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Everybody dreams to be one thing or another. Sometimes it's as down to earth as being a cheerleader. Other times, as outlandish as being a break dancing star or professional wrestler. That's what the self improvement show Made is all about. This reality television series is focused on teens who want to become something that they've always dreamed about. Each is paired with a coach who is an expert in whatever field the teen wishes to become involved in. Together they attempt to reach the teen's goal over a period of several weeks, all of which is extensively documented.

Each hour long episode follows these teens on their journey to achieving their dreams. Hardships are of course encountered, and some may not make it. The teens often experience unforeseen difficulty in their chosen field or friction between reaching a dream and the reactions they get from friends and family. Those who do meet their goals are always elated with their success and each episode usually ends on a happy note.

All in all, Made is essentially a condensed version of the modern day success story. Dreams that are typically pursued for years are instead chased for just a number of weeks, with all the pitfalls and triumphs included. Anybody can relate to the struggle between chasing a dream and sticking to the norms imposed on them by others.

Made is a feel good show enjoyed by many, and has something for everybody. Whether a specific episode appeals to you because you have a dream similar to the featured teenager, or if you simply enjoy seeing others pursue happiness.

Monday 4:30 PM et/pt on MTV
14 Seasons, 286 Episodes
January 11, 2003
Cast: Indashio, Alicia Marie, Adrienne Houghton, Leah Juliett
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  • A young lady takes on becoming a comedy actress.

  • Savasia takes a chance to become a pageant queen.

  • Cleburne High School Dance Team works hard to be made into something special.

  • Autumn works hard to become a pageant queen.

  • Arianna asks for her dance team to be made into a superior squad.

  • Sara has the opportunity to become a prom queen.

  • Alex tries his hand at modeling after he looses weight.

  • Luis Reyes wants his shot at becoming fashion mogul.

  • Mandy is made into a cheerleader.

  • The cheer squad at Southwest High are deperate to improve. They will do whatever it takes to be something special.

  • Katie wants to perform, but must overcome her stage fright first.

  • A tomboy wants to take a chance as a pageant queen.

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