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  • 2017
  • 7 Seasons
  • 6.0  (10)

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and what better way to celebrate it than with some delicious cookies! That's precisely what the show Christmas Cookie Challenge from Food Network is all about. Hosted by Jonathan Bennett, this baking competition brings together some of the country's most talented bakers as they create festive and decadent cookies to impress the judges and win the coveted Christmas Cookie Champion title.

The show premiered on Food Network in November 2015, and has since become a holiday staple for baking enthusiasts and cookie lovers alike. Each episode features a challenging theme or ingredient, such as traditional holiday flavors, childhood favorites, and even popular TV shows and movies. The contestants are tasked with creating unique and tasty cookies that showcase their creativity, baking skills, and attention to detail.

To judge these mouth-watering creations, the show features a panel of baking experts led by Duff Goldman, famous for his amazing cakes and impressive baking skills. Joining him are Food Network stars Damaris Phillips, Nancy Fuller, and Ree Drummond. Together, they taste and evaluate each cookie based on its taste, texture, presentation, and overall originality. And trust us; these judges aren't easy to impress!

Throughout the competition, we get to see the bakers work their magic in the kitchen, showcasing their individual styles and signature techniques. They make use of an extensive collection of ingredients, including various types of sugar, flavored extracts, spices, and chocolates, to design cookies that truly capture the spirit of the season. From the traditional sugar cookie to the more adventurous chocolate-covered cherry-filled cookie, there's no limit to what these bakers can create.

But it's not just about the baking. The show also highlights the camaraderie and good-spirited competition among the bakers. They share recipes, offer tips and tricks, and cheer each other on as they race against the clock to make the perfect batch of cookies. And when the competition heats up, tensions rise, making for some exciting moments and unexpected twists.

Christmas Cookie Challenge is not only entertaining but also educational. Viewers can learn valuable baking techniques and new recipe ideas that they can try at home. They can also get inspiration for how to decorate their cookies for the holidays, with a wide range of sprinkles, icing, and other decorations featured in each episode.

To add to the excitement, each episode ends with the judges announcing the weekly winner and which contestant will be sent home - if any. The winner of each show moves on to the grand finale to compete for the overall title of Christmas Cookie Champion and a cash prize. The finale features the best of the best bakers and promises to be a nail-biting conclusion to this thrilling competition.

In summary, Christmas Cookie Challenge is a baking competition sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. Jonathan Bennett's charm, combined with the impressive baking talent of the contestants and the expertise of the judging panel, make for an entertaining and educational viewing experience. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook looking for fun holiday recipes, this show is the perfect way to kick off your Christmas season.

Christmas Cookie Challenge is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on November 6, 2017.

Christmas Cookie Challenge
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Christmas Movies
8. Christmas Movies
December 21, 2023
Four cookie makers must decorate a cookie poster for their own Christmas movie. Then, they'll create a vintage TV showing their favorite scene from the classic holiday film "A Christmas Story."
A Very Country Christmas
7. A Very Country Christmas
December 14, 2023
As hosts Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson know, Christmas in the country is just different than anywhere else, so they task four countrified cookie makers with creating two different cowboy Christmas designs. After they're done, one cookie maker will have to leave the ranch while the cookie maker who "cowboys up" the best batch will gain an advantage for the next round. Then, the three remaining bakers create cookie versions of ceramic farmhouse cookie jars that must be fully functional while their displays incorporate country desserts like sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, pecan pie or pineapple upside down cake. One cowpoke cookie maker will ride off into the sunset with $10,000 and the Golden Ornament.
Christmas on the Road
6. Christmas on the Road
December 7, 2023
Old-school picture postcards are making a comeback as a fun way to share the magic of Christmastime vacations with loved ones back home, so hosts Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson challenge four festive cookie makers to create two-sided Christmas postcards. One cookie maker will have their postcard stamped "return to sender," while the cookie maker who best pushes the envelope will win an advantage for the next round. Then, the merry trip continues as the three remaining cookie makers craft 360-degree Christmas camper vans while incorporate outdoorsy favorites like granola bars, fruit leather, almond butter packets or instant oatmeal. The cookie maker who makes the coolest camper will scamper home with $10,000 and the Golden Ornament.
Out-of-This-World Christmas
5. Out-of-This-World Christmas
November 30, 2023
Earthlings aren't the only ones having holiday fun as hosts Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson ask four far-out bakers to decorate cookies that reveal what Christmas is like on other planets. After this mission is completed, one cookie maker will be eliminated, while the one with the best designs will receive an astronomical advantage. In the final round, the three remaining cookie makers craft festive rocket ships worthy of taking Santa to the stars, and they'll have to incorporate freeze-dried astronaut foods like corn, jalapeƱos, sweet potatoes and cranberries into their interstellar cookie displays. One cookie maker will feel over the moon after winning $10,000 and the oh-so-stellar Golden Ornament.
Elf the Movie 20th Anniversary
4. Elf the Movie 20th Anniversary
November 23, 2023
When Christmas rolls around, it's time to enjoy Warner Brothers' classic Christmas movie "Elf." Hosts Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson challenge four of the finest cookie makers around to get inspired by "the seven levels of the candy cane forest" and "the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops" to create cookies that show the parts of Buddy's journey not featured in the movie. When it's over, one "cotton-headed ninny muggin" will be sent home for the holidays, while the one who decorates the most fantastical journey will win an advantage for the next round. Then, the three remaining cookie makers cobble together 3D pop-up cookie book displays showing their favorite scene from "Elf." Their magical displays will have to incorporate ingredients from Buddy the Elf's favorite meal: maple syrup, chocolate syrup, candy-coated chocolates, chocolate breakfast pastries or cooked spaghetti. One talented son of a nutcracker will win $10,000 and the coveted Golden Ornament.
Teams of Champions
3. Teams of Champions
November 16, 2023
Hosts Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson welcome back eight former Christmas Cookie Challenge champions into the workshop to prove who is the best of the best. This time, the cookie makers are facing challenges so merrily massive, they'll be put into teams of two. First, the bakers must weave magic as they create Christmas cookie quilts. One team will have the rug pulled out from underneath them as they're eliminated, while the best quilting team gains an advantage for the next round. Then, the three remaining teams construct gigantic stadiums worthy of the finest North Pole games that also incorporate ingredients perfect for watching a snow bowl: eggnog, hot chocolate, apple cider or mulled wine. The team with the most spectacular stadium will score $10,000 and the right to lift the Best of the Best trophy.
2. Redemption
November 9, 2023
It's redemption day in the workshop as hosts Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson welcome back cookie makers who came up just short of winning their first time around. They'll decorate cookies that call back to forgotten Christmas traditions and characters using a classic cookie that's hard to master -- snickerdoodle! Two cookie makers will experience the ultimate heartbreak, while one will gain an advantage for the second round. The three remaining cookie makers reveal what makes them tick as they construct massive 360-degree Christmas grandfather clocks featuring timely ingredients like instant coffee, instant pudding mix, sloe gin and thyme. The cookie maker who makes the most titanic timepiece will earn redemption and a $10,000 prize.
A Very Gingerbread Puppet Show
1. A Very Gingerbread Puppet Show
November 2, 2023
Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson host a dramatic opening night in the Christmas cookie playhouse, where four gingerbread masters create cookie stick puppets. The bakers then construct elaborate gingerbread puppet theaters for Ree and Eddie to conduct a play.
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Christmas Cookie Challenge is available for streaming on the Food Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Christmas Cookie Challenge on demand at Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV and Food Network.
  • Premiere Date
    November 6, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (10)