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The reality series, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, began in 2004, and uses a one-hour format to explore the fascinating world of forensic medicine. Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia takes the viewer on a journey to the autopsy room to discover the cause of death on decedents where foul play was suspected by the police. Dr. G: Medical Examiner explains the autopsy techniques in laymen's terms and shares the medical industry secrets that can distinguish a suicide from a homicide and how to determine if the decedent died from an accidental death.

The autopsy room footage is more verbally informative than visually graphic and the utmost respect is given to each and every victim. Using actors to recreate the victim's demise, Dr G goes to work to unravel the mysteries surrounding a suspicious death.

Dr Jan C. Garavaglia is the chief medical examiner in the ninth district of Orlando, Florida and had previously worked as a coroner for Bexar County, Texas. Dr. G exudes a caring personality that is dedicated to uncovering the victims' final testament of exactly what happened to them in their last moments of life. Dr G: Medical Examiner is captivating to watch and easy to understand as each case is methodically depicted from start to finish. Dr G's medical procedures bring something new and fresh to each weekly episode with one or two case studies per program.

Some of the manner of death subjects include drowning, asphyxiation, suspicious bruising and soft tissue damage, possible suicides, and deaths resulting from narcotics. An actual autopsy procedure takes weeks for a final analysis as the authorities must wait for toxicology results to return from the crime lab. The Dr G: Medical Examiner series covers actual police cases that are followed through to the official cause of death signed by Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (85 episodes). The series first aired on July 22, 2004.

Where do I stream Dr. G: Medical Examiner online? Dr. G: Medical Examiner is available for streaming on Discovery Health, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dr. G: Medical Examiner on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV online.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Health
6 Seasons, 85 Episodes
July 22, 2004
Reality Documentary & Biography
Cast: Jan Garavaglia
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Dr. G: Medical Examiner Full Episode Guide

  • A woman discovers her boyfrien'ds dead body; and a suicidal pregnant teen is dead two days after being admitted to a mental hospital.

  • A woman is found dead at home after she fails to show up at work; and a man lies dead next to a gun, knife and bottle of pills.

  • A woman is found dead following a feud with her brother-in-law; and a U.S. immigrant dies suddenly.

  • A man dies of rabies following a hunting trip; and a choking woman dies after being rushed to the hospital.

  • A man is found dead in bed while his wife is bound in the closet; and a woman suffering from addiction problems dies after falling ill.

  • The truth inside the Caylee Anthony case.

  • Olga is found severely burnt in her home following an argument with her fiancĂ© and police search for him to question his involvement, but he's nowhere to be found. Also, Tyrell, a 35-year-old with bipolar disorder, is found dead on the floor of his apartment. Tyrell's family fears he took is own life, and they turn to Dr. G for closure.

  • Dr. G works hard to determine what killed a young immigrant right after arriving in the country; a young man is found dead under his attic ladder.

  • Victor is found dead is his motel room; Keith opens his back door and is shot to death.

  • Roy's is found dead in his bed and his 80lb dog is by his side. Could the dog be responsible? And when 4-month-old Laniya dies suddenly one night, Dr. G is desperate for answers. Could it be a genetic disorder, SIDS or abuse?

  • A high school student dies shortly after a visit to the ER for back pain; Lisa is found dead on her couch covered in blood.

  • A young divorcee who is living with his sister, collapses and dies. A teen claims his father stabbed himself for no reason.

  • A house is set ablaze and a woman's body is found in the middle. Dr. G will find answers.

  • Five years after a woman is mugged, she dies unexpectedely. Could her depression from that traumatic incident be the cause? Then a man falls off a ladder and dies.

  • Dr. G has to put the puzzle together for a foreign man found dead in his hotel room and a man who died the day after his bachelor party.

  • Dr. G has to put the puzzle together for a woman who is found dead in her home and a pilot whose plane goes down.

  • Joey drowned and Andy was hit by a train, but further examination of their bodies reveals more to the story.

  • An infant dies after experiencing flu-like symptoms; A man known to use cocaine dies after complaining of abdominal pain

  • Dr. Farley discusses the bizarre case of a pregnant mother who suddenly dies. As the autopsy unfolds, Dr. Farley uncovers information that could have saved her and her unborn child's life.

  • A neighbor hears odd sounds coming from the next apartment. When police arrive, they find a man bruised and dead. When all signs point to foul play, it's up to Dr. G to find proof of murder.

  • Police make a grisly discovery: a woman's battered and dead body. With little evidence and no witnesses, Dr. G must identify the body and determine the cause of death to catch her killer.

  • A florist meets with clients for an upcoming wedding, but she suddenly collapses to the floor. With no apparent cause of death, Dr. G worries that this case may go unsolved.

  • Among the cases examined are that of a man who flung himself in front of a speeding police car, and a teen girl who was in the ER earlier and had abnormal bleeding while at home.

  • Although an alcoholic's death seems accidental, the host is suspicious. Also, the probe of a construction worker's untimely death.

  • A discussion on the Top Five killers in the US.. and how circumvent them.

  • A death in a hospital may have been caused by an overdose. A man is discovered dead inside his bedroom.

  • A probe is conducted when a husband dies unexpectedly. Also, a man dies after having reconstructive surgery for massive facial trauma.

  • A corpse arrives marred with scratches; and a woman collapses soon after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

  • Having complained of an aching back, a 34 year old rugby player and businessman dies two months later from what appears to be a spider bite. A trip to an amusement park in Orlando finds a 41 year old father dying while on the 3 day drive.

  • An unconscious 67 year old man with a history of strokes is found dead before reaching the hospital, and Dr. G. believes it may be due to foul play. Then, a 34 year old man with a substance abuse history dies two weeks after being stabbed in the arm.

  • Among the cases is the deceased body of a 59 year old man was found in his bed by his wife. Plus, an 8 month old girl is found dead by her mother, raising concerns about her twin sister's health.

  • Any of these may have caused the death of a man who suddenly slipped away in the middle of the night, diabetes, scratch marks on his body and a toe infection. Then, heavy drinking may have caused the death of a 25 year old in a motel room.

  • A 12-year old is found with a karate belt around his neck in his bedroom. Then, a visiting Russian scientist dies after collapsing while eating lunch with his colleagues.

  • A bloody corpse is found in a field holding a syringe. A truck driver is found burned beyond recognition when his 18-wheeler crashes and explodes.

  • A woman dies after suffering seizures when brought to the hospital, due to taking too many antihistamines to ease her severe itching. Then, a woman with chronic excruciating pain faints before dying.

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