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Throwdown with Bobby Flay is a reality television show that airs on the Food Network. It follows celebrity chef Bobby Flay as he travels around the country challenging individual chefs and restaurants to competitions to see who can cook the best food items. Flay first came to national prominence with his skill in Mexican cuisine.

The show starts with a messenger delivering special instructions to Flay in New York City. Flay opens the package and discovers who he is going to be cooking against and what dish he will need to make. Flay then spends time in the Foot Network test kitchens working on perfecting the challenge dish. He is assisted by a couple of sous chefs. Sometimes Flay needs to seek outside help when a particular dish or technique is incredibly complicated and he is unable to master it. When he is finally confident enough that he has mastered the dish, he travels to the chef's restaurant or home town location to surprise the chef and challenge him or her to a competition.

The competition starts with the chef and Flay cooking off head to head and cooking the identical dish. They then place their respective dishes up for judging by different local people. The judges don't know who cooked which dish. They then pronounce a winner. Flay usually has good luck when it comes to cake dishes. He has even managed to win a competition to produce the best wedding cake. In addition to the competition, the show also focuses on each chef and a little bit about their life story. They film the restaurant or bakery that the competition takes place and show how the original chef first came up with the dish and grew their career.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
9 Seasons, 127 Episodes
March 1, 2007
Cast: Bobby Flay
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Throwdown with Bobby Flay Full Episode Guide

  • Sohui Kim is the chef and co-owner of The Good Fork in Red Hook, New York. Her menu is filled with delicious fare, but it's her dumpling appetizer that has captured raves from customers and food critics alike.

  • Saul Bolton went on a quest to discover how to make the ultimate Baked Alaska and now Bobby Flay is going to surprise him and challenge him to a Baked Alaska throwdown.

  • Bobby Flay challenges Didier Pawlicki, owner of the smash hit restaurant, Taureau, in New York City and creator of delicious cheesy creations, to a fondue throwdown.

  • Jim Brush and Alison Sloat are key lime pie experts and have even had their pie named Nation's Best Pie by the American Pie Council. Will Bobby Flay stand a chance when challenging them to a key lime pie throwdown?

  • Nick Melvin is an Atlanta based chef with some New Orleans flare. In fact he claims he can make anything "your mama makes, but better." Bobby Flay decides to challenge Nick to a fried green Tomato BLT throwdown.

  • Bobby Flay challenges baker Eunice Feller to a Boston Cream throwdown.

  • Sisters Christine and Carla Pallotta brought all the tastes of home to their popular restaurant Nebo. Will Bobby Flay get booted when he comes knocking for his own Vegetable Lasagna Throwdown?

  • Bobby Flay challenges Peter McAndrews, known for his "Paesano" sandwich, to a grinder throwdown.

  • Bobby Flay challenges William "Chip" Brown owner of "Big Man Bakes" to a mini cupcake throwdown.

  • Bobby Flay challenges Greek Chef Diane Kochilas to a Moussaka throwdown, even if she has a recipe for Moussaka the gods would envy.

  • Bobby Flay challenges Chester 'Chet' Gerl and Dan Bugge to a salmon chowder throwdown.

  • Bobby Flay challenges Jasper Alexander, head of the kitchen at Hattie's Restaurant in Saratoga Springs, N.Y to a crispy fried chicken throwdown.

  • Biagio is a world renowned pastry chef best known for his cannolis. He's in for a big surprise when Bobby Flay challenges him to a cannoli throwdown.

  • Bobby Flay challenges Puerto Rican chef Frank Maldonando to an empanada throwdown. Frank has a passion for food and music and his Beef Empanadas are no exception! Packed with rich flavor and the perfect spice, his Empanadas are a staple at his New York city restaurant Sazon. Bobby Flay may have met his match.

  • Carol Ford and Karen Haase are famous for their whoopie pies. Bobby Flay surprises them when he challenges them to a whoopie pie throwdown.

  • Bobby Flay visits Maine and challenges a local Lobster expert to a mac and cheese seafood throwdown.

  • Tip: Toast the bread or let it go stale to absorb more of the liquids.

  • Bobby Flay travels to Texas to challenge an all-American cowboy to a Throwdown on a Chuckwagon specialty, Chicken Fried Steak.

  • The competition is fierce in this spicy, must see Throwdown duel!

  • It's a Banana Cream Pie throwdown. Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito left the grind of jobs in advertising to follow their dreams of opening a bakery where they were inspired to create their famous Elvis banana cream pie.

  • Bobby Flay challenges David Matias and his mom for a Huevos Rancheros throwdown. David's Rancheros have won many awards and are listed in the book "500 Things To Eat Before It's Too Late" as the prefect breakfast.

  • Southern belle Vera Stewart has developed a carrot cake that has customers at her business "Very Vera" coming back for more.

  • Bobby Flay goes head to head in Cambridge, Mass. to discover who has the best Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

  • Rodney Henry's Dangerously Delicious Pie shop keeps his Baltimore neighborhood in pie heaven, and his meaty cheesy Cowboy Quiche is the shop's must-have slice. Can Bobby's savory pie cowboy up? Find out on the Quiche Throwdown!

  • Bobby Flay goes head to head in Baltimore to see who has the best Quiche!

  • Bobby goes head to head in Brooklyn to see who has the best hot dog.

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