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Restaurant Impossible is shown on the food network. This show takes a trouble restaurant where business is failing and the owner is in serious debt and gives it a complete makeover. Successful chef Robert Irvine is called out to the restaurant to assess the problem. Restaurant are often in desperate need of a makeover and often serve poor quality food. Business has also slowed to a point where the owner is losing thousands of dollars a month and may soon go out of business. There may be cleanliness issues in the kitchen that have to be resolved as well.

Robert has a designer on staff who decides how to redecorate the restaurant. He also has a builder to make any needed changes. He has to design a whole new menu that is tasty yet easy enough for the kitchen staff to make on a daily basis. The catch is that all of this has to be done within two days on a budget of $10,000. Robert also has to change the outlook of the restaurant owner and get them to think in new ways and accept the change. After the two days the restaurant reopens with a new look and new menu. At this point is it up to the owners to keep the changes and continue on the path to success. Robert Irvine and his staff has helped saved many restaurants and has helped the owners finally start to see a profit and get on the road to recovery.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
1 Season, 196 Episodes
January 19, 2011
Cast: Robert Irvine, Tom Bury
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Restaurant: Impossible Full Episode Guide

  • After investing $200,000 and losing $4,000 a month, Andrew, a pastor and owner of home-style restaurant Loyd Have Mercy in Titusville, Fla., has lost hope of turning things around. It's up to Robert Irvine to help Andrew rediscover his passion and his self-confidence, or his restaurant will be shutting its doors forever.

  • Chef Robert Irvine heads to Delray Beach, Fla., to work with Bobby, the owner of Taverna Trela, in hopes of reviving the flagging clientele. Bobby reveals that he has neglected the place due to the loss of his parents, and Robert must dig deep to find a way to fix this family-run Greek restaurant before it's too late.

  • Robert heads to Fort Bragg, NC, to check on a personal mission from 2014.

  • At Lil G's Kajun Restaurant in Louisiana, Chef Robert Irvine meets Therese, who bought the restaurant 12 years ago, having no experience. With her daughter's help, Therese has managed to stay afloat, but after consecutive years of losing more than $100,000, they've run out of options. If Robert can't reverse the tide, Lil G's name is mud.

  • Mike and Cherita started their family-run restaurant, Blue Orleans in Chattanooga, after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. Now they are going through a divorce, and their kids, Dallen and Jolie, are caught in the crossfire. Chef Robert Irvine works to make the restaurant successful and bring peace back to the family.

  • Robert travels to Murphys, CA, to check up on Hillbillies Restaurant.

  • The Balcony restaurant in Larose, La., is one of the oldest Cajun seafood restaurants in the bayou. The owner has worked there for 28 years, but her friendly relationship with the employees has cost her their respect. Now, Chef Robert Irvine needs her to become the boss she's never been, or she'll lose everything she's worked for.

  • Robert revisits So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market in Texas.

  • Robert Irvine visits Ferguson, Mo., to help a beloved community restaurant on the brink of closing its doors. The owners of Drake's Place, Sonny and Bridget, are out of both money and options. They wish their son would step up more, but Sonny also struggles to give up control. It's up to Robert to see if he can salvage their dream of making this restaurant their family legacy.

  • Robert Irvine returns to Sunrise, FL, to check on Gigi's Music Cafe, a combined restaurant and music venue. The inexperienced owner couldn't see the burden she put on her daughter, who managed the day-to-day business.

  • Robert Irvine tries to save a piece of history in Garrettsville, Ohio, by rescuing a restaurant in a 200-year-old mill. Shelli, the owner of Garrett's Mill Brewing Co., is in over her head after her husband had to return to his trucking job to keep the business afloat. They have a $500,000 payment coming due, and the historic mill is just months away from grinding to a halt.

  • Robert Irvine returns to De Rican Chef in Virginia Beach, VA.

  • At Carmine's Chianti Cow in Port Jervis, N.Y., Chef Robert Irvine meets an owner whose identity crisis is threatening his restaurant. Stuck in a rut serving the same food as the previous owner, Chef Keith needs a wake-up call or this potential small-town gem is doomed to close.

  • Robert Irvine heads back to Padre Rita Grill on South Padre Island, TX, which he ambushed in 2014. He wants to see if the kitchen has strong leadership, and he's braced to reconnect with one of the feistiest owners he's ever met.

  • Chef Robert Irvine comes to the rescue of Foxfire Grill in Alexandria, Va., where the owners, Terri and Jackie, simply can't figure out why they aren't making money. Their restaurant has a good location, they're smart, and they work hard. So what gives? If Robert can't identify and solve the problem, they'll have no choice but to close.

  • At Perella's Ristorante in Warren, R.I., Chef Robert Irvine meets an owner whose stubbornness is holding back his restaurant. Lou hasn't updated the menu, the decor or his opinions since the restaurant opened 25 years ago, and he may lose his restaurant and his legacy if Robert can't convince him to change his ways.

  • Robert revisits a struggling steakhouse in Tupelo, MS.

  • Chef Robert Irvine is in Akron, Ohio, to save Edgar's Restaurant. Fixing a restaurant in only two days is impossible enough, but when Glenn, the restaurant's owner, is less than honest with Robert, it creates a whole new set of problems. If Robert can't figure out what makes Glenn tick, this restaurant has no chance.

  • Robert revisits Bradenton, FL, to check on a controlling restaurant owner.

  • Chef Robert Irvine has his work cut out for him when he arrives in Ridgeland, Miss. Rossini's Cucina Italiana is absolutely filthy, and even worse, owners Lori and Toni seem to have given up. Robert has to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty in order to clean up this small-town restaurant.

  • Robert returns to check on a diner in Maine that he rescued in 2014.

  • Chef Robert Irvine rolls up to the Southern Grille of Ellendale in Ellendale, Del. The owner of the Southern-style restaurant, Ronald, is working too hard to be in so much debt. If Robert can't help him reconnect with what makes him and his restaurant special, the local spot for Southern home cooking is doomed.

  • Robert Irvine returns to Joe Willy's Seafood House in Fishkill, NY, where he dealt with a rundown restaurant and the owners' strained marriage. He hopes they were able to recommit to being equal partners in business and in life.

  • Robert Irvine travels to Muncie, Ind., where the rundown Madison Street Retro Diner is in dire straits. Owner Rita Watkins is in charge of the place, but her health is failing, and her daughter, Melissa, can't seem to step up to the plate and take over. Robert has two days to give Melissa the tools and confidence she needs or this home-style, American restaurant has no chance of survival.

  • Robert Irvine heads back to Tornatore's Pizzeria in Orlando, FL, to see if the owner has managed to keep his business afloat after Robert remodeled the failing restaurant and retooled its menu.

  • Robert Irvine heads to Tomahawk, Wisc., to try to save a small-town steakhouse from closing. Owner Brenda is just one month away from shutting the doors for good, and she needs Robert to remind her of her passion for the business and help her fix more than 30 years of bad habits. With only two days and $10,000, Robert has his hands full trying to save Besse's on Clear Lake.

  • Robert Irvine goes back to Sapori D'Italia in Fountain Hills, AZ. Years ago, Robert saved the restaurant's owners, the Manno family, from being ripped apart by crushing debt and a dysfunctional staff.

  • Robert Irvine comes to the rescue of Al's Seafood in Maryland, a restaurant that has been in the family for more than 60 years and is on the brink of closing its doors. Third-generation owner Chad and his sister, Cara, attempt to salvage what's left of their family legacy, determined to keep alive the memory of their late parents and grandparents. With the finances in disarray, nonexistent leadership and a divide between the uninspired staff and stubborn management, Robert faces one of his toughest challenges to keep this family business afloat.

  • Robert Irvine heads back to Off Street Cafe in Cerritos, CA. Back in 2011, he gave one of the owners a crash course in running the business so that her co-owner could retire.

  • Robert Irvine is faced with the problem of making a run-of-the-mill diner stand out in the heart of diner country in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. After 13 years in business, mother and daughter co-owners Rosie and Bridget have run out of money and options. If they are going to be able to save Rosie's Diner, Robert is going to need to change almost everything in this outdated restaurant.

  • Robert Irvine revisits The Trails Eatery, a family-owned cafe in San Diego. With no obvious problems, Robert had to unravel the cafe's financial issues, and he hopes they've made the long-term changes needed to be successful.

  • Robert Irvine is in Nutter Fort, W.V., at Mike Audia's Restaurant-Catering, an Italian-American-barbecue-family restaurant that has a confused identity and is in for one of the biggest transformations ever. Single dad Mike is going to lose his restaurant and his home unless Robert puts everything he has into helping him turn the restaurant around.

  • Robert Irvine revisits Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant in Lebanon, NH. After closing several restaurants, the owners were deeply in debt and needed Robert's help and expertise to regain their confidence in the kitchen.

  • Robert Irvine heads to Chez Olga in Grand Rapids, Mich., where the struggling Caribbean restaurant's dingy dining room, bland menu and terrible kitchen are tearing apart the mother and daughter who run it. Robert must completely revamp the look and menu as well as get the owners to work as partners, or this restaurant is sure to fail.

  • Robert Irvine heads back to Campton, NH, to check in on The Country Cow Restaurant and Bar. In 2014, he helped the two owners navigate through a chaotic situation that led to a shocking resolution.

  • Robert Irvine heads to Columbia, Mo., to rescue McLanks Family Restaurant from shutting down. The restaurant is run by a single mother and her five adult children who fight constantly, and the tension is tearing apart both the family and the restaurant. It's up to Robert to fix their relationship and get them to work together before McLanks closes for good.

  • Robert Irvine heads to Chicago's South Side to try to save an iconic restaurant from closing its doors. After more than 30 years as a beacon in the community, Josephine's Cooking is one month from closing. Robert must motivate the co-owner, Victor, to take over the reins and relieve his aging, strong-willed mother, Josephine. With only two days and $10,000, Robert has his hands full trying to keep an important piece of South Side history alive.

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