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The television series entitled Real Chance of Love is a reality show. It is all centered on the lives of two brothers who belong to a popular music group known as the Stallionaires. These two guys were in search of love and so the reality show also features dating scenes and attributes.

The show was created by the joint collaboration of Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin.

The two main characters in the series were the Given brothers Kamal Givens who was referred to as real and Ahmad Givens who was also referred to as Chance. The show comprised of a total of twenty six episodes in two seasons.

The first set of episodes in season one was all about the organization of dating contest events. Auditions were organized in different places to give a chance to as many interested ladies as possible. Young and beautiful ladies about seventeen of them took part in the competitions. The events which saw the elimination of contesters every week progressed in that manner till the fourteenth and last episode where the finalists were to be selected. The final contesters were left on that day from which the two brothers were expected to each chose one of them. Real chose Corn Fed while his brother Chance did not choose any of the ladies. However the relationship between Real and Corn did not last long.

Season two of the reality show which was a continuation of the first was named real Chance of Love 2. After series of auditions were organized by the brothers in quite a good number of cities, ladies who were considered up to the task were selected. This time around the show started with twenty female contesters as opposed to seventeen during season one who were to compete for the brother they were interested in getting. At the end of the season each brother selected the girl of their choice. Real chose Doll while Chance chose the contestant known as Hot Wings.

Real Chance of Love is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 20, 2008.

Where do I stream Real Chance of Love online? Real Chance of Love is available for streaming on VH1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Real Chance of Love on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, iTunes, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
October 20, 2008
Cast: Ahmad Givens, Kamal Givens, Brian Fitzpatrick
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Real Chance of Love Full Episode Guide

  • The final five girls fly with Real and Chance to Miami Beach for the show's finale. Deep, dark secrets are uncovered and force one brother to make a decision with lasting consequences. Never fear though, romance is in the air and a whirlwind of exotic dates and steamy nights await the girls with Real and Chance in Miami. The two Stallionaires have difficult choices to make. Which girls, if any, will be left with a Real Chance of Love?

  • Real and Chance are down to their final five girls, but before they reveal to us who they've chosen as their Stallionettes they're going to share with their fans some never before seen behind the scenes hi-jinks, as well as deleted scenes that are sure to surprise you. From fights to tears, the guys are going to show us just how crazy it is living in their house.

  • The guys have narrowed it down to their top three choices in females, and now it's time for the toughest test of love yet.

  • In order to loosen up the girls and take their minds off the competition, Real and Chance take their final eight ladies to Paso Robles, CA for a little wine tasting.

  • Real and Chance are sick of all the storytelling happening in the house, so they decide to take the girls to court.

  • The ten remaining girls get the opportunity to raise awareness for endangered animals by raising their voices in song.

  • In fine tradition, Real and Chance have the ladies perform wrestling matches to duke out their frustrations.

  • After a tear jerking elimination, Real and Chance have finally given their individual chains.

  • The fifteen remaining girls have their booty shaking skills put to the test when they audition for the Stallionaire's viral music video. Later, things get fishy in the house when one girl goes off the deep end. In a surprise twist, the brothers make a startling revelation that will change the game and have every girl in the house wondering if they have a Real Chance of Love.

  • With 16 girls left, the Stallionaires have more ladies than they know what to do with, and its time to find out exactly what all these women have to offer.

  • The dynamic duo, Chance and Real are back in the saddle on their quest to find true love.

  • The cast reunites to relive the past season.

  • Over the past months the lovable brothers Real and Chance have lived with 17 women in an attempt to find that special connection, but along the way was a lot of drama and heartache. As the finale in Puerto Rico is upon them, the brothers spend tonight reminiscing on their experiences, and introducing some never seen before clips in this outrageous episode.

  • The first season finale finds the brothers choosing the winners.

  • A look back at the highlights from season 1.

  • The ladies the parents of Real and Chance in Palm Springs. But the attitude of a few girls gets nasty, which creates a bad first impression for their folks.

  • Chance makes a scene when the guys take their ladies out for a drink and a man hits on one of his contestants.

  • There are seven girls left in the house and while some "love" connections are growing stronger, others have reached a standstill. But Real and Chance need a girl who's got patience and good mothering skills, so it's time to put these girls to the test and see what they're really made of. The girls are paired up with a child, who's talent they must find and nurture, for the "Mommy and Me" talent show. For one of the girls who is missing her little boy, this challenge hits a little too close to home, and it sends her into an emotional spiral. Later, one of the other girls crumbles when something from her past is exposed, leaving Chance to wonder if she is the right woman for him.

  • The brothers receive pimped out cars from the contestants, and the chosen winners will receive drive-in dates with the guys.

  • The Stallionaires are looking for a woman who can be part of the family and take care of business. When the girls arrive at the family ranch, they come to realize that their job is to restore order to a barn that is in utter chaos. Chickens, Geese, Pigs, Goats, Horses, Cows, Donkeys and even a Lama run wild, and the girls must use their ranch hand skills to regain order. Later, one of the girls shows her true crazy side and possibly buys herself a one way ticket home.

  • The contestants are challenged to stage wrestling matches, with the winners getting a trip to the fishing hole, which is the site of an incident.

  • The ladies face a challenge of creating a country fair for the brothers, who each try to poach the other contestants.

  • Real and Chance choose 17 contestants for their new series opener.