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  • TV-14
  • 2007
  • 3 Seasons
  • 4.8  (1,981)

Rock of Love was a reality television dating show that aired on VH1 in 2007. The show was hosted by Bret Michaels, the lead singer of the popular hair metal band, Poison. The premise of the show was for Michaels to find love among a group of 20 women who were competing to win his heart. The women were all female fans of Michaels, who hoped to form a romantic connection with the iconic rocker. Each week, Michaels would choose a winner, who would then receive a VIP pass to spend more time with him. The overall winner of the show would be given the opportunity to be Michaels' girlfriend.

Each episode featured a variety of challenges and obstacles for the women to overcome in order to win Michaels' affection. These challenges included activities such as mud wrestling, performing with Michaels on stage, and even skydiving. Throughout the show, the women were also put through a series of interviews and eliminations, which allowed Michaels to get to know them better and narrow down his choices.

The show was famed for its over-the-top drama, as the women became fiercely competitive to win Michaels' heart. There were often heated arguments, physical altercations and emotional outbursts between the contestants as they vied for Michaels' attention.

Despite the drama and competition, Michaels appeared to be a gracious and attentive host. He was open, genuine and passionate about finding true love on the show. The show presented a softer side to Michaels, which was a refreshing departure from his rockstar persona.

Rock of Love was a massive hit with audiences, who tuned in eagerly each week to watch the drama unfold. The show spawned two sequels, Rock of Love 2 and Rock of Love Bus, which followed the same format but with different groups of contestants.

Overall, Rock of Love was a groundbreaking show that pushed the boundaries of reality television. It showcased a vulnerable side to Bret Michaels that had not been seen before, and gave his fans the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite rocker. With its captivating drama, hilarious challenges and genuine emotion, Rock of Love remains one of VH1's most popular shows of all time.

Rock of Love is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on July 15, 2007.

Rock of Love
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Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now
15. Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now
October 18, 2009
Takes a look at where the contestants from VH1's Rock of Love are 3 years after the first season
13. Reunion
April 19, 2009
After three months, all the girls who competed to be Bret's 'Rock of Love', come together again to talk about their experience.
Bret's Rock of Love III
12. Bret's Rock of Love III
April 12, 2009
The Dominican Republic plays hosts to Bret and his final two girls. He spends some quality time with both girls in order to make the correct and final decision.
Double Dates
11. Double Dates
March 29, 2009
Bret sets up some fantasy dates with the remaining three girls, but causes some friction when he takes one of them out twice.
Duet To Me One More Time
10. Duet To Me One More Time
March 22, 2009
Four girls are challenged to write lyrics to one of Bret's songs and sing with him. One girl's friendship might ruin her chances with Bret, and another just might be too big of a fan. In the end, Bret must decide who he feels in harmony with, and who he needs to cut from the tour.
Exes and Oh's!
9. Exes and Oh's!
March 15, 2009
Bret finds out the hidden secrets of the six remaining ladies as he invites their exes aboard the bus to be interrogated by Bret's ex Amber and Rock of Love alum Heather.
Fun Down South
8. Fun Down South
March 8, 2009
The tour heads to Panama City Beach, FL, where the remaining seven contestants are tested on their mothering skills by herding up a group of rowdy kids around a swimming pool.
Truck Stop Games
7. Truck Stop Games
March 1, 2009
Bret offers up a strange competition concerning beer, truckers and of course babes. While taken aboard for some private time, one of the three girls reflects on whether she wants this lifestyle. But excessive partying by a few of the girls has Bret questioning whether some of these girls are actually here for him. The elimination round causes tensions to rise as three of the ladies come stumbling in drunk and Bret deciding which he will vote off.
Mud Bowl III
6. Mud Bowl III
February 15, 2009
It's the pink bus vs. the blue bus for the annual Mudbowl, and Bret will sweep away the MVP for a romantic overnight trip. Meanwhile, one contestant finds out her father has died, and Bret also receives some bad news.
Eight Is Not Enough
5. Eight Is Not Enough
February 8, 2009
Bret isn't liking the emotional effort being given by the remaining eight women and decides to add three new ladies.
4. Roadies
January 25, 2009
This episode features a competition between the girls as they work as roadies clearing up the stage after a show. The winner will receive VIP treatment at Bret's concert, and the loser's will be sitting in the nosebleed section.
Babes on Ice
3. Babes on Ice
January 18, 2009
Bret is looking for a woman who instills that maternal instinct, so he wonders who will baby him as he laces up the skates to take on the University of Illinois women's hockey team. Later, a heated argument over a secret phone call makes for a scorching elimination.
Fifteen Weddings And Three Funerals
2. Fifteen Weddings And Three Funerals
January 11, 2009
Each of the ladies will recite the wedding vows they have written to Bret. One girl makes advances at Brett after feeling spurned by the others, but is all her craziness too much and too soon for Bret? Three of the ladies must stay behind in the next city they stop at.
Hustle on the Bustle
1. Hustle on the Bustle
January 4, 2009
The third season begins with a twist. This time the ladies will live on Brett's tour bus as he rides through the country. Every stop will have a challenge to earn Brett's affection.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 15, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    4.8  (1,981)