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The Travel Channel is known for creating some truly interesting shows centered around the concept of far off places and "Bizarre Foods" staring Andrew Zimmern is no exception. The show was originally conceived as a one hour special that was shot documentary-style in Asia. The hour-long special followed a host as he tried different regional delicacies and odd concoctions; stopping every so often to explain the history behind the dish being tasted. The documentary was so well received that it was turned into a weekly show; the show still is shot as a documentary, but now incorporates food from around the globe.

Each week Zimmern finds himself in an entirely new location ready to try completely absurd dishes that pass as food in the nation in question. Zimmern is a brave soul; consistently trying items that would make most people lose their lunch in mere seconds. The show enjoyed six international seasons and was consistently rated highly by critics and audiences alike.

In 2012, the show was re-titled Bizarre Foods America. The show's format remains the same with the entire series being shot as a documentary. The episodes remained an hour long and Andrew Zimmern remains on as the host of the show. The focus, however, changed from bizarre foods around the globe to the delicacies and regional delights found right in the United States.

Previously, while simply Bizarre Foods the show had episodes that featured United States Locations. In the final season of the original production the Zimmern visited both Pennsylvania and Chicago. In Pennsylvania he sampled scrapple and snapping turtle soup; to regional dishes. While in Chicago, Zimmern sampled Korean fermented cabbage tacos; something you'll find only in Chicago.

No reason was given for the show's switched focus, but the new focus remains just as popular with critics and audiences.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
19 Seasons, 231 Episodes
February 26, 2007
Food, Travel
Cast: Andrew Zimmern
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Bizarre Foods Full Episode Guide

  • Andrew explores the route taken by Pueblo leader Po'pay during the 1680 revolt against the Spanish. Along the way, he breaks bread with people who embody the enduring spirit of the Pueblo culture.

  • Andrew gets a taste of the culinary impact of Napoleon Bonaparte's march through Poland. He tries decadent tripe soup, rump steak seasoned with gunpowder and roe deer brains cooked over an open fire.

  • Andrew dives into the culinary treasures of Italy's majestically beautiful Amalfi Coast. He samples raw red mullet aboard a fishing boat, tastes years-old fish sauce and tucks into Mama Agata's cloud-like meatballs.

  • Andrew discovers the culinary magic of Germany's Romantic Road. He immerses himself in its medieval beauty as he dines on udder schnitzel, pancreas stew, grilled goose and Franconian bread dumplings.

  • Andrew Zimmern explores his adopted home state of Minnesota by following the Paul Bunyan Trail; he samples boiled muskrat, duck stew and bear pastrami; Andrew also takes part in a horseradish harvest and a crayfish boil

  • Andrew takes a culinary voyage of self-discovery across the Mojave Desert.

  • Andrew Zimmern embarks on the Erie Canal, an engineering marvel that connects some of New York's greatest small towns; chowing down on tomato pie, juicy roast beef sandwiches, chicken rigatoni and fish pulled fresh from Oneida Lake.

  • Andrew chows down on beaver tail and caribou tongue on the Yukon trail.

  • Andrew traces the footsteps of Juan Ponce de Leon down the Florida coast.

  • Andrew traces the path that ignited the flames of our nation's revolution.

  • Andrew traces the path of Christopher Columbus' expedition across the Dominican Republic. From cow stomach stew with African roots to native Taino flatbreads, he eats his way across the cultural evolution of Hispaniola.

  • Andrew Zimmern heads south to explore Louisiana's Cajun country; from blood sausage to chewy ginger cakes, seafood gumbo to wild hog heart, Andrew finds that Cajun country is rife with edible resources and French-inspired recipes from the past.

  • Andrew Zimmern follows Mark Twain's path down the Mississippi River for a slice of Americana; floating from meal to meal, he tries frog legs on a cargo ship, hunts wood duck, grills huge fish ribs and learns the art of Deep South pheasant pot pie.

  • Andrew samples Appalachian fare as he treks Daniel Boone's Wilderness Trail; fried, crispy peascakes and buffalo bone marrow to ham cured and aged in pillow cases.

  • From barbacoa made with the centuries-old traditions of vaqueros to fried and funky snacks at the rodeo, Andrew eats farm-fresh, meaty cuisine.

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