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The Travel Channel is known for creating some truly interesting shows centered around the concept of far off places and "Bizarre Foods" staring Andrew Zimmern is no exception. The show was originally conceived as a one hour special that was shot documentary-style in Asia. The hour-long special followed a host as he tried different regional delicacies and odd concoctions; stopping every so often to explain the history behind the dish being tasted. The documentary was so well received that it was turned into a weekly show; the show still is shot as a documentary, but now incorporates food from around the globe.

Each week Zimmern finds himself in an entirely new location ready to try completely absurd dishes that pass as food in the nation in question. Zimmern is a brave soul; consistently trying items that would make most people lose their lunch in mere seconds. The show enjoyed six international seasons and was consistently rated highly by critics and audiences alike.

In 2012, the show was re-titled Bizarre Foods America. The show's format remains the same with the entire series being shot as a documentary. The episodes remained an hour long and Andrew Zimmern remains on as the host of the show. The focus, however, changed from bizarre foods around the globe to the delicacies and regional delights found right in the United States.

Previously, while simply Bizarre Foods the show had episodes that featured United States Locations. In the final season of the original production the Zimmern visited both Pennsylvania and Chicago. In Pennsylvania he sampled scrapple and snapping turtle soup; to regional dishes. While in Chicago, Zimmern sampled Korean fermented cabbage tacos; something you'll find only in Chicago.

No reason was given for the show's switched focus, but the new focus remains just as popular with critics and audiences.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
17 Seasons, 215 Episodes
November 1, 2006
Food, Travel
Cast: Andrew Zimmern
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Bizarre Foods Full Episode Guide

  • Andrew Zimmern ventures into the world of eating insects as a source of protein. From coconut grubs in the Amazon to dung beetles in Thailand, Andrew finds that bugs are a great food source in many places around the world.

  • Andrew Zimmern travels the world to see how cultures use innovative techniques to harness the power of fire for culinary masterpieces like sun-dried beef and African hornbill.

  • Andrew explores the world's oceans, lakes and rivers and discovers a taste for what many fishermen throw back. He cooks and devours fried dogfish in Boston, pufferfish in North Carolina, and scorpion fish in Houston, before traveling to Rome's Tiber River to eat fresh eel and to Namibia for oysters.

  • Andrew travels the globe on a hunt for the planet's most delicious game. He eats black bear skin cracklings in Arkansas, pan-fried nutria in Louisiana and wildebeest organs, including an eyeball, in Namibia.

  • Andrew goes on a seafood-sampling adventure on the Pacific Coast.

  • Andrew explores the cuisine of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

  • Andrew Zimmern road trips down historic Route 66, where he tries ranch dressing soda, judges a calf fry cook-off and dines at some of the most iconic diners along the world-famous highway.

  • Andrew gets a taste of BBQ critters and hard tack on the antebellum trail.

  • Andrew eats his way across the Southern BBQ Trail. Included: He tries dry-aged brisket in Atlanta; liver-nip dumplings in South Carolina; raccoon hash in Hull, Ga.; and makes some new friends along the way.

  • Andrew Zimmern experiences the bountiful cuisine of the Pacific Northwest while retracing the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. He samples Pacific lampreys, forages for edible barnacles and harvests sea salt on this culinary adventure.

  • Andrew goes to Cyprus to fill up on stuffed grape leaves and pork belly. From curdling goat milk and harvesting carob pods to sampling sun-dried goat and the world's oldest cookie, Andrew savors the island's ancient edible legacy.

  • Andrew heads to Stockholm, where New Nordic chefs celebrate putrefied fish and smoked sperm. From reindeer testicle and horse meat to Swedish spins on bahn mi and hot dogs, Andrew is schooled on Scandinavian simplicity.

  • Andrew goes to Shanghai for softshell turtle, snail shells and live snake.

  • Andrew heads to Okinawa, Japan, to taste poisonous pufferfish and raw goat.

  • In the Bronx, Andrew tries coyote and raw clams from Long Island Sound.

  • Andrew heads to North Carolina and tries pig appendix and roasted raccoon.

  • Andrew harvests sea salt and roasts a sheep's head in Senegal.

  • Andrew is off to Madrid to discover some new spins on some old classics - snail soup, whole baby pig head, rabbit paella and beef fat bonbon.

  • Andrew explores beef-eating cultures around the world. From whole cow head BBQ in Texas to Guatemalan cow eyeball cocktails, raw bull penis in Bangkok to fresh blood in Tanzania, craving cow is a tradition all over the world.

  • Andrew searches global markets to find cultural foods. From Jamaica's cow skin soup to Morocco's camel ribs, and Nicaragua's raw bull testicles to Panama's iguana eggs, market foods always reflect the truest taste of a country.

  • Andrew explores ancient foodways that disappearing due to modern life.

  • From Sriracha to camel milk, Andrew examines the business behind food.

  • Andrew explores Asia's markets for pig windpipe, squid jerky and more.

  • Andrew reveals the rebels pushing boundaries of foods and flavors.

  • Andrew hits the street to find the best tacos, sushi and more in the US.

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