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Some of the youngest chefs in the country compete on Chopped: Junior to see if they have some of the same skills that adults have who compete on the show. All of the rules are the same, and the prize is the same for the kids as it is for adults. The winner of the show walks away with $10,000.

There are three rounds on each show. The kids have to make an appetizer, entree and a dessert with ingredients found in each basket. The baskets aren't made with kid-friendly items, either. Some of the items that are included are calamari, various fruits and vegetables that some kids know nothing about and assorted pasta. There are a few heated moments as pans catch on fire and fingers get cut with knives. However, this is a show that gives children the courage to do what they love in the kitchen.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
7 Seasons, 84 Episodes
October 27, 2015
Food, Reality
Cast: Ted Allen
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Chopped Junior Full Episode Guide

  • Pairing a baby vegetable with pickled fruit; figuring out how to work mushroom-flavored snacks into entree courses; the two finalists find creative ways to make desserts with a never-melting ice cream snack and marshmallows.

  • The junior chefs turn up the heat with spicy peppers, jams and more.

  • The kid cooks make the most fun cuisine with foods on sticks.

  • Two sets of siblings compete individually, pairing pancetta and pasta in the first round and creating food animals in round two. Chefs and brothers Bryan and Michael Voltaggio join Marcus Samuelsson on the judging panel

  • Caribbean flavors rule in this tropical-themed competition.

  • Junior chefs encounter outlandish surprises in every basket, but will working with weird ingredients throw them off their game? Guest judges are Food Network Star finalist Martita Jara, Marcus Samuelsson and George Mendes.

  • The judges savor a chance to slip into the Chopped Kitchen to cook after hours! In round one, it's brine time for Marc Murphy, Geoffrey Zakarian and Alex Guarnaschelli, who take on ingredients from a pickle-themed competition. Then, Amanda Freitag, Marcus Samuelsson and Alex peel, smash and sear their way through a potato-themed round two, while Ted Allen has some fun with a tater imitator. In a chocolate-themed round three, Amanda sets out to make a gourmet ice cream sandwich, while Maneet Chauhan has ambitious plans to make baked Alaska -- but will it be possible to plate perfect desserts before the clock runs out?

  • A new batch of junior chefs compete in challenges involving farm-fresh ingredients from pork and blue cheese in the appetizer round to milk and purple produce in the entree course.

  • The appetizer round reveals a popular potato dish and a protein meant for grilling; the junior chefs get some more cookout classics in the entree round when they find a saucy side dish and burgers.

  • Four of the most talented Chopped Junior competitors compete for a third win, the title and $25,000! The first two baskets include a wild jerky and a strange ketchup. Then, the final round calls for some kid-friendly bubbly.

  • Four young cooks compete for the last spot in the grand finale; slender peppers and some rolls are part of the appetizer round; chefs make a guilty pleasure snack work in their venison entrees; the dessert round leaves much to consider.

  • The youngest group of champions gets seafood and pork in the appetizer round; chocolates in disguise throw the junior chefs for a loop in the entree basket; coffee with dessert makes sense, but they also must use chili flakes in their desserts.

  • A new group competes to see who will advance; an infamous ingredient appears in the appetizer basket, then steak could be a gift or a challenge for the cooks; the two young cooks who get to make dessert must use a tangy fruit and a deep-fried treat.

  • In the first battle, the champs get a French delicacy and a crunchy snack; one competitor who never cooked pork tenderloin before finds it in the second basket; the champs' pantry picks in the dessert impact the judges' critiques.

  • In this grilling competition judged by singer Jessie James Decker, food writer Jed Portman and chef Geoffrey Zakarian, a new batch of precocious junior chefs must use a classic cornmeal dish in the appetizer round. The grill pans continue to get a workout in round two, where the kids must combine a marshmallow treat with white barbecue sauce. Then, the dessert round delights the finalists when they find a magnificent cake in the basket!

  • A new batch of kids celebrate mac and cheese in all three rounds, beginning with appetizers containing the ready-to-make version. A bright orange snack and fancy cheese must work their way into entrees, then in the final round, even the judges -- actress Betsy Brandt and chefs Marc Murphy and Nguyen Tran -- are surprised to see how mac and cheese can be interpreted in dessert form.

  • The chefs cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for the judges; breakfast consists of Middle Eastern pancakes and cotton candy; for lunch, the chefs must use frozen fast food and raw burgers; finalists make dinner with a cut of lamb and an Arabic dessert.

  • The junior chefs must integrate the mystery basket ingredients into taco-inspired dishes; chef Scott Conant, Food Network star finalist Martita Jara and actress Kym Whitley serve as judges.

  • The young competitors create deep-fried delights for judges Alex Guarnaschelli, Rebecca Lang and Zachary Quinto. The first round kicks off with a popular Southern beverage and seafood.

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