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Food Paradise takes you on a culinary trip across America. From the best places to find sandwiches to the most unique spot to grab some barbeque, Food Paradise will show you where to get the best food you can eat. Each episode will take you on a different journey. You will be taken to the best of the best in each food category. If you are looking for the best place to find a great culinary treat in your travel destination, chances are that Food Paradise has already reviewed the place for you.

One episode was dedicated completely to the manliest food places in America. It highlighted where to get some of the manliest steaks, burgers and wings.

The show interviews patrons and owners of the establishments they visit to find out the history of the place, what is most recommended from the menu, and what food they prefer above all others. You will learn about the best restaurants, dive bars, food trucks, and diners America has to offer. No matter where you go from the Gulf Coast to the shores of Maine, to the west coast, Food Paradise can help you find the most unique cuisine to make your trip memorable.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
11 Seasons, 186 Episodes
December 17, 2007
Cast: Jesse Snider, Mason Pettit
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Food Paradise Full Episode Guide

  • Restaurants go hog wild, serving up German-style pork shanks in Philadelphia, pork-powered pizzas in Boston, bourbon-glazed pork chops in St. Rose, La., and the skyscraper-sized Hogzilla in Ridgefield, Conn.

  • From massive meatloaf and gourmet garlic fries to candied bacon and chocolate waffle lave cake, diners are soothing their souls at these cranked-up comfort food joints across America.

  • From legendary brisket nachos in Texas to an award-winning rack of ribs in Georgia, every great restaurant has that one dish you just have to have. These are the true MVPs -- most valuable plates -- in the nation.

  • From an entire Thanksgiving dinner stuffed into a pie to the Texas-sized Pumpecapple, these friendly shops across America are finding many ways to fill a pie crust.

  • This is "nacho" average plate of chips and salsa. From filet mignon and Parmesan fondue to Thai chicken and Hawaiian pork, these restaurants are serving up mouthwatering mounds of meat and cheese.

  • From spicy Chilean pork ribs in the Pacific Northwest to a Puerto Rican pork-tacular down in Georgia, diners are finding south-of-the-border flavor without ever leaving the States.

  • Forget the free pretzels and peanuts, these joints have upped the Happy Hour ante with outrageous, tummy-tantalizing appetizers, from a Bloody Mary topped with spaghetti and meatballs to lamb chop fondue and chicken wing confit.

  • From double-decibel fried beef ribs in Atlanta to a loud and proud peanut butter burger in Vegas, these joints are making delicious noise with some of the crunchiest eats across the country.

  • Chefs are kicking up the creativity with their big and bold flavors at these hot spots across the Lone Star State, from an Austin beer garden serving up the best of the wurst to sizzling fajitas topped with garlic butter at a Houston Tex-Mex joint.

  • From ice cream- and cereal-stuffed burritos in LA to a deep-dish pizza wrapped in a whole other pizza in Chicago, these restaurants prove that good food is even greater when it comes in a tasty package.

  • From a 14-pound mountain of nachos and a barbecue a sandwich as mighty as the Mississippi to a two-pork punch of a breakfast burrito, these citywide franchises have gone off the chain.

  • From classic Chicago dogs at Wrigley Field and the South Side's most delicious deep dish to an old school Jewish deli and gourmet burgers underground, the Windy City's best eats are highlighted.

  • From a spiked milkshake topped with a campfire's worth of s'mores to a sushi-stacked burger on fried rice buns, Sin City's most over-the-top eats are explored.

  • Unwatched« Previous Ep. Next Ep. »From a triple-wide Cajun country pork chop to a sky-high stack of piggy perfection, there's almost too much pork to fit on a fork at these dining destinations.

  • From authentic tacos and first-class pizza to succulent seafood paella and beer can chicken, these dishes all come with a side of great weather, breathtaking scenery and the laid-back vibes of the Golden State.

  • From a half-pound kielbasa smothered in Swiss cheese to an all-beef dog stuffed with smoked brisket, these restaurants are all about delicious dogs and sizzling sausages.

  • From spicy Chilean pork ribs in the Pacific Northwest to a Puerto Rican pork-tacular down in Georgia, diners are finding south-of-the-border flavor without ever leaving the States.

  • From fried bologna made fancy to bright lobster on pitch-black bread, these mild-mannered hometown standards go beyond the same-old-same-old and earning their bragging rights as sandwich heroes.

  • From an entire Thanksgiving dinner stuffed into a pie to the Texas-sized Pumpecapple, these friendly shops across America are finding many ways to fill a pie crust.

  • This is "nacho" average plate of chips and salsa. From filet mignon and Parmesan fondue to Thai chicken and Hawaiian pork, these restaurants are serving up mouthwatering mounds of meat and cheese.

  • New dining experiences and classic comforts are brought together under one roof at these food halls, from spicy fried chicken paired with the most decadent mac and cheese at Atlanta's Krog Street Market to an intensely delicious pierogi melt at Cleveland's West Side Market.

  • Diners ditch their home digs and catch the culinary excitement of day trip dining, from a pound of perfect barbecue on a bun in Fort Worth, TX, to a sofrito-slathered, super-sized burrito in Arlington, VA.

  • Restaurants reveal the dishes that have stood the test of time and provide soul-satisfying experiences for their customers, from chocolate egg creams at a 1950s soda fountain in NYC to a San Francisco bakery reimagining Old World confections.

  • Diners pull over and fill up on gourmet delights at these road food hot spots across the country, from classic burgers and frosty root beer floats right off of Route 61 in Louisiana to fish and chips on the Pacific Coast Highway.

  • These A+ eateries serve up delicious food and awesome service near America's colleges and universities, from an iconic burger shop steps away from Harvard University to a beloved breakfast joint just off the University of Minnesota campus.

  • Diners cozy up to some of the most feel-good foods around the country, including fully loaded tater tots, outrageous shakes and mouthwatering Australian meat pies.

  • Diners make mouthwatering memories at these top bites by monumental sites across the country, from sandwiches stacked with international flavors across the street from the National Zoo to silky, sweet ice cream sundaes near Golden Gate Park.

  • From a colossal 30-pound taco pizza in Atlantic City to a towering mountain of meat in Seattle, we're featuring pumped-up portions from across the country that deliver on decadence.

  • Diners get a fresh take on fast food at these unique fast-casual restaurants across the country, from a New Jersey sandwich shop specializing in gourmet hoagies to a Los Angeles hot dog joint serving up bacon-wrapped dogs and fully-loaded fries.

  • These places dish up all the meat you can eat, from a bottomless buffet of skewered meats in NYC to mile-high meaty sandwiches in Colorado.

  • Popular romantic restaurants and their food specialties are profiled, including lobster scampi, mashed potatoes, spring vegetable crepes, and sure and turf.

  • Pizzerias share their most delicious spins on America's favorite pie.

  • Putting on the freshmen fifteen never looked so good as diners eat their way through the tastiest college towns. From an entire Thanksgiving feast on a roll to mac 'n' cheese doughnuts, these dishes will fuel any cram session.

  • Getting the lowdown on the best local grub across the country by asking locals where they go to satisfy their cravings, from a hidden pizza haven in San Diego to a Jewish deli in Miami and a legendary pub in Baltimore.

  • Some seafood spots across the U.S. are highlighted.

  • Diners ditch their diets for a no-limits chow down across the country, from pizza-sized chicken Parmesan and nacho cheeseburgers to candy-covered sundaes and a decadent tiramisu for two.

  • Diners enjoy fry-day every day at these hot spots across the country, from super-stacked crispy chicken sandwiches and deep-fried lobster tails to sweet potato beignets and fanciful churros.

  • Frugal foodies across the country savor the savings while indulging in high quality meals without the high prices, from four dollar fried chicken tacos and one buck shucks to half-priced rib eyes and bargain breakfast bites.

  • Diners get down and dirty with the best street food in the country, from chicken wings that defy crispiness and pizza-topped burgers to fiery hot shrimp and fresh-from-the-sea salmon tacos.

  • Breakfasts across the country are featured. Included: fantastical French toast; flannel-busting flapjacks; a big city egg sandwich; and Sicilian omelets.

  • The most artful and indulgent Asian cuisines across the country are highlighted. Included: authentic hand-tossed noodles; colorful arcade-inspired dumplings; monster-sized sushi; and creative curries.

  • The best eats along the banks of America's greatest river are featured. Included: jazz-inspired barbecue; mouthwatering meatloaf; seafood-smothered fried green tomatoes; and garden-fresh ratatouille.

  • The best bar food at the some of the best small breweries across the country is highlighted. From ale-glazed wings to beer-braised pork shoulder, beer has gone from a frosty sidekick to a key ingredient -- and diners are ready to drink it all in.

  • From a smoky bacon breakfast bowl to super-saucy barbecued ribs, these Southern-inspired spots are crushing country cooking across the US.

  • Fantasies come true as the best views and food in Alaska are revealed. Diners forget the lower 48 as they feast under the Northern Lights on king crab legs, reindeer ragu, elk meatloaf and salmon burgers.

  • The nation's most crave-worthy combinations are highlighted, from hearty biscuits and gravy and deliciously sinful mac 'n' cheese to carb-happy spaghetti and meatballs and crispy fish and chips.

  • From a 69-year-old hot dog joint in Chicago to a father-son noodle shop in New York City, these restaurants have been passed down from generation to generation, proving that big flavor runs in the family.

  • Bird is the word as the country's choicest chicken dishes are highlighted. Whether it's fried to golden perfection, smothered in gravy, stuffed in a taco or topping a mound of crispy fries, chicken is one of the most versatile meats on the planet.

  • The best sauce-driven dishes across the country are highlighted. From New York to LA and beyond, these restaurants are pouring out the love by pouring on top toppings, great gravies and secret sauces that turn "good" into "finger-licking good."

  • Diners get the most from the coasts at these seaside eateries across the country, from a one-of-a-kind salmon sandwich and fast casual ceviche to bombastic burgers and decadent pub fare.

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