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  • TV-14
  • 2004
  • 6 Seasons
  • 8.5  (749)

Dr. G: Medical Examiner, an American documentary-style show, premiered on Discovery Health in 2004. It stars Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia, a physician specializing in anatomic and forensic pathology who, during her tenure at the District Nine Medical Examiner's Office in Florida, performed over 5,000 autopsies to determine cause and manner of death.

Each episode features Dr. G as she investigates the death of a person whose cause remains unclear. Throughout each investigation, Dr. G is seen in conversation with law enforcement personnel, family members, and friends of the deceased. The show also features reenactments and footage from news events that pertain to the case.

One primary objective of the show is to educate viewers about the importance of forensic pathology and the science behind determining cause of death. Dr. G strives to explain the world of medical examiners and how they play a critical role in solving cases.

The investigations conducted in each episode can focus on a broad range of deaths, including those deemed natural causes, suicide, homicide, accidental deaths, and medical malpractice. Dr. G explores how external factors, such as drug use or a pre-existing medical condition, could influence the cause and manner of death.

Through her investigations, Dr. G aims to educate viewers on the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices, including pseudo-medical treatments or not seeking timely medical care. The show's authenticity is dedicated to the detailed and meticulous background information of each case and the team's efforts to pursue each lead.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner is a show that combines science with storytelling. It is one of the few shows that reveals the intricacies and challenges faced by medical examiners as they seek to uncover the truth behind the death of a person.

The show features real-life cases that are often graphic in nature; therefore, viewer discretion is advised. However, the main focus of the show is to educate viewers on the science of determining cause and manner of death, rather than shock and awe.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner is an enriching and captivating show that is both intellectually stimulating and a must-watch for anyone interested in forensic science. The show achieved great popularity during its run, and its legacy remains prevalent among fans of true crime till date.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (86 episodes). The series first aired on July 23, 2004.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner
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Deadly Mistake
36. Deadly Mistake
February 10, 2012
A woman discovers her boyfrien'ds dead body; and a suicidal pregnant teen is dead two days after being admitted to a mental hospital.
Clue Game
35. Clue Game
February 3, 2012
A woman is found dead at home after she fails to show up at work; and a man lies dead next to a gun, knife and bottle of pills.
Fatal Feud
34. Fatal Feud
January 27, 2012
A woman is found dead following a feud with her brother-in-law; and a U.S. immigrant dies suddenly.
Deadly Holiday
33. Deadly Holiday
January 20, 2012
A man dies of rabies following a hunting trip; and a choking woman dies after being rushed to the hospital.
Desperate Measures
32. Desperate Measures
January 13, 2012
A man is found dead in bed while his wife is bound in the closet; and a woman suffering from addiction problems dies after falling ill.
Inside the Caylee Anthony Case
31. Inside the Caylee Anthony Case
January 1, 2012
The truth inside the Caylee Anthony case.
Body Burn
30. Body Burn
December 30, 2011
Olga is found severely burnt in her home following an argument with her fiancé and police search for him to question his involvement, but he's nowhere to be found. Also, Tyrell, a 35-year-old with bipolar disorder, is found dead on the floor of his apartment. Tyrell's family fears he took is own life, and they turn to Dr. G for closure.
Fatal Encounters
29. Fatal Encounters
November 8, 2010
Dr. G works hard to determine what killed a young immigrant right after arriving in the country; a young man is found dead under his attic ladder.
Deadly Circumstances
28. Deadly Circumstances
November 1, 2010
Victor is found dead is his motel room; Keith opens his back door and is shot to death.
Deadly Bite
27. Deadly Bite
October 25, 2010
Roy's is found dead in his bed and his 80lb dog is by his side. Could the dog be responsible? And when 4-month-old Laniya dies suddenly one night, Dr. G is desperate for answers. Could it be a genetic disorder, SIDS or abuse?
Hidden Killers
25. Hidden Killers
October 11, 2010
A high school student dies shortly after a visit to the ER for back pain; Lisa is found dead on her couch covered in blood.
24. Wounded
October 4, 2010
A young divorcee who is living with his sister, collapses and dies. A teen claims his father stabbed himself for no reason.
Evil Intent
23. Evil Intent
July 26, 2010
A house is set ablaze and a woman's body is found in the middle. Dr. G will find answers.
Disturbing Behavior
22. Disturbing Behavior
July 5, 2010
Five years after a woman is mugged, she dies unexpectedely. Could her depression from that traumatic incident be the cause? Then a man falls off a ladder and dies.
A Deadly Deal
21. A Deadly Deal
June 28, 2010
Dr. G has to put the puzzle together for a foreign man found dead in his hotel room and a man who died the day after his bachelor party.
Deadly Descent
20. Deadly Descent
June 21, 2010
Dr. G has to put the puzzle together for a woman who is found dead in her home and a pilot whose plane goes down.
Deadly Dive
19. Deadly Dive
June 14, 2010
Joey drowned and Andy was hit by a train, but further examination of their bodies reveals more to the story.
Fatal Flaw
18. Fatal Flaw
June 7, 2010
An infant dies after experiencing flu-like symptoms; A man known to use cocaine dies after complaining of abdominal pain
Deadly Storms
17. Deadly Storms
January 25, 2010
A 14-year-old boy falls ill, and dies after an apparent seizure. The hospital staff suspects a bacterial meningitis infection. If the hospital is correct, the boy's friends and family could also be at risk. It's up to Dr. G to find out if the hospital is correct, and if not, find the true cause of death.
Playing with Fire
9. Playing with Fire
October 18, 2010
Dr. Farley discusses the bizarre case of a pregnant mother who suddenly dies. As the autopsy unfolds, Dr. Farley uncovers information that could have saved her and her unborn child's life.
Deadly Decent
3. Deadly Decent
January 1, 1970
It's up to Dr. G, along with the National Transportation Safety Board, to piece together how and why a plane crashed, leaving the pilot dead.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 23, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    8.5  (749)