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Baldwin Hills is a reality TV show that aired on BET for three seasons, from July 10, 2007 to March 17, 2009. Although the BET website still lists it as a current TV show, no new episodes have been filmed or talked about since 2009. The show follows a group of wealthy African-American teenagers living in the Baldwin Hills district of Los Angeles. The show has been compared to the MTV show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, which has a similar focus and format. The students go to school, the beach, shopping malls, parties, and generally show the audience what it's like to be a teenager growing up in a wealthy Los Angeles neighborhood.

Only three of the main characters have stayed the same throughout all three seasons: Gerren Taylor, Moriah Johnson, and Staci (whose last name was never revealed on the show). Gerren was the most high-profile of the three. She had a brief modeling career in her early teens, but when the Baldwin Hills show began, her career had been seriously dwindling, although she still continued to get the occasional modeling job. Moriah was a young gay man who found love at the end of season 3, while Staci's overall story arc involved money issues and her career plans, which had to be put on hold when she found out she was pregnant.

Some of the other teenagers the show has focused on are Ashley Calloway (in the first two seasons) and Johnathan Franklin (only in season two). Several other teenagers were only ever identified by their first names but appeared in multiple episodes. These included Justin, Sal, Seiko and Aunjel.

Baldwin Hills is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on July 10, 2007.

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3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
July 10, 2007
Cast: Gerren Taylor, Justin Walker, Willie Larson, Etienne Maurice
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Baldwin Hills Full Episode Guide

  • It's Justin's birthday and the whole group is going to Las Vegas to celebrate. During the trip, Seiko pays her boyfriend a visit. Elsewhere, Moriah and Tyler skip homecoming so they can enjoy a more intimate date.

  • Justin and Seiko head out to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the whole group work together for a charity event, and Justin seeks advice in working on his relationship with his father.

  • Seiko and Justin plan a trip to Las Vegas; the group participates in a charity event; and Justin seeks advice on his relationship with his dad.

  • Gerren, Seiko and Staci have a speaking engagement at a girl's camp. Justin is questioned by Aysia's aunt before heading out on a date with her.

  • Tyler meets with Moriah's mom. Seiko and Justin decide to be baptized.

  • Trason starts his internship; Gerron delays work concerning her fashion line; and Seiko, Aysia and Staci make plans for a 1980's-themed party.

  • Garren asks for advice concerning her new fashion line and later she and Tyler have a confrontation at a beach party. Also, Trason becomes a member of the DRE group.

  • Justin and Kenny make plans for a double date with Aysia and Seiko. Elsewhere, Staci reveals information with Seiko about her miscarriage.

  • Tyler, Gerren and their moms talk about the blooming romance between Tyler and Moriah. Elsewhere, Aunjel and Aysia talk about how they feel about Trason and Justin, and Kenny's mom shuts down his party early.

  • Justin throws a party to celebrate the start of season 3.

  • Graduation has arrived. But the Baldwin Hills teens plan to party and celebrate before they go their separate...

  • Community leaders in "The Jungles" hold the first annual "Forgiveness Walk" but the Baldwin Hills teens are...

  • The stakes are rising at Baldwin Hills. Relationships are growing strong, big secrets are revealed, and famous...

  • The Baldwin Hills teens enjoy prom night. While they party and shed concerns over life-changing decisions and...

  • As Ashley attends the prom, her parents ponder their future. Meanwhile, Jonathon receives a special gift, Lor'Rena arrives at the prom late, and Staci receives news which will change her life.

  • Gerren get work on a fashion show, as Moriah tells his mother how she feels about her son. Meanwhile, Lor'Rena starts a conflict at Seiko's birthday party.

  • Justin gets to meet with a producer. Jonathon gets a lecture from his father. Staci may put her fashion plans on hold for awhile. Gerren hears the details about the date between Moriah and Lor'Rena.

  • Moriah is tricked into a double date by Lor'Rena. Elsewhere, Staci searches for new job possibilities, and Justin and Seiko go out on a date.

  • Justin comes clean about his past with his youth group and invites his friends to church with Kirk Franklin. Elsewhere, Ashley and her sister prepare a speech honoring her mother, Gerren struggles over her feelings about Moriah, Lor'Rena plans a scheme with Aunjel.