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Professional chefs and home cooks compete to impress a rotating panel of judges, who make their decisions based solely on taste and presentation. And it's only after a winner is declared that the contestants reveal their true identities. Cooks vs. Cons is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on March 15, 2016.

Where do I stream Cooks vs. Cons online? Cooks vs. Cons is available for streaming on Food Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cooks vs. Cons on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Food Network, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Thursday10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
5 Seasons, 57 Episodes
March 15, 2016
Food, Reality
Cast: Geoffrey Zakarian, Daphne Oz
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Cooks vs. Cons Full Episode Guide

  • The cooks and cons incorporate ranch dressing into their pizzas.

  • The cooks and cons have host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Jose Garces and Justin Warner raving about their chip-infused ravioli dishes in round one. In the second round, the contestants must make peace with the surprise ingredient and incorporate chickpeas into their dishes.

  • The pros and amateurs freshen things up when host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Katie Lee and Aarti Sequeira task them with incorporating peppermint into a breakfast hash. Then, in round two, the remaining contestants must melt the judges' hearts with their best dish using nachos.

  • In round one, the cooks and cons have to put the ice in spice when they are tasked with incorporating flavored ice pops into curry. Then, in round two, the remaining contestants hit the gas using beans in their dishes as host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Amanda Freitag and Alex Guarnaschelli suss out the pros and amateurs.

  • The pros and amateurs go nuts as they create empanadas with hazelnuts in round one. Then, in round two, host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Josh Capon and Aarti Sequeira are in despair trying to separate the remaining contestants into cooks and cons while they prepare masterpieces with pears.

  • The cooks and cons make stuffed mushrooms that incorporate vanilla.

  • The judges determine who best fused sesame into a New Orleans po' boy.

  • In round one, host Geoffrey Zakarian has the pros and amateurs create spins on the American classic, meatloaf, by adding a little citrus to the mix. Then, the heat is on in round two when the cooks and cons must infuse their dishes with jalapenos to impress judges Carla Hall and Daphne Oz and take home the win.

  • The competitors create their best enchilada dishes incorporating cereal.

  • In the first round, meatball subs sound easy enough, but it takes some pro moves to make them with unusual buns; in round two, the cooks and cons incorporate pomegranates; judges Aarti Sequeira and Justin Warner decide who wins.

  • In round one, the cooks and cons create chicken fried steak dishes with peas; in round two, host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Beau MacMillan and Daphne Oz try to grind out the pros and cons after they are challenged with using pecans in their dishes.

  • In round one, the cooks and cons must incorporate berries into their biscuit and gravy dishes; in round two, the cooks and cons try to play nice in a battle of licorice.

  • In round one, the cooks and cons are tasked with fusing corn and hot dogs; after one contestant strikes out, the remaining contestants continue to round two in hopes of making their best dish, incorporating barbecue.

  • The pros and amateurs must incorporate carrots into their baked clam dishes in the first round; in the second round, the contestants must fuse tea into their dishes for judges Jeff Mauro and Daphne Oz.

  • The cooks and cons all vie to reel in the win while making fish tacos; judges Daphne Oz and Gail Simmons have a hard time sussing out the pros and amateurs in Round 2, and decide who made the best dish incorporating sausage.

  • Ted Allen and Sunny Anderson try to spot the ``impastas'' while observing the cooks and cons incorporating noodles into their huevos rancheros dishes; the remaining contestants include yogurt in their Round 2 masterpieces.

  • The cooks and cons must incorporate backyard beverages into their burgers to impress judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Carla Hall; round two forces contestants to include buffalo in their dishes.

  • It gets hot in the kitchen during round one as the cooks and cons bubble up their best chili cheese fries while incorporating apricots. The remaining contestants cook with garlic in round two, and judges Eddie Jackson and Justin Warner must choose the dish they "clove" the most!

  • In round one, the cooks and cons churn out great dishes for judges Jordan Andino and Alex Guarnaschelli with butter-infused jambalayas. Then, round two is buzzing with excitement when the judges can't bee-lieve who the pros and amateurs are after watching them make their best dishes with honey.

  • The cooks and cons are a bit sour when tasked with integrating lemon varietals into their round one breakfast sandwiches. Things get a bit sweeter in the second round when they must use maple in their dishes, and Judges Aarti Sequeira and Jet Tila tap a winner.

  • The pros and amateurs sweeten up judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Simon Majumdar when utilizing pineapple in their fried chicken dishes in the first round. Then, the judges keep their eyes peeled for the cooks and cons in round two to decide who smashed the competition with their best potato dish.

  • Contestants compete in a patty melt challenge before taking on party dips.

  • Contestants compete in culinary challenges incorporating salsa into an Alfredo dish before transforming Chinese takeout for judges Daphne Oz and Aarti Sequeria.

  • The pros and amateurs must pair bananas with pork chops in the first round; in round two, Anne Burrell and Daphne Oz must decide who did the best job of incorporating picnic salads into their dish

  • The cooks and cons must incorporate cabbage into their burritos; the contestants incorporate ham into their dishes; Sunny Anderson and Amanda Freitag judge.

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