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This series shows people that have unusual health conditions. The health conditions that these people are suffering from have caused physical deformations. The viewers will learn about these rare conditions as well as the importance of treating everyone with respect. Body Bizarre is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on November 11, 2013.

Where do I stream Body Bizarre online? Body Bizarre is available for streaming on TLC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Body Bizarre on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Discovery Life, Google Play, iTunes online.

Mondays 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
5 Seasons, 45 Episodes
November 11, 2013
Cast: Larry Belling, Silvia Corradin, Shaili Kumari, Nicholas Zahorcak
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Body Bizarre Full Episode Guide

  • The world's tallest child can't stop growing. A man learns to use a dead man's hand. A teenager discovers he has a parasitic twin and it's been growing inside him. A limbless girl gets fitted for prosthetic limbs.

  • The world's tiniest brothers find out if they'll ever be able to grow. Conjoined twins seek separation surgery. A boy with rare brain tumor. A girl living with a face tumor embraces her condition.

  • A boy born with no eyes. A separated conjoined twin adjusts to life after losing his twin brother. Two brothers suffer from a very rare bone condition. A boy living with a huge facial growth finally gets a diagnosis.

  • A woman's leg swells to four times the size of her other leg. A boy living in pain due to his tightened muscles. Can doctors separate a baby boy from his parasitic twin? Two brothers avoid the sunlight.

  • A boy can't stop his giant foot from growing. The bubble skin woman and her kids embrace their condition. A dwarf boy who has defied the odds has one more challenge to face. A man with a facial tumor will have to conquer his fear of surgery.

  • A girl's rare disorder causes her eyes to fall out of her head. A man who grows branches from his hands and feet hopes to return home. A baby with a large face tumor.

  • A girl lives with ants in her head. A man undergoes surgery to remove his 132-lb tumor. A woman with a large facial tumor contemplates a life-changing surgery.

  • A man is slowly choking to death by his overgrown face. A boy born with three arms. Members of a family embrace being born with six fingers on each hand. Will the world's fattest man lose enough weight to have life-saving surgery?

  • A woman who slept through the birth of her child, hopes to find a diagnosis for her sleeping condition. A man with giant genitals seeks help. A 2.5ft teenager hopes to find out what stalled his growth.

  • A man seeks to repair his face after being mauled by a tiger. An 11-year-old undergoes fire treatment to lose weight. A boy living with tissue paper skin and a man with a hole in his face search for cures. A model embraces her hairy birthmarks.

  • A teenager who has been hiding a rare condition undergoes surgery, doctors attempt to diagnose a young girl born with dark hair covering her entire body and a man with tree like growths encasing his hands and feet seeks treatment

  • Triplets born with a rare condition need surgery or their brains could be crushed, a boy has legs that have become so large he is unable to move, a soccer star who was born without feet and one of the oldest mothers in the world faces criticism

  • A man has thousands of bubble-like growths covering every inch of his body, a rare condition turned a teenage girl into a giant, a two-foot-tall teen becomes the world's smallest woman and a girl suffers from Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

  • A young boy with a life-threatening neck growth seeks treatment, a baby born with eight limbs undergoes groundbreaking surgery and a woman with a rare condition shares her inspirational message with others

  • A man undergoes a risky surgery in attempt to have his large facial tumor removed. A woman with a rare skin condition defies the odds. A toddler who smokes faces dramatic health consequences and can seven-year-old conjoined twins be separated?

  • A woman who cries blood is desperate for a diagnosis, an eight-year-old weighs over 200 pounds, a boy with a painful skin condition needs urgent treatment and a young girl whose face is covered in hair is used to standing out in a crowd.