest daughter Cassie falls for the new white boy in town. Her parents start interfering right away. She continues to see him as she is in love with him. Each of Eddie's children must learn how to cope with leaving their old town and friends. Now they must learn to make new friends and this can be a struggle for each of them.

Lincoln Heights is an excellent series for teenage children to take an interest in. Some young adults may relate to the situations in which the children have to face. Many kids around the world have to move away from friends to a new place. Making new friends can be very hard for some of them. Lincoln Heights will give them a sense of closure. Also, Lincoln Heights can prove that the color of the skin doesn't matter. It can show what to do in a situation where race is involved. Parents of the teenagers can watch as their children learn the value of friendship, family and teenage love. Parents will even enjoy watching the series with their children. Lincoln Heights is for viewers of all ages.

Lincoln Heights is a Drama series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 2007. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.6.

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Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on FreeForm
4 Seasons, 43 Episodes
January 8, 2007
Cast: Russell Hornsby
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Lincoln Heights Full Episode Guide

  • Charles tells Cassie he wants to join the army. Lizzie fights to keep the school musical from getting canceled.

  • Cassie tells Charles she wants to apply at NYC and Lizzie gets in trouble.

  • While Jenn awaits her test results, Cassie is invited to New York City for her birthday and Lizzie takes a dramatic turn.

  • The Suttons receive a letter from Nate Ray. Cassie makes an attempt to get her mind off of Charles by going to a club. Lizzie and Andrew decide to deepen their relationship.

  • Eddie and Cassie go to help Charles when he realizes his new family isn't as great as he thought.

  • Charles and Cassie go in search of Charles' father, while Lizzie tries to help a boy in need but makes a shocking discovery.

  • Bishop comes back for revenge; and Charles finally makes a decision concerning the money he found.

  • As the real cause of Mac's demise becomes clearer, Cassie and Charles become targets of more police scrutiny. The bond between Nate Ray and Eddie has Tay feeling overwhelmed with resentment. Meanwhile, Lizzie makes a huge mistake.

  • An earthquake hits Lincoln Heights.

  • An unlikely couple attends the prom that Jenn and Eddie have agreed to chaperone.

  • Tay meets a new girl he likes while at the recording studio, but when he spends time with her. he finds himself in hot water. Elsewhere, Jenn and Cassie participate in a protest.

  • The Sutton family each deal in their own way with the aftermath of Johnny's accident.

  • Eddie tries to prevent the release of the man.

  • Eddie accidently puts Tay in danger when he tries to stop a robbery.

  • Sage's decision to move in with the Sutton's has Cassie feeling unhappy, while Jenn walks out of the clinic after becoming angry with Mrs. Kingston. Elsewhere, Lizzie, Tay and Devin audition for a talent show.

  • Lund's alcoholism spirals out of control.

  • Cassie and Charles advance their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Lizzie must decide whether to accept an offer to attend private school. Plus, the Sutton's give Reverend Kingston and his family a warm welcome.

  • Thugs break into the Sutton house while Eddie and Jen are away, which causes a police standoff with both Cassie and Charles being held captive. Elsewhere, Taj seeks help from Reuben with his dance moves and music since he is struggling.