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Celebreality features some of VH1's most unique programs that give viewers a glimpse into the daily life of a celebrity. While these shows might not match up to an ordinary person's average day, the content attracts many viewers. This phenomenon started with Flavor Flav, a former rapper who is now famous just for his reality show antics. This hype man certainly stirred enough interest in his own life, and "Flavor of Love" is one program in his entertainment arsenal.

Flavor Flav became a reality TV star when he joined the cast of the "Surreal Life". This program captured the lives of dwindling celebrities and revived Flavor Flav's career. He quickly capitalized on his returning popularity to star in "Strange Love" with Brigitte Nielsen. This showcased the puzzling love between the two that started on The Surreal Life. The relationship was a spectacular disaster but fans craved more. This led to Flavor Flav branching out on his own and creating Flavor of Love.

Flavor of Love is a twisted version of The Bachelor. Instead of the handsome, princely types normal reality shows cast, Flavor Flav was front and center trying to search for love without sacrificing his outlandish and strange personality. Contestants try to woo this unconventional bachelor while being referred to by nicknames he created. The romantic rose ceremony is replaced with a clock ceremony. When a contestant's time runs out, she does not receive a clock and her real name is revealed while she is sent packing.

This bizarre reality show demands attention because it features more intense drama than any other show of its kind. The contestants may be asked to do anything for a chance to get an intimate date with Flav. Challenges include cleaning up after parties, creating a restaurant, showing off dance moves, practicing nursing skills and more. Every contest is just as eccentric as Flavor Flav, and they frequently clash with him and each other. There are fights, schemes, thievery and backstabbing in every episode. Many popular girls like New York and Pumpkin went to other VH1 shows after their season.

Flavor of Love proves that there really is someone for everyone. Flavor Flav does discover that someone has stolen his heart while the Celebreality world gets bigger. Flavor of Love started a large franchise of spinoffs and differently themed reality shows. Viewers who watch Flavor of Love may find themselves falling for the whole bunch.

Flavor of Love is a Reality series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on June 10, 2007. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.5.

Flavor of Love is available for streaming on the VH1 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flavor of Love on demand at Tubi TV, Pluto TV Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, iTunes, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

3 Seasons, 49 Episodes
June 10, 2007
Cast: Flavor Flav
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Flavor of Love Full Episode Guide

  • The ladies from season 3 reunite to air their differences and reminisce about their experience on the show.

  • The remaining three contestants are taken on a whirlwind trip across France and Monaco, before Flavor Flav chooses his queen.

  • A look at the season 3 highlights from Flavor of Love.

  • The final three ladies get a trip to the Cannes, France, where one woman is booted off the show. But she is the only one upset at being dismissed by the end of the episode.

  • Flavor Flav brings the parents of the four remaining ladies to live in the house in hopes of getting to know them. Later, Flav asks his mom for advice on who to bring with him to Paris.

  • Flav asks for the listeners of a radio show advice on who he should pick between the remaining five contestants. A few of the women drink a bit too much champagne before going on the air, and after the callers make their choice, Flav makes a pick of two winners to go on a date with him.

  • Arsenio Hall plays host for the "Neverwed Game" between the seven remaining ladies and their ex-boyfriends. Flav takes out the winner for dinner, followed by a cocktail mixer with the exes. Two more contestants will be eliminated by the end of the night.

  • The remaining ladies will all participate in mock wedding to Flav, and then attend his funeral and give a eulogy. The winner will receive a high flying date with Flavor Flav.

  • The ladies are challenged to put on a 'hip-hopera'.

  • The remaining six girls are involved in a photo shoot for a calendar, and one girl is headed to a dentist.

  • The eight finalists find a tempest in a outside caller. Later, two more are eliminated from the game.

  • Flavor Flav has the ladies write and read a bedtime story to a bunch of children as a test of their maternal instincts. The winner goes on a date with Flav as the losers gather to ensure one of the ladies gets eliminated.

  • The First Annual Flavorette Roast Challenge features two of the ladies chosen to be ridiculed by two opposing teams. the lady picked as the best roaster will be winning a date with Flav at a shark tank.

  • This episode's challenge for the 13 remaining women is to create a Flavor Flav styled restaurant. Made into two teams, they will design a menu, an interior for the restaurant and prepare a sample meal. The winners will receive a date with Flavor Flav.

  • The challenge for the ladies is to explain how they will each mend Flav's broken heart, dressed as nurses. The top three chosen will earn a date, while the remaining girls will hang around the house, where tempers are sure to flare.

  • Flavor Flav meets and greets the ladies chosen for season three.

  • From twins to super freaks, peep the girls vying for Flav's heart.

  • All of the girls are being brought back to one stage to reunite for the first time since they were eliminated from the show. There is a lot of unfinished business between the ladies and Flav is sure to call some of them out on their actions in the house.

  • Flav takes the last two contestants to Belize for a three-day getaway and spends 24 hours alone with each, getting massages on the beach and going snorkeling, before he selects a winner.

  • A clip show featuring second-season highlights.

  • Flav flies in the three remaining ladies' parents for a party that includes his six children and two grandchildren.

  • With four contestants remaining, Flav takes two ladies sailing and escorts the other two to wine country for some grape stomping. Later, two of the women are invited to Flav's suite for a nightcap, and one contestant is eliminated.

  • Flav gives the five remaining ladies an hour to vote on which two women should be sent packing. But Flav may take issue with their choices.

  • Flav invites a special guest from his past to help him assess the ladies. The six remaining girls will go with Flav for a photo shoot for Urb Magazine.

  • Some big names in hip-hop come to a party at the house, and Flav asks his guests to find out which ladies have true intentions and which just want to be with someone famous.

  • Flav hires choreographers to give the ladies a hip-hop dance lesson, with a Flav-orful reward for the best team of three.

  • Flav splits the remaining players into two teams, with one going to work at his favorite eatery and the other cleaning up after a friend's party. The most impressive worker on each team goes on a private date with Flav.

  • Flav goes speed dating blindfolded with the ladies, and chooses three to go on a gondola ride with him.

  • The twenty contestants arrive at the mansion to discover that there are only fifteen beds. When two girls fight over a bed, Flav asks both of them what happened. After finding out who started the fight, he eliminates the instigator. Flav reveals that he has a spy in his house that turns out to be Eye'z. Eye'z tells Flav that Bamma is too quiet, Somethin is crazy, Hood was sent by her agent to come to the show and that Toasteee is too drunken. Later Somethin shares an intimate moment with Flav and Spunkeey calls her out on lesbian statements she made before. Somethin erupts and begins to scream, the producers add a demonic voice to her for a humorous moment. After five girls were eliminated, the contestants discover that "Somethin'" had defecated on the floor during the elimination ceremony because she couldn't hold it in or go to the bathroom.