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Worst Cooks in America is a reality television competition show from the Food Network. The show pits 16 different competitors, called recruits, against each other in team and individual competitions. The goal of the show is to see which person can most improve their cooking skills with the help of one of the Food Networks talented personalities.

The recruits who compete on Worst Cooks in America are considered by their friends and families to be hopeless in the kitchen. When they arrive at the start of the show, each recruit is put on one of the 2 different teams. Each team is led by an experienced Food Network chef. Some of the chefs featured on Worst Cooks in America have been Anne Burrell, Beau MacMillan, Robert Irvine and Bobby Flay. Each chef then leads their team and teaches them the basics of food preparation, from proper seasoning to various cooking techniques and tricks.

Each episode of Worst Cooks in America features a skill drill where the teams work on mastering a basic skill, like properly cooking fish, and then a competition to recreate a main dish that the head chefs have prepared. The two teams then compete against each other to see which group best learned the technique being focused on during the episode. A member of each team is eliminated at the end of every episode. At the end of the 8 week challenge the two remaining contestants face each other and cook three-course meals for food critics. The winner of this challenge wins the show and $25,000.

Sundays at 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
11 Seasons, 84 Episodes
January 3, 2010
Cast: Anne Burrell
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Worst Cooks in America Full Episode Guide

  • The final two recruits face the ultimate challenge -- cook a restaurant-quality meal for a panel of three culinary experts: Scott Conant, Aliya LeeKong and Marcus Samuelsson. Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray coach their recruits, but all the skills the celebs have learned are put to the test. In the end, one recruit will be named the winner and awarded $25,000 for their charity.

  • As the competition nears its end, the oven mitts come off and the celebrities fight for a spot in the finale! They face their toughest challenge yet: a Worst Cooks battle inspired by Iron Chef called Tin Foil Chef. The celebrities with the best dishes head to the finale.

  • The celebrity recruits finally tackle desserts, starting with a fast-paced assembly line challenge. Then, it's on to over-the-top milkshakes topped with decadent sweets. The two recruits with the worst desserts battle it out in a cupcake challenge.

  • The recruits have to make their own hand-pulled noodles from scratch.

  • Boot Camp is transformed into "Cafe Worst Cooks" as the celebrities learn how to make classic crepes. The main challenge proves to be a lot scarier for these novice cooks when they have to butcher whole chickens, grill them and create their own unique side dishes. The two least successful recruits go head-to-head in a chicken challenge, and one recruit is sent packing.

  • The mentors play a taste-and-describe game with the celebrity recruits.

  • The celebrities make a dish inspired by the food that they have posted on their social media profiles.

  • The last two recruits confront their final challenge: to put together a three-course, restaurant-quality meal for a panel of culinary experts.

  • In order to show how well they have adopted cooking skills and techniques over the last nine weeks, the final four recruits jump into their mentor's shoes and direct Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray to fix a recipe.

  • Boot camp has been converted into one of America's greatest culinary towns, New Orleans, where the recruits will be taught how to take on the cuisine's melting pot of flavors and style.

  • For the skill drill, the competitors must take on the foods they dread most by preparing a dish that uses both their least favorite ingredient along with a more obscure ingredient.

  • A special guest mentor instructs the recruits in the art of preparing a decadent chocolate treat for Valentine's Day; the winner will gain a special advantage in the main dish competition, which includes fixing a romantic meal for their loved ones.

  • Competition abounds as the recruits enter boot camp to discover that it has been altered into a game day arena.

  • Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray are interchanged with two unexpected culinary giants who don't mess around as they mentor the participants through the skill drill of fixing unconventional pizzas.

  • Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray instruct the recruits on flavor, beginning with a skill drill that tests their tongues and taste pallets.

  • Mentors Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray assist the recruits in opening up by beginning with the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

  • Mentors Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray gauge the new recruits' talents in the kitchen. Then they encounter a main dish test with shrimp and live lobster, and the chefs with the least successful dishes on each team are sent packing their bags.

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