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  • 2013
  • 1 Season

TLC Presents is a series of special interest stories that viewers are sure to enjoy. TLC has produced a wide variety of stories. One of these involved a missing child and it covered the family's grief. Another one covered a campaign to make young girls feel beautiful.

TLC Presents is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on December 7, 2013.

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Growing Up Evancho
60. Growing Up Evancho
August 9, 2017
Meet Lisa and Mike Evancho, parents of 17-year-old platinum selling artist Jackie Evancho, Juliet, Zach and Rachel. Navigating life with a super-star kid, a transgender daughter, and two younger siblings is not always easy but somehow they make it work!
Amy & Dillon: Married One Year
59. Amy & Dillon: Married One Year
June 19, 2017
The first year of marriage for Amy King, formerly Amy Duggar, and Dillon King has been a rollercoaster. Now the couple is celebrating their first anniversary in Mexico, finishing up some DIY home renovations and celebrating Amy's 30th birthday.
Say Yes to the Prom - 2017
58. Say Yes to the Prom - 2017
April 1, 2017
Host Monte Durham, legendary designer Betsey Johnson, and Aya Kanai from Seventeen Magazine come together to help 50 deserving Los Angeles high school students' prom dreams come true. It's a day filled with style, newfound confidence, and huge surprises!
Brother Husbands
57. Brother Husbands
February 5, 2017
Amanda has a very full love life with not one, but TWO husbands. This is an inside look at a real life Modern Family, as Amanda navigates a polyamorous relationship with her first husband Chad, her second husband Jeremy, and their five children.
Kid Tycoons
56. Kid Tycoons
January 30, 2017
Zach, Gabrielle, and Margo are young, motivated entrepreneurs giving their all to build their businesses into empires. The thing is, their parents work for them, and when your boss is your child drama always ensues!
Rattled: A Paralyzed Mother's Story
55. Rattled: A Paralyzed Mother's Story
January 23, 2017
Quadriplegic Rachelle Friedman, the 'paralyzed bride', defies the odds by having her own child. Unable to walk and without dexterity in her hands, Rachelle must learn to cope with a newborn with the same determination she approaches all aspects of life.
Meet the Putmans
54. Meet the Putmans
January 16, 2017
At the Putman house, no one leaves home, not even when they get married and have their own kids. Three Generations, 10 adults, 15 kids; 25 people. ALL living under one roof...sharing everything; from one bank account to only two bathrooms!
My Kid's Obsession
53. My Kid's Obsession
December 28, 2016
Across the USA, five kids show off their unique and unusual collections they've spent years gathering. Discover the world's largest collection of fishing lures, an unusual set of vacuums, and one kid's fascination with fans.
52. Unichef
November 17, 2016
This one hour special reveals how three of today's most successful chefs in the culinary industry found the recipe to both delicious dishes and incredible success.
Twirl Life
51. Twirl Life
November 9, 2016
Eat. Sleep. Twirl. That's the world of the Dazzling Divas. This team of young baton twirlers is headed to the Texas State Championship. Along the way, the girls will dance, twirl, battle for team captain and survive the ultimate drama: their own parents.
My Secret Job
50. My Secret Job
August 15, 2016
Follows outrageous occupations, including a breast milk dealer and a professional snuggler, that are extremely profitable and equally shocking. Friends, family, and neighbors have strong reactions to the bizarre businesses.
Tiny At 20
49. Tiny At 20
August 8, 2016
At just 3-foot-3, Hannah is one of the world's tiniest women. Now in her 20's she's eager to gain her independence and looking to succeed in the world of entertainment.
Real Life Hulks
48. Real Life Hulks
August 1, 2016
Meet the Real Life Incredible Hulks and the doctors who are fighting to save them. These men will do anything to enlarge their muscles in their quest to take on cartoon-character proportions - even injecting oil into their muscles to inflate them.
Baby Bodybuilders
47. Baby Bodybuilders
August 1, 2016
Go inside the extraordinary and competitive lives of pre-teen bodybuilders whose ultimate goal is to achieve the perfect physique as we follow three families whose children eat, sleep and breathe bodybuilding.
My Legs Won't Stop Growing
46. My Legs Won't Stop Growing
July 25, 2016
Through the lives of three inspirational young women this documentary explores a number of conditions that cause the lower limbs to grow or swell excessively.
My Baby's Head Keeps Growing
45. My Baby's Head Keeps Growing
July 26, 2016
Meet three children that have hydrocephalus (water on the brain) that left them with unusually large heads.
Tallest Teens
44. Tallest Teens
July 18, 2016
Imagine standing 7-foot-8 on size 26 feet and knowing you're still growing. Meet three of the tallest teenagers in America. How do they fit into a society designed for people several feet shorter and how will their size impact their future?
Girls Who Don't Age
43. Girls Who Don't Age
July 18, 2016
Follow the incredible story of three girls who have stopped ageing. Frozen in time and destined to live their lives as toddlers, what is affecting these girls, how are they cheating time and could they help us unlock the secrets of the ageing process?
Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out
42. Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out
June 26, 2016
Follow former child star Jamie Lynn Spears on a story of redemption. From gripping accounts of her teen pregnancy, to stepping onto the biggest stage in country music, and the surprise of a lifetime from her sister, Britney Spears.
Catching the Catfisher
41. Catching the Catfisher
May 22, 2016
An in depth look at the phenomenon, hearing from experts who have studied and investigated it, as well as the unsuspecting victims who found themselves deceived. Among its latest victims is Sister Wives' own Meri Brown.
Say Yes to the Prom - 2016
40. Say Yes to the Prom - 2016
May 20, 2016
Join host Monte Durham and guest Laura Marano as they treat deserving high school girls to a fairytale transformation for their prom! From choosing their dream dress to final accessories, the day continues with huge surprises for these young women.
Say Yes to the Address
39. Say Yes to the Address
March 25, 2016
Now that the wedding is over, newlyweds Blair and Jason are ready to take the next step: finding a home to buy! But with conflicting ideas about lifestyle and location, this couple has a big journey ahead!
Bet On Me
38. Bet On Me
December 30, 2015
People watching: it's America's favorite pastime. And now everyday people can win money by simply watching strangers and guessing details about their lives. It's a fun and hilarious game show set in the real world.
Extreme Time Cheaters
37. Extreme Time Cheaters
December 30, 2015
Some people will do anything to save time. Time cheaters go to extreme measures to shave seconds off their daily routines. From doing the dishes while showering, to body waxing at work, they all go to extreme lengths to make every second count!
My Fat Saved My Life
36. My Fat Saved My Life
December 30, 2015
My Fat Saved My Life tells four mind-blowing stories people who survived certain death because of their fat. Sometimes the most unlikely hero is extra weight we carry around.
Bible Bowl
35. Bible Bowl
December 28, 2015
Tears, tantrums and strategic tactics test friendships, families and faith as extraordinary kids astound all with their Bible knowledge. Families sacrifice everything for their kids to compete for millions of dollars in scholarships, and the glory of God!
The Room: Are You Envious of Me?
34. The Room: Are You Envious of Me?
December 27, 2015
Two pairs enter The Room to answer the questions that are on the table. Couple Suzanne & Michael reveal the difficulties in their unconventional marriage and mother and daughter Jude & Larissa get emotional about their troubled relationship.
The Man With No Penis
33. The Man With No Penis
October 5, 2015
Andrew has struggled for forty years to overcome a rare birth condition known as bladder exstrophy that left him with testicles but no penis. Now, he will reveal the truth to old friends, past lovers, and even his current, unsuspecting, girlfriend.
The Man with the 80lb Groin
32. The Man with the 80lb Groin
October 5, 2015
Dan and his wife Mindy's lives were transformed seven years ago when Dan's scrotum started growing uncontrollably. The condition has been debilitating to Dan and their relationship. The couple is on a desperate journey to find a cure before it's too late.
The World's Fattest Man: A Love Story
31. The World's Fattest Man: A Love Story
September 6, 2015
Once the world's fattest man follow Paul's extraordinary four year journey, losing a staggering 700lbs, traveling to the US in the hopes of having a surgery to remove layers of excess skin and falling in love.
Big Kenny & Family
30. Big Kenny & Family
September 2, 2015
In this special episode, we follow country superstar, Big Kenny, his wife Christiev, and their sons, Dakota, Lincoln, Christopher and Cameron, as they navigate their unordinary home life while Kenny is on a break from his whirlwind tour.
The Boy With The Giant Hands
29. The Boy With The Giant Hands
August 31, 2015
Eight-year-old Kaleem, has a rare medical condition that has caused his hands to grow to gigantic proportions. His hands are so large he has a hard time performing daily self-care tasks. A world renowned surgeon offers hope through surgery.
3 Bad Dates 1 Soulmate
28. 3 Bad Dates 1 Soulmate
August 6, 2015
Every woman knows sometimes you kiss a few frogs before finding "the one". For April and Rana, they recap three of their most cringe-worthy dates to later reveal who became their husbands.
Extreme I Do's
27. Extreme I Do's
July 30, 2015
You're cordially invited to 3 of the most extreme fairy tale weddings, where brides go to great lengths to exchange vows in the most unique, unbelievable, dangerous terrains; a Hawaiian volcano, Alaskan glacier, and smokey Tennessee mountains.
Transgender Kids
26. Transgender Kids
July 8, 2015
Meet Josie, Kyla and Chris; three transgender children who knew at a very young age that they were born in the wrong body.
Born Without Limbs
25. Born Without Limbs
June 17, 2015
Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs. From an early age, Nick has never allowed his limitations to slow him down. Proud husband, father, and famous motivational speaker, Nick has done more than most, and now life as he knows it is about to change...
The Woman With the World's Biggest Hips
24. The Woman With the World's Biggest Hips
June 3, 2015
This special spotlights, four women empowered by their unique physiques. They have wide hips and are proud of them! With an 8 foot hip circumference, Mikel holds the world record for biggest hips. She's happy with the honor but faces challenges daily.
Grandmother Lover
23. Grandmother Lover
June 3, 2015
Passion has no age limit as Grandmothers reveal the secret to happiness in their golden years. They're finding love and companionship with much younger men. Meet couples who are dating including 92 year old Marge and her 37 year old companion.
Submissive Wives' Guide to Marriage
22. Submissive Wives' Guide to Marriage
May 17, 2015
Enter the private world of submissive wives, who believe that a woman's role is to serve and submit to her man. Autumn and Eddie come from multigenerational submissive families and long-time submissive wife Tara helps friend Kristen become submissive.
Fat and Back: Part II
21. Fat and Back: Part II
January 25, 2015
Part 2 of 2 - Outspoken UK personality Katie Hopkins puts on weight and then loses it all again to prove that fat people don't have to be fat.
Fat and Back: Part I
20. Fat and Back: Part I
January 18, 2015
Part 1 of 2 - Outspoken UK personality Katie Hopkins puts on weight and then loses it all again to prove that fat people don't have to be fat.
My Husband's Not Gay
19. My Husband's Not Gay
January 11, 2015
In Salt Lake City, UT, seven Mormons live their lives a little differently. The men (Jeff, Pret & Curtis) are attracted to their wives (Tanya, Megan & Tera), but they are also attracted to other men. They refer to it as Same Sex Attraction...not gay, SSA.
New Body, New Style
18. New Body, New Style
January 2, 2015
Celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson guides two formerly obese women through life-changing makeovers to suit their new slim figures. Annabelle, 26, is afraid to show off her curves, and mom Lori, 40, does not think she deserves to be in the spotlight.
TLC Seasons of Love
17. TLC Seasons of Love
December 28, 2014
First comes love, then comes marriage. But the course of true love has not always run smooth over the past year on TLC. We take a look back at the trajectory of love from butterflies in your stomach to happily ever after.
The Secret Santa
16. The Secret Santa
December 14, 2014
Extraordinary home video of Christmas “miracles,” like snowmen magically appearing in the Arizona desert and hoof prints on a roof. Who is the mystery figure behind these miracles? One reporter thinks she has the answer.
Santa Sent Me to the ER
15. Santa Sent Me to the ER
December 13, 2014
It's "Ho, Ho, Oh No!" as we unwrap the hilarious details of what really happens when Christmas cheer leads to "Oh Dear." Real people confess how their holiday dreams turned into yuletide nightmares full of bumps, bruises and broken Christmas spirits.
TLC's Favorite Holiday Moments
14. TLC's Favorite Holiday Moments
December 12, 2014
Join TLC as we celebrate the season by counting down our favorite holiday moments. From Theresa Caputo's hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, to a visit from Santa at the Little Couple's home, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year.
Deck the Halls with Dr. Christmas
13. Deck the Halls with Dr. Christmas
December 12, 2014
Join Dr. Christmas, the holiday decorator-to-the-stars, as he and his team of hardworking elves transform the homes of celebrities Mario Lopez, Alison Sweeney, and Brooke Burke-Charvet into spectacular winter wonderlands.
Virgin Coaches
12. Virgin Coaches
November 11, 2014
Relationship experts Bill and Janean Fuller have a special niche of sex therapy clients—virgins! Four inexperienced young couples will head off to a romantic retreat to get a crash course in doing the deed-- so their big night won't be a big letdown.
Home Sweet Bus
11. Home Sweet Bus
October 28, 2014
Meet the musical, mobile Allen Family singers! 18 years ago, Todd and Michelle Allen packed up their family – now totaling 13 - to live full-time on a bus and travel the country performing shows almost every night of the year.
Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10
10. Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10
June 26, 2014
Kate and the kids hustle to complete their party to-do list. Will Kate falter under the pressure of making this day memorable for the sextuplets or will the birthday extravaganza exceed expectations? Perhaps a birthday surprise will ensure its success.
Kate Plus 8: Update with the 8
9. Kate Plus 8: Update with the 8
June 19, 2014
It's a busy time to be a Gosselin, even on spring break! Still spread thin by the hectic schedules of her 8 kids, Kate and clan try to plan a birthday extravaganza for the sextuplets who have reached a huge milestone: double digits.
Quints By Surprise: The 5 Turn 5
8. Quints By Surprise: The 5 Turn 5
May 18, 2014
The Quints are turning five! Ethan and Casey are celebrating with the Quints first slumber party. With the kids getting older and their personalities getting bigger, will the party be more than Ethan and Casey can handle?
Cyber Stalkers
7. Cyber Stalkers
April 19, 2014
Jeremy and Brittany find love online, but things take a turn for the worst when one of them isn't entirely honest about their past. Jeannette has lost custody of her daughter and turns to social media for help. Unfortunately, every favor has its price...
Outrageous 911: They Made My Burger Wrong
6. Outrageous 911: They Made My Burger Wrong
January 25, 2014
While many 911 calls are a matter of life and death, we've scoured the country for the most ridiculous ones; from a mom who calls after a fast food joint makes her burger wrong, to a man of the cloth who needs help getting out of handcuffs, and many more.
Secret Wedding
5. Secret Wedding
December 27, 2013
Bride Sara thinks she is on a show about budget weddings but she's not. Host Cat Deeley conspires with her family and friends to secretly upgrade her frugal affair to the wedding of her dreams. The Secret Wedding plans are all revealed on Sara's big day.
Buying Naked: Nudists Fetch a Home
4. Buying Naked: Nudists Fetch a Home
November 20, 2013
Kevin and Shannon are veteran nudists and dog owners who are looking to buy a house in a clothing-optional community. It's up to Jackie Youngblood, nudist real estate expert, to help this couple find a home that's both nude and dog friendly.
Buying Naked: Nudey-wed's First Home
3. Buying Naked: Nudey-wed's First Home
November 20, 2013
Mike and Hillary, who are both newly married and new to the nudist lifestyle, head to a community in Pasco County, FL in search of their first home together. Nudist real estate expert, Jackie Youngblood, hopes to make their dream come true.
Outrageous 911: Locked Inside My Car
2. Outrageous 911: Locked Inside My Car
December 14, 2013
While many 911 calls are a matter of life and death, these calls are some of the most outrageous calls you've ever heard, and all of them are real. A woman calls 911 after becoming locked inside her own car; plus a man has too much fun in a pool.
My Crazy Obsession: Christmas Collection 2
1. My Crazy Obsession: Christmas Collection 2
December 7, 2013
My Crazy Obsession: Christmas Collection 2 takes you inside the lives and homes of people who are always in the holiday spirit! Follow four Christmas fanatics as they reveal the amount of time, money, and effort they put into their obsessions, all year.
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